About Cadrift

Cadrift started in December 2016 as a simple video to guide players through the Rat Maze puzzle of Toks Dungeon. As the players worked through Toks Dungeon, they added all the details to a thread on the Rift Forums. This soon became a huge trove of information and was hard to digest, so I decided to create a full guide to Toks that was easy for any player to follow.
Upon finishing the Toks guide, I then created guides to all the other puzzles, and then expanded into all other areas of the game.

Currently (March 2022) Cadrift has 346 pages of guides, with over 16 thousand pictures and just over 300 videos on youtube.

I am still working on guides! Currently working my way through the quest and dungeon guides. You can see a list of most recently completed guides on the Main Page.


Many players have chosen to help Cadrift pay for server and coffee costs by donating on Patreon.
Thank you so much to everyone of them for helping to keep Cadrift running!


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I would also like to thank every player that has sent little gifts or REX to my characters.
REX’s donated to me are usually given back to the community as prizes in competitions.