A guide for the Callweddi Puzzle in Planetouched Wilds

The Callweddi puzzle was added to rift during the Planetouched Wilds expansion

The puzzle itself is very easy to do, if a little difficult to get to. Completing the puzzle for the first time then opens up a ‘quest’ chain. If you want to fully complete the quest chain and all the associated achievements you will need to have a lot of patience and some spare platinum, 15k platinum is required just to buy some glue! 

There is no platinum cost if you just want to complete the initial puzzle.

I have split the puzzle into 4 distinct sections. Each section has a TLDR explanation at the top, this is a very short version of what you need to do and will give pointers for those people who dont want a full explanation and want to work out some bits themselves.

Once you finish the Callweddi puzzle and then make it up to the village you will find many vendors willing to sell you some very unique items! These items are all explained on the shopping page.

Callweddi Puzzle – An explanation of how to get to the puzzle area and complete the basic puzzle.

Puzzle Pieces – Collecting all the puzzle pieces around the world to unlock the next stage

Up to the Village – Creating the ramp system that will take you up to the village!

Professor Toks Books – An extra cheevo to hunt!

Shopping – What you can buy and how to  buy it! 

mount and outfit from callweddi
The mount and outfit from Callweddi