Scarwood Reach

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Scarwood Reach

Scarwood by Torchlight

Route to the Puzzle

Take the Perspice portal into Scarwood Reach and head over to
/setwaypoint 3381 4333
You need to climb the hill behind the dungeon entrance to get to the puzzle area.

Start by climbing up where the dead trees are..

Once you reach the last singular tree, turn to face north, here you will see a rock poking up from the mountain side, climb towards the rock

curve to the left before you hit the rock and then climb up the rest of the hill to /setwaypoint 3111 4427

The Puzzle

The puzzle consists of 3 rings of lanterns, there are 6 pillars, 2 of which have control switches on them.
The switches turn the lanterns on or off in a set pattern.
You need to press the switches until all the lanterns are lit up.
As long as no-one has touched the puzzle since the last server reset, this can be done with just 2 clicks. If you make the 2 clicks and the puzzle doesn’t complete, try switching shard and doing it again.

You need to click the switches in this order…

Standing between the pillars facing the inside of the puzzle circle..
1. Middle Right
2. Bottom Left

Once the puzzle is complete all the torches will explode and switch on and the chest will appear in the middle to be looted.

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