Iron Pine Peak

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Iron Pine Peak

Tracks in the Snow

Route to the Puzzle

Take the Whitefall portal into Iron Pine Peak and head to /setwaypoint 3814 2084
Behind the little hut you will see a bunny making his way up the hill.

You need to follow the bunny up the hill behind the hut til you find the puzzle at /setwaypoint 3769 2271
Don’t worry if you cant see the bunny, just carry on to the waypoint.

The Puzzle

When you arrive at the puzzle you will notice the bunny in the middle of the puzzle.

Your job is to go into the puzzle and ‘convince’ the bunny to follow you back out of the puzzle.

Start by going to the middle of the puzzle where the bunny is.
When you get close to the bunny he will run away, generally into another corner of the puzzle, follow him and when you get close he will move again, keep doing this until you reach the end of the puzzle.
There is no ‘wrong way’ to do this puzzle, it doesn’t matter what angle you use to approach the bunny, he will follow a set path, just keep following him until he exits the puzzle. This will take a few minutes!
It will help a lot if you point your camera straight down so you can watch the bunnies movements easily.
The bunny will go backwards a lot and even sometimes seem like he is stuck in a loop, just keep at it!

The video shows you the general idea, but your bunny may take a slightly different route and go backwards/loop at different points.

Loot the icy key so you can loot the chest at the end and open up the loot bag for the cheevo.