Mathosia Puzzles

Meta Cheevo found on the main page of H > Zones > Rift

Solution Finder

The 11 original Mathosian zones all have one puzzle each to complete, this will pop the cheevo ‘Solution Finder’.

This cheevo will grant you the title ‘Mistress of Puzzles’ or Master of Puzzles’ depending if you have a male or female character.

The Ember Isle puzzle was then added when the Ember Isle zone was released in November 2011.

Planetouched Wilds is a level 65 zone that was added to the Mathosian continent towards the end of the Nightmare Tide expansion. The puzzle for Planetouched Wilds is called ‘Callweddi‘. This puzzle is much more complex than previous puzzles found in Rift.

Sleeping with the Fishes

Puzzled at the Top of the World

Spinning Plates

Shield Wall

Scarlet Gorge
A Barrel of Laughs

Scarwood Reach
Scarwood by Torchlight

Moonshade Highlands
Go with the Flow

Don’t be Cagey

Iron Pine Peak
Tracks in the Snow

A Classic Treasure

Herding Bats

Ember Isle
Emerald Enigma