Nightmare Tide

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Tide Turner

This is the meta cheevo for completing all the zone meta cheevos.

Rapture on the Reef – Goboro
Doneheim – Draumheim
Tarken it all – Tarken Glacier

This cheevo rewards
The Tide Turner Title

And the Tide Turner portrait frame

Game Master

Amazing + Amazing race – For completing the Goboro Puzzle
Code Breaker + Super Sleuth – For completing the Draumheim Puzzle
Boxed in + Thinking out of the Box – For completing the Tarken Glacier Puzzle

This cheevo rewards
The title; Mistress of Games for female characters or Master of Games for male characters.


You can find the guides on the Nightmare Tide Farseers page.

This cheevo rewards
The Tideseeker title

Brine Buster

You can find a full guide to the Nightmare Tide rares here.

This cheevo rewards

The title Huntress of the Deep for female characters.

The title Hunter of the Deep for male characters.

Jump the Shark

A meta cheevo for all the shark jumping cheevos.

This cheevo rewards the title Jumped the Shark.

Shark Jumping in Goboro – On the Goboro Reef cheevo page.
Shark Jumping in Draumheim – On the Draumheim cheevo page.
Shark Jumping in Tarken – On the Tarken Glacier cheevo page.

You will need a Thresher mount to get this cheevo. Any Thresher mount will do, it doesnt matter which colour/variety you use.

The easiest way to get one at the moment is buying the Swift Nightmare Thresher from the Affinity rewards in the Rift store.
Affinity is earned by logging into the game as a patron. When you log in for the first time in a day you get 5 affinity straight away and then 1 more every hour for 3 hours, bringing a maximum of 8 per day. So you would need around 80 days of patron to buy this mount. You also get 15 Affinity for free on the 7th day of each month from the calendar, which will help bump up your total.

Be aware that the character mount list currently puts the Thresher mounts between the Raptor and Snail mounts.. not quite alphabetical!

Cobalt Thresher

Cobalt Thresher – Part of the Ultimate Nightmare Edition pack from the release of 3.0 Nightmare Tide expansion.

Molten Thresher

Molten Thresher – Looted from the Molten Thresher Supply Crate, occasionally found on the Rift Store.

Nightmare Thresher

Nightmare Thresher – You can buy this mount in the Affinity Rewards section of the store using Affinity Currency. This mount was included in the collector’s edition of the Nightmare Tide Expansion.

War Thresher

War Thresher – Bought from the Summerfest Shop using Summerfest Currency or Credits.

Mount Trove

You can also get a Thresher mount from the 21st day calendar reward, however this is completely random.

Red Tide

Complete all the Carnage quests in the Nightmare Tide zones.

This cheevo rewards the minion card Kiljurn.

The Dreaming Seas

Complete all the Exploration cheevos in the Nightmare Tide zones.
Reef Ramble – On the Goboro Reef cheevo page.
Dream Walking – On the Draumheim cheevo page.
Trudging Through the Tundra – On the Tarken Glacier cheevo page.

This cheevo rewards the minion card Scarbite.


This cheevo rewards the title Monkey Brain.

And a Personal Manugo Station dimension item.

Click the Manugo machines a lot!
You can find Manugo machines in all the Ghar stations.
In Goboro Reef you will find stations at /setwaypoint 3922 6470 and a daily quest to click the machines 20 times.
In Draumheim you will find stations at /setwaypoint 5549 6391 and a daily quest to click the machines 30 times.
In Tarken Glacier you will find stations at /setwaypoint 3558 4037 and a daily quest to click the machines 40 times.
You can pick up all 3 dailies and credit them all at the same time.

Each time you click the machine you will MAke the NUmber GO up by 1 point.

The cheevo requires you to score 2,000,000,000 points.
This is NOT 2 billion clicks!!
The current manugo number (displayed in your chat) is added to your points score with each click.
So in the example to the left, each click would add 33k to your points in the cheevo, averaging 33k per click would mean clicking the machines 60 thousand times. This is a lot… but its a lot less than 2billion!

If you really want to go for this cheevo then your goal should be to do the manugo dailies each day and to spend some time at the end of each week (on a Tuesday before the Wednesday reset) hitting the button for a few hours.
The manugo number resets every week with the weekly reset. Back in 2014 when the Nightmare Tide zones were first released the manugo number would regularly hit over 100k, which made this cheevo much easier to get!

  • Ensure you are on the right shard! Cycle through the shards and click the machine once. you will soon find the shard with the highest manugo number. This will normally be the ‘log in’ shard for that day.
  • Use 2 machines next to each other, alternately clicking them.
  • There are 9 manugo machines (3 in each zone), they all count towards the same number (on the same shard) so get a few friends to click as well!
  • If the number is particularly high one week then settle down and watch a movie while clicking!

This entertaining guide was created by Skruzo

Pilfered Purses

This cheevo rewards
The minion card Dead Simon.

The purses are found in all the Nightmare Tide zones, hidden up high on mountains or down in caves and everything in between!
Inside the purses you will find a bit of plat (1-4) and an item of gear (60-65 open world).

Pilfered Purses - Quick Guide

Ali’s Purse – /setwaypoint 4193 7731 – Goboro
Herkyna’s Purse – /setwaypoint 6895 6528 – Draumheim
Calmacina’s Purse – /setwaypoint 6558 3448 – Tarken
Diope’s Purse – /setwaypoint 3265 5866 – Goboro
Salia’s Purse – /setwaypoint 5142 4573 – Draumheim
Anche’s Purse – /setwaypoint 5242 4040 – Tarken
Dronis’s Purse – /setwaypoint 3978 7610 – Goboro
Polyxo’s Purse – /setwaypoint 4475 5911 – Draumheim
Daphne’s Purse – /setwaypoint 6639 4147 – Tarken
Pegleoche’s Purse – /setwaypoint 3150 7989 – Goboro
Harta’s Purse – /setwaypoint 5975 7202 – Draumheim

Ismena’s Purse – /setwaypoint 3236 3839 – Tarken
Tia’s Purse – /setwaypoint 3068 7245 – Goboro
Ali’s Other Purse – /setwaypoint 6272 4902 – Draumheim
Polyx’s Purse – /setwaypoint 5937 2641 – Tarken
Telainthea’s Purse – /setwaypoint 3814 5625 – Goboro
Zeuxippe’s Purse – /setwaypoint 5081 6574 – Draumheim
Ali’s Third Purse – /setwaypoint 4644 3316 – Tarken
Haraxironi’s Purse – /setwaypoint 4385 7157 – Goboro
Pegasa’s Purse – /setwaypoint 4872 5120 – Draumheim
Memphoe’s Purse – /setwaypoint 4217 1855 – Tarken

Pilfered Purses - Detailed Guide
Ali's Purse

/setwaypoint 4193 7731
Go in through the opening at /setwaypoint 4207 7783
You will find a hut under the water in the pool. Inside the hut you will find Ali’s Purse.

Herkyna's Purse

/setwaypoint 6895 6528 – Y=523
Halfway down the wall of Port Scion. Drop down to the ledge from above.

Calmacina's Purse

/setwaypoint 6558 3448
Just under the surface of the water tucked up in a gap between two rocks.

Diope's Purse

/setwaypoint 3265 5866
Go through the small doorway and up the light coloured slope, then jump onto the horn and into the small alcove, all shown in the video below.

Salia's Purse

/setwaypoint 5142 4573
You will need to drop down from the ocean onto the roof on the house. Aim for the south east side near the circular roof.
Walk out along the peak of the little roof above the window, then its all about the camera angle! Zoom out and face your character from below, looking up towards the window, then mouseover where the purse is, you will not be able to ‘actually see it’ but you can click on it to collect.

Anche's Purse

/setwaypoint 5242 4040
Climb up from the south of the rock at 5253 4050, its only a small way up on top of the coral, not on top of the rock spire!

Dronis's Purse

/setwaypoint 3978 7610
With the jump bug you are able to take the blue path, without the jump bug take the red path!

Polyxo's Purse

/setwaypoint 4475 5911
Tucked in between the leaves of coral.

Daphne's Purse

/setwaypoint 6639 4147
About halfway down the houses on the cliffside.

Pegleoche's Purse

/setwaypoint 3150 7989
In the bottom of the lake.
There are many ways to get up here. The route marked on the map requires no jumping at all.

Harta's Purse

/setwaypoint 5975 7202 – Y=481
This purse is down inside a cave underwater.
You can find the cave easily by swimming down into the water at /setwaypoint 5996 7215

Ismena's Purse

/setwaypoint 3236 3839
Tucked up behind the rock.

Tia's Purse

/setwaypoint 3068 7245
Down in the bottom of the Atragarian Well.
When you reach the cavern, swim up inside the crevice on the ceiling to find the purse inside.

Ali's Other Purse

/setwaypoint 6272 4902
Use the Bulbous Bouncer at the Zeuxis District, swim across to the boat.
The purse is inside the boat just above the waterline on a little ledge, use the holes in the side of the boat to swim inside.
You can reach the purse from the water, you don’t need to jump onto the ledge.

Polyx's Purse

/setwaypoint 5937 2641
Jump down into the water then find the tunnel under the rocks – entrance at /setwaypoint 5970 2611
Move a short way along the tunnel and look up to find the purse!

Telainthea's Purse

/setwaypoint 3814 5625
You will find this one just under the ledge near the top of the pool.

Zeuxippe's Purse

/setwaypoint 5081 6574
This one is VERY well hidden inside the bush. You will be able to see the sparkles.
It’s on the ground floor, so no need to drop down from the ocean.

Ali's Third Purse

/setwaypoint 4644 3316
This one is looted on the way to the Zoological Mountaineering cheevo in Tarken.
You can see me loot it in the video below.

Haraxironi's Purse

/setwaypoint 4385 7157
Go through the opening at /setwaypoint 4442 7140 climb the path at /setwaypoint 4401 7119
At the very top is a pool of water, stand in it to get a good jump (fish legs buff) to make it across to the correct rocks, then walk along and drop down the hole where you will find the purse. This is all shown in the video below.

Pegasa's Purse

/setwaypoint 4872 5120
This one is right on top of a coral spire.
You need to fall onto it from the ocean above, the spire is very small and bumpy and getting a good landing is very difficult!
So it’s much easier to land on the circular platform nearby and then jump onto the spire from that.

Memphoe's Purse

/setwaypoint 4217 1855
Start by going up the slope at /setwaypoint 4200 2068 then curve all the way around the back of the rocks and drop down to the purse from above.