Draumheim Puzzles

For the cheevos ‘code breaker’ and ‘super sleuth’ in Draumheim.
Cheevos found in H > Zones > Nightmare Tide > Draumheim

Code Breaker & Super Sleuth

Route to the Puzzle

Start at the Zeuxis District in Draumheim. Right next to the portal is a bulbous bouncer that will shoot you up into the sea above.

Set your waypoint at /setwaypoint 5770 5023 and swim to it.
You need to drop down from the sea to land in the puzzle area below you.

You need to land in the lighter area circled above, if you land on the rooftops next to it then you will likely be able to jump down into the area.

The Puzzle

The Draumheim puzzle is a remake of a classic mastermind game.

In mastermind your opponent (the computer here) chooses a random code of colours. Your job as the payer is to figure out that code. You do this by ‘making educated guesses’. Each time you make a guess, the computer responds, the response will tell you how many colours you have that are right, and if those colours are in the right position in the code. You will then use this information to change your guess accordingly and then make another guess. Each time you make a guess you should be getting closer to the correct code, or at least ruling out the wrong codes!

Its not often that i do this.. but trying to write a guide for how to win this puzzle would simply be a huge copy and paste job.
Rather than steal someone else’s beautifully written guide i will instead link to it..

I would like to say a huge thank you to snap for writing such a detailed and informative guide! I really couldn’t have done it better myself!
Here is a guide on wikihow that will show you basic techniques for winning a mastermind game.
The Draumheim puzzle has a hidden code of 5 colours with 7 different colours to choose from, thus making it harder than the original mastermind game.
If you want to ‘cheat’ your way through the puzzle the best way is to use an app for that! You can download an app for your phone/tablet. You can also use a browser based mastermind solver such as this one the number of colours is 7 and the number of pegs is 5, assign each of the colours a number and follow the instructions!

There have been reports that maybe the game is a little buggy and may ‘change its mind’ mid-way through. Just keep trying and you will get there!

The play board in rift is set up as below..


In the middle:
5 large orbs for guessing colour combinations, right click these to cycle through the colours til you are happy with your guess
10 small orbs that will light up after each try to show you how many guesses you have made so far, you only get 10 guesses!
A lever at the top that you pull when you are happy with your guess and want the computers response.
On the left:
5 orbs, when these light up it means you have the right colour in the right position
On the right:
5 orbs, when these light up it means you have the right colour in the wrong position

Above the puzzle is also a circle of orbs, these light up to show you how much time you have left to finish the puzzle. You don’t really need to rush, the timer is very slow.

On the very right of the puzzle is a manugo station, you will need to click this station to loot a dream ticket

On the very right of the puzzle is a manugo station, you will need to click this station to loot a dream ticket.

This ticket will go straight into your quest loot bag and will allow you to interact with the puzzle, other people will not be able to interact with the puzzle and mess up your attempts.

Eventually after playing for a while you will get a combination that is just 2 colours or even 5 of one colour. When that happens you will easily get the secondary cheevo for completing the puzzle in 5 or less moves..
Good luck!


When you first complete the puzzle you will get a ‘code breakers puzzle box’ dimension item.

Repeating the Nightmare Tide puzzles will give you a chance for various minion cards and artifacts.
You can see these rewards on the main Nightmare Tide Puzzle page.