Toks Dungeon

Toks Dungeon is an instanced puzzle area that was released for the Prophecy of Ankhet expansion.

The dungeon puzzles can be completed as a solo player or as a duo of two players.

There are 7 puzzles in total, but also many many more elements to Toks!

Completing every element of Toks will eventually reward you with 6 complete costume sets. 

There is also a clockwork lifter mount to buy directly with currency earned in the dungeon (bind on pickup).

And the cape skin ‘Enigma Cape’ that is also bought with dungeon currency.

All of the items and the crafted wardrobe are soulbound, you will be unable to trade these with your friends!
The artifacts you buy from the Rat Catcher (or pick up in the dungeon) and the Scoria Fish Lures are tradeable.


You can view these costumes in game before you start by opening your character screen, going to wardrobe, typing ‘Toks’ in the search and clicking to show uncollected.

All the Toks costume sets on a female character
Air - Death - Earth - Fire - Life - Water
All the Toks costume sets on a male character
Air - Death - Earth - Fire - Life - Water
Clockwork Lifter Mount
Enigma Cape

You will also receive the
Tok’s Portrait Frame when you complete the Toking Amazing cheevo.