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Cheevos related to the 'Dreams of Blood and Bone' zone event - VOLAN

This set of cheevos are all for the Dreams of Blood and Bone zone event in Ashora. Many players just call this the ‘Volan’ event, so that is what we shall call it here!
The Volan event is easily Rifts BEST zone event. If you haven’t experienced it, then be sure to join next time it runs!

There are 2 main issues when trying to farm for these cheevos..

  • Lack of Volan events! – Volan rarely pops ‘naturally’ anymore.. you will likely need to ask in chat for someone with a Volan zone event Lure that is willing to use it, as well as ask other players to come stand in the zone so the lure actually works!
  • Players kill him too quickly! – Even though the area has an auto-mentor to level 60, most players will still be pretty overpowered. Even with less than 10 players doing the event, the phases will go by pretty quickly, leaving you will little opportunity to make the jumps needed for the longer cheevos. Ask your group to hold off on the DPS, explain why! and hope that they are kind enough to relax a little and let everyone grab the cheevos they need.

It is going to take multiple Volan events for you to complete all the cheevos, so just keep running it til you pop them all!

The Volan event is split into 6 distinct phases. During each Phase you will destroy all the different parts of Volans armour. When all the armour is destroyed you can then kill Volan.

  • Phase 1 – Fighting the technicians on the platform below Volans cage – /setwaypoint 4749 7128
  • Phase 2 – Volan is released! He will be released from his cage and jump down to the area below. You will then destroy Volans Leg and Chest armor.
  • Phase 3 – Volan will go to the second area, jumping over the roadway above. In the second area Volan will be chained by Brevanic Restraints to hold him still. You need to defend the Brevanic Restraints from the planar invasions that will try to release Volan by destroying them. You will also be able to attack Volans tail armour during this phase. This phase is timed, but if you lose both the chain holders then it will end early and continue to the next phase.
  • Phase 4 – Volan will now move on to the third and final location in the Biofoundry, smashing down the wall to get in. Volan will take up position on the circular platform. You will now be able to attack Volans arm armour and the Pistons on his back, while also finishing off his tail if it wasn’t destroyed in Phase 3.
  • Phase 5 – All that is left now is Volans head armour, destroy it!
  • Phase 6 – Kill Volan!

When Volan is dead, the Biofoundry area will stay open for 2 hours. This gives you access to the Biofoundry questline, you can find a guide for this on the Ashora quests page.

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Between Phase 1 and 2

When Volan is released from his prison and jumps down to the area below, you need to be stood at
/setwaypoint 4733 7074
You will get squished!

Daredevil Apprentice

During Phase 2

Use the two leap pads on the platforms when they turn orange, this will leap you into Volans chest.

The leap pads will turn orange when Volan emotes that he is charging up his chest armour.

Fool Me Once

Between Phase 2 and 3

When Volans chest and leg armour are destroyed during phase 2, he will then move to the east, jumping over the roadway above and landing with a crash. Stand at
/setwaypoint 4981 7076
to get squished!

Tail Whipped

During Phase 3

Ensure the Brevanic Restraints are well defended to hold Volan in place then blast away at his tail. This is pretty easy to do within the time limit, even with only a small amount of people, but of course the more players you have the easier it will be.

Brevanic Barrage

During Phases 4, 5 and 6

Repair the cannons by targeting them and using Nexus Infusion.
Right click a repaired cannon to get inside it!
Use the special abilities from the cannon to smash Volan!

On Your Knees

During Phase 4

While in the cannons, one of the abilities will ‘weaken’ volan.
When Volan has enough stacks of the weaken debuff, he will kneel down.

Colossus Climbing

During Phase 4

While Volan is in his weakened state (see on your knees above), the middle leap pad up on the buildings will turn orange. Use it to leap on to Volans back, you can also attack him while on his back!

Consummate Daredevil

During Phase 5

Volan will emote that he is charging up his head armour. The middle leap pads on each platform will turn orange, use them while they are orange!

Shattered Dreams

End of Phase 6

Kill Volan!

The Last of the Karthans

The Meta-cheevo for completing all the above cheevos related to Volan.