Still a huge work in progress!
I am currently (February 2021) working my way through the questline guides. I am expecting this to take months!
These pages may look a little busy/out of order in the meantime, I will of course tidy it all up once im done.

Open world questing is the bread and butter content of Rift!
The quests will guide you through the storyline while giving you much needed XP!
There are Story Questlines running through every zone, along with side quests to pick up along the way and epic Saga quests which will have you exploring many other areas of Rift!
The quests are listed on each page in the order you will pick them up.
I highly recommend you use the ‘Completionist‘ add on to help you keep track of which quests you have done.

My intention with this section of the site is to have some sort of guide for every quest in the game.. I’m sure you can imagine that with years worth of content this is a huge undertaking! But bit by bit, little by little it will happen!

The Mathosian Questline is finished for now, all the zones are done, just a few side quests to finish up.

I have also finished the Storm Legion questline, except for the side quests

I am now working on Nightmare Tide zone quests!

I have also completed.. The Level 70 Eternal Weapon Quest, Saga of the Endless and Saga of the Aelfwar.
And the highest level zone in the game, Vostigar peaks.