There are many many beautiful websites and resources out there to help you enjoy your time on RIFT.
This is a list of some of them!

Manugo guide – A complete guide to the manugo game.
Fishing guide – The original rift.zam fishing guide. (web archive)
Pwniversity Profession Guides – Up to level 450 (525 is max) (web archive)
Guides in French – A very comprehensive game and character guide.
YARET stands for ‘Yet Another Rift Event Tracker’
This is a very VERY useful tool for RIFT players, use it to see exactly which zone events are running, which shard they are on and how long they have been running for.  The page refreshes every minute to keep you up to date (be aware it may not auto-refresh on tablets/mobile phones)
This site is built and maintained by Forbiddenlake, who works very hard to keep it running smoothly and up to date!
Rift news and announcements, Discussions, Giveaways and a thriving community of players ready and waiting to answer your questions and share your love of the game.

This Add-on will keep you sane and ALIVE during raids! It will show you raid boss mechanic timers on your screen so you can react to them.
The Ghar Station is a blog run by Clowd, Imathrowback, Hapatitis and Kira.
They regularly post datamining articles about upcoming content, they also have some leveling and gearing guides as well as an awesome guide about planar fragments
They also run a very well managed discord channel, see the ghar station website for details
Asking questions about RIFT in google will likely point you in the direction of Magelo. This is likely the largest game database for RIFT.
There are also a number of other tools on the site, including a soul tree calculator which most people will use/link to when sharing specs.
TelaraDb offers a fresh perspective on Rift’s item data, including a 3D item preview for weapons and armor!
Currently the site supports searching and viewing of in-game items. You can search by name, broad item categories, more specific tags, as well as required level and iLevel. Once you look at an item, you can view item stat details, appearances associated to items, and any stat boosting affixes (Brutal, Clever, of Accursed Dreamers, etc). As mentioned previously, you can also see full 3D previews for weapons and armor.
If you enjoy building dimensions then this is the site for you!
They have a massive database of all dimension items available in RIFT along with tools to help you build.

Even if you dont enjoy building your own dimension, visiting other peoples dimensions is loads of fun – it can often be an eye-opening, jaw dropping experience as you realise the talent and commitment that these players have to create these amazing works of art in the game.
A database of dimensions that deserve a visit.
Top picks of NA and EU dimensions as well as competition entries/winners.
Created and maintained by Fwob.
To see at a glance what the DEVS are posting on the RIFT forums
The official Trion Worlds livestream channel on Twitch.
There is a RIFT livestream ‘most’ Fridays, always great to watch and often there are giveaways at the end of the stream to win cool stuff!
When the DEVS dont stream there are often hosted streams done by Trion Creators.
The official RIFT forums can often be a wealth of information!
Its also the best place to be looking for official game announcements and the patch notes.
A google spreadsheet of every minion card in the game with information for how to get them!
Also contains information about the hidden minion cards (pick the correct tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)
The original document from RiftGrate can still be found here.. – This one only shows 199 cards and is not updated anymore
A large searchable database of wardrobe appearances, simply type in the skin you want and it will give you a list of all the items that give that skin!
Beautiful screenshots from all areas of the game.
Simply enter the characters name and it will bring up a list of all shard firsts earned by that character!
The prancing turtle is a combat log parser – This is mostly used for comparing your DPS and HPS stats with other groups killing the same raid bosses.
Prancing Turtle changed ownership during October 2020, thank you to bctrainers for keeping this valuable resource running.
A list of the guilds/groups that cleared each of Rifts raid the very first time! Created by Doranbolt.

Link to a Rift forum thread with various lore links
Telara Tales– a website with many articles about the lore of rift.
Google Doc – A massive google doc with la full run down of the lore from start to finish.
Books – A list of some of the books available in Rift.
Although riftgrate is no longer being updated it is still a great website to look around. There are a lot of guides on the site still for the nightmare tide areas, including guides for the dungeons and raids in Nightmare Tide – (webarchive)
This website allowed you to see at a glance the raid progression of all the raiding guilds.
This site is no longer being maintaned and the link is for a ‘copy’ of the site on the web-archive.

A quick look guide for where to find all the crafting materials.

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