Mount Skins

When trying to find that perfect mount the most important factor is how it looks!
Most mount skins are available from more than one source and with different speeds.
At the bottom of this page you can find some extra information about collecting mounts!
Below you can filter all the mount skins, by their type, colours, speeds, how they are obtained and currencies that they’re purchasable with.

  • ‘Escalating Chocolate Horse Bridle’ (found on the Rift Store as a credits only account wide purchase)
  • ‘Steady Chocolate Horse’ (found on the Rift Store and at various Vendors for 2 plat 50 gold)
  • ‘Chocolate Horse’ (looted from the 21 day Calendar box ‘Trove of mounts’)

These 3 mounts have the same skin, but they are looted differently and have different speeds too!
You can have 3 (or maybe more) of this same mount in your mount collection, each will count as a separate mount.
In this mount skins database, all the ‘Chocolate Horse’ mounts have been combined to one ‘skin’ with the various sources and speeds listed.

Other name variations include speed prefixes such as ‘Swift’ or ‘Nimble’ and suffixes such as ‘Collar’ or ‘Bridle’.
These will all be combined into a single mount skin on the database.

Note: Defiant and Guardian only mount Vendors are now replicated on the Rift Store so both factions can buy all the mounts.

  • ‘Shria Terke’ in Meridian at /setwaypoint 6151 5211 (Defiants) – 3 types of horses in various speeds/colours.
  • ‘Girdoom’ – in Meridian at /setwaypoint 6095 5106 (Defiants) – PVP Mount
  • ‘Nell Hara’ in Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7595 3029 (Guardians) – The basic horse and 2 types of Valmera in various speeds/colours.
  • ‘Templar Zim’ in Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7409 2915 (Guardians) – PVP Mount

  • ‘Orobus Vend’ in Freemarch at /setwaypoint 6482 4566 (Defiants) – 2 types of horse in various speeds/colours.
  • ‘Reynora Skye’ in Silverwood at /setwaypoint 6108 3226 (Guardians) – 2 types of horse in various speeds/colours.
  • ‘Quartermaster Orst’ in Scarlet Gorge at /setwaypoint 4610 4407 (Defiants) – 4 Yarnosaur mounts
  • ‘Quartermaster Timminsen’ in Scarlet Gorge at /setwaypoint 3848 3051 (Guardians) – 4 Yarnosaur mounts

  • ‘Quartermaster Uzan’ in Droughtlands at /setwaypoint 7644 6304 – 4 Vaiyuu mounts
  • ‘Breeder Branek’ in Iron Pine Peak at /setwaypoint 4468 1667 – Armored Yarnosaur mounts
  • ‘Iroslav Gogol’ in Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 2697 2479 – 6 Najmok mounts
  • ‘Ja’Nara Nidan’ in Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 6577 7080 – 2 Armored Vaiyuu mounts

  • ‘Urson Kavalerion’ in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12670 11649 – Brown, Grey and Red Ursin
  • ‘Deneir Yseula’ in Eastern Holdings at /setwaypoint 8022 8821 – Armored Gold Ursin + Armored Striped Ursin
  • ‘Ran Verlis’ in Eastern Holdings at /setwaypoint 7831 7845 – Armored Gold Ursin + Armored Striped Ursin
  • ‘Aru Priata’ in Seratos at /setwaypoint 10856 4835 – Obsidian Armored Spindrel + White Armored Spindrel

  • ‘Helera Ruesen’ in Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 13034 3448 – Armored Ash Strider
  • ‘Felissa Scivolo’ in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12977 11524 – Artifact Collector – Buy mounts for Lucky Coins and Planar Nuts.
  • Summonable Veteran Rewards Vendor sells 4 mounts (found in General Abilities tab when you have enough loyalty).
  • And of course the Rift Store! Where you will find a large selection of mounts for in game currencies and Credits.

You will find the mount cheevos in the main section of the Character cheevos.

Riding High – Collect your first mount

A Mount to Suit Your Mood – Collect 10 mounts

Mount Madness – Collect 20 mounts

Stable Master – Collect 40 mounts

Unbridled – Collect 60 Mounts

Herd Master – Collect 100 Mounts

Saddle-sore – Collect 225 Mounts

Your First Mount
There is no minimum character level to use a mount. The cheapest mounts to buy are the 60% speed; Chestnut Horse, Bay Horse and Chocolate Horse. These 3 mounts cost 2 Platinum 50 Gold each, you can buy them directly from the Rift Store mounts section, or from vendors in the starter zones and main faction cities.

Free mounts!
You will get a free 90% mount at level 20 and a free 110% mount at level 50 from your Ascended Trove.

Higher speeds
A 150% mount can be easily bought with 1000 platinum or 200 lucky coins (from artifact collecting). You can also go for the ‘Conqueror: Planebreaker Bastion’ cheevo, with a full group of 20 high level players this can be done in a single run of the raid.

A 155% mount can be purchased directly with platinum, but at 15k a pop most people will not use this method! Other free sources include; Bought with event currency during some of the world events, The sparkle quest during Fae Yule, or The Conqueror: Hammerknell Fortress cheevo. You can also spend real money to get one, by buying specific power packs, lockboxes or a direct purchase. There are also a few 150% mounts available for Affinity.

The highest mount speed is 160%. The only way to get one for free in game is by completing the jet pack questline in Vostigar Peaks (level 68-70). You can also complete the Vostigar Peaks Jumping Puzzle, but you would need the OPIE mount for this and this is bought with Affinity, which is technically a premium currency. You can spend real money indirectly, by purchasing a Battle Pass and earning the mount, or by using prize tickets, which come from lockboxes. You can also spend real money directly to get one, by buying specific power packs, lockboxes or a direct purchase.

Remember, most mounts will autoscale to your highest speed, so you only need to source a high speed mount once, then you can use whichever autoscaling skin you want!

Premium mounts
Mounts from supply crates, Power Packs and Direct Cash Purchase tend to be 155% or 160% with no level requirements. These mounts will also usually be account wide, so it’s a really good investment to get one asap! The mounts from Supply Crates are tradeable so you will often see them for sale on the auction house or in the global chats.

Most mounts bought with Credits or Direct Cash Purchase will be account wide unlocks, sent to every character on your account in the mail, and all future created character too.

  • When you buy your mount it will appear as an item in your bag.
  • Right click this item to collect your mount.
  • Single character mounts will go straight into your mount collection, premium account wide mounts will be mailed to every character on your account, so check your mailbox for the actual mount to collect.
  • When you collect your mount your character screen will automatically open with your mount list displayed and scrolled down to your new mount. If it doesn’t do this, then just open your character screen manually, select ‘mounts’ on the left side menu and scroll down to find the mount you want.
  • You can now drag the mount to one of your ability bars to allow you to summon it quickly in the future.
  • You can buy an item that will train any mount to be amphibious (allows you to stay mounted while underwater).
  • Some mounts will be amphibious when you buy them, others will require an Underwater Mount Training scroll to make them amphibious.
  • You can buy an Underwater Mount Training scroll directly from the Rift Store with 3500 Platinum or 1500 credits (non-patron), 1350 credits (patron).
  • You will find this item in the Mounts section of the Rift Store.
    You will also get one of these for free from your Ascended Trove at level 50.
  • To use it:
    Make sure you are not mounted on the mount you wish to train.
    Have the Underwater Mount Training scroll in your bag, open up your character sheet, click your mount list and scroll down to find the mount you want to train.
    Right click the scroll and then left click the mount you want to train.
  • When you log into the game for the first time each day a calendar will pop up with a reward. The calendar contains 21 various rewards, on the 21st log in you will receive the ‘Trove of mounts’. This trove will give you a random, autoscaling mount. The calendar will reset on the first day of every month, so make sure you log in at least 21 days during each month to get your free mount!
  • No one really knows how big the loot table is for the Trove, there is no official published list of which mount skins are included.
    However, it seems to be a huge variety of mount skins, including skins that are usually only available for premium currencies and some that are not available at all by any other means.
  • Is it believed that when the mount trove was made, every mount that was currently in the game at that time was duplicated. These duplicate mounts were given unique ID’s and placed in the trove. Each time you open a trove it will give you a mount from this list of trove mounts. As long as you do not have all the mounts from the trove then it will not give you a duplicate mount from this list, however it does not care if you already have the original mount that the duplicate is from. This means that buying all the cheap horses in the store will not stop you getting the same cheap horse skins from the trove.
  • You will find ‘Calendar – Trove of Mounts’ in the ‘ways to obtain’ dropdown. Every mount I have seen drop from the trove is on that list.
  • It is now January 2024 and some players are starting to get duplicates from the trove. It seems that more and more players will soon reach the end of a free mount every month. The duplicate mounts are Bound to Account, so you can send them to an alt. 
  • Power Packs that are not for sale right now.
    Supply Crates that havn’t been seen for years.
    World events that are not currently active.
    Limited time offers that have passed their time.
    Mount Key Codes that have run out!
  • There are many different variations of unobtainable!
  • With the 21 Day Calendar box having such a huge and varied loot table its possible that no mount is truly unobtainable.
  • Power Packs can come back on sale at any time, as can Supply Crates and if they don’t, sometimes these old Premium mounts will be added to the game to be bought in other ways, sometimes still just for premium currency, other times for in game currencies.
  • So the unobtainable box is a very difficult one to tick, it is mostly reserved for mounts from old events/currencies that may not come back into game for a very long time, if ever.
    These mounts may still come back to game someday though!
  • There used to be a lot more of the beginner 60% and 90% mounts in Meridian/Sanctum, these were cleaned up and changed to autoscaling. The mounts that were removed are now on different vendors. These mounts included Vaiyuus, Yarnosaurs and Valmera.
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