Stillmoor Puzzles

For the cheevo ‘Herding Bats’ in Stillmoor.


Take the Zarephs Return portal into Stillmoor and head over to the base of the tower at /setwaypoint 1757 2316
You need to climb all the way up to the top, using the various steps and platforms..
At the top of the path you will find yourself inside the tower with a plaque to click. Clicking the plaque will take you to the puzzle area.


You will find yourself at the top of the tower in a room with 8 cages and a lot of bats flying around.
At the top of each cage is a red button that will open and close the cage door.
On each pillar is a bell..
The aim of the puzzle is to get all the bats inside the cages.
You do this by ringing the bells, this will scare the bats and make them fly around randomly, some of them will end up inside the cages, you then run to the cage and lock the doors so the bats cannot escape. Keep repeating this process until all the bats are in cages.
You ring the bells by jumping underneath them, they are not clickable!
For the first few bells, you will want to try to get at least 2 or 3 bats in each cage, this will make it much easier towards the end of the puzzle.