Puzzle Pieces


Speak to OMI in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12756 11713, she tells you to go speak to her sister NOMI, do the ‘it goes to eleven’ cheevo and click any of the henges to teleport to NOMI. Ask NOMI about the puzzle pieces.
Find the 4 blue pieces around old puzzles, find 5 green pieces by killing fae, find 6 purple pieces by picking up PBN artifacts in PTW.

Finding NOMI

On your first completion of the Callweddi puzzle you should have received your first green puzzle piece..

If you go to OMI in Tempest Bay you can ask her what the puzzle piece is all about.. OMI is located down in the Tempest Bay canals at /setwaypoint 12756 11713 – You will need the puzzle piece in your bags.

OMI will tell you to talk to her sister NOMI

NOMI is located in a secret area not accessible from the main map. Instead you need to find 11 Stone Henges in the Storm Legion zones.
I have explained how to do this on the Storm Legion Cheevo Page – ‘It goes to eleven’
Once you have this cheevo, right clicking any henge will teleport you to NOMI’s secret area.

The hedge in Kingsward at /setwaypoint 6853 7766 is nice and close to a portal for future use.
Once in NOMI’s secret area you will see a circle of henges, this is the portal out! Dont click it just yet. Tucked behind a mound of snow is NOMI’s hut, you can now go speak to her to ask her about the puzzle pieces!

After a short conversation about puzzles and glue you will reach this ..

NOMI would like you to find some Puzzle Pieces for her!

All of these puzzle pieces can be bought in TOKS dungeon for TOK tokens. You can completely skip this farming bit and buy them all, but then you would have to farm inside TOKS instead to get all the TOK tokens you need. I suggest at least trying to farm the puzzle pieces ‘the proper way’ to see how many you can get and then buy the remaining ones in TOKS when you feel you have farmed enough. A green puzzle piece costs 1k TOK tokens, a blue costs 2k and a purple costs 3k. It is the rat catcher vendor that sells them, you wont be able to buy duplicates of ones you already have.

I will now explain what these puzzle pieces are and how to farm them in the open world below..

Four Piece Set - Blue

The four piece set of puzzle pieces are found hidden around the open world puzzles.
They are small rubix cubes..

You will only be able to see the cubes if the first green puzzle piece you collected is in your bags. If you have already glued the green pieces together then you will need to go back to the Callweddi puzzle and complete it again to loot another green puzzle piece.

To find the blue puzzle pieces, you need to revisit all the old puzzles around Telara and see if you can spot a rubix cube. The cubes are pretty much always within viewing distance of the puzzle, but may be tucked behind trees, up on platforms or placed behind rocks, within about 100m of the puzzle, so have a good look around!

There are 22 puzzles to search.. which is quite a few!
Have a look at the puzzle pages for locations.

The rubix cube will be randomly placed on 4 of those puzzles. It is only viewable by YOU, so bringing a friend along to help you hunt isnt going to help. It doesnt matter what shard you are on, if the cube is there for your character then it will be there on every shard. Most of the puzzles have about 4 or 5 spots where the cube could be located.

It is a lot of searching and hunting and randomness.. But there is a way to make it much much easier for you. The puzzle pieces you collect are BOUND TO ACCOUNT. Which means it doesn’t matter which character you find them on, you can send them to your main from alts! To be able to see the rubix cubes on your alts, all you need to do is travel to Callweddi and complete the puzzle for the first time, once they have that first green puzzle piece in their bags they will be able to see all the other puzzle pieces. Or you can send the green puzzle piece you already have in the mail to your alt.

Some of the puzzles are much easier to get to and search than others. Pretty much all of the Mathosian puzzles are in easy to get to locations with flatter landscapes and fewer nooks and crannies to hide rubix cubes in! If you hunt around all these easier puzzles on your alts, you are likely to pick up all 4 types of blue puzzle pieces. By checking just the mathosian puzzles, i was able to complete the set of 4 puzzle pieces using just my main who found 2, plus two alts who found one more each.

Be aware that you need 4 DIFFERENT blue puzzle pieces, so if you find the same one on your alt that your main already has, you will be able to post it to your main, but wont be able to collect the post as they are a unique item, you will have to return the puzzle piece to your alt and try to find a different one.

You do NOT need to have completed the old puzzles on your alt to find the puzzle piece, you only need the first green puzzle piece in your bag to be able to see the rubix cubes.
There are a few puzzles in storm legion zones that you wont be able to check easily on alts as there are prerequisites before you can even get to those puzzles.
The cubes are placed on 4 random puzzles that are different for EACH character, which means that if an alt finds a cube on the Stillmoor puzzle it doesn’t mean all your other alts will find one there too.

There are a number of locations screenshotted in this imgur post

Five Piece Set - Green

You will already have the first green puzzle piece from your first completion of the Callweddi puzzle.

The other 4 green puzzle pieces are loot drops from Fae mobs around Telara. You will get a different green puzzle piece from each of the 4 different types of Fae. The Fae mobs need to be of Red difficulty to you, which means you will need to mentor down to 5 levels below the mobs level.

Link to Mentoring guide – For those unsure of how to do that.

If you find the mobs more than a bit tricky to kill you can bring a friend! Even better, your friend doesnt even need to mentor, so you can tag each mob and then have your level 70 friend kill it for you and then you can loot the puzzle piece.

The second puzzle piece is in Silverwood at Hedgerow Court /setwaypoint 6597 2564

Here you will find lots of level 15 Fae.. So you need to mentor down to level 10 to make them ‘red’ to you.. The level number at the bottom of the mobs portrait should be written in red..

You will need to kill around 20-40 of these for your puzzle piece to drop. It is a good idea to find a spot where one is out of the way so you dont agro anything else and then switch shard killing it on every shard.

Keep killing and looting til you pick up the green puzzle piece..

Silverwood puzzle piece

The third puzzle piece is in Moonshade Highlands at Faering Woods
/setwaypoint 6348 1877
Here the Fae are level 37, so you will need to mentor to level 32.

Moonshade puzzle piece

The fourth puzzle piece is in Ember Isle, these are little trickier as the Fae are in life rifts on the island.

When you mouseover a life rift mob you can easily see if its a Fae creature or not. The rift creatures here are level 50, so mentor to level 45.

This piece is probably the meanest to farm. The mobs hurt a lot and one by one is pretty much all you can do.

During testing for this guide I closed 22 rifts before I got a puzzle piece to drop. The puzzle piece dropped from one of the two fairies on stage 2 of the ‘Maelow’s Host’ rift. So I can confirm they definitely drop here, although this wont be only Fae/rift they drop from, so just keep farming! I highly suggest you stay away from major rifts…

I have been told that these puzzle pieces will also drop from life invasions, and also from footholds, you will need to still find the Fae mobs.

Snaggletooth found their puzzle piece in ‘The Beastly Fete’ Rift on stage 4 from a ‘Fae-touched Mummers’ mob.

Ember Isle puzzle piece

The fifth puzzle piece is in the Dendrome just outside Solstice Tower at /setwaypoint 3071 5795

The fae here are level 60 so you need to mentor to level 55, this one was the quickest to drop for me, needing only 8 kills! But of course it is RNG, so could take longer or shorter

Dendrome puzzle piece

A picture of all 5 green puzzle pieces (the 4 you looted from the Fae plus the original green piece from your first Callweddii puzzle completion), make sure you keep them safe!

Six Piece Set - Purple

The six purple puzzle pieces are found while hunting artifacts in the Planetouched Wilds zone.

These are very random drops that happen while picking up poison/burning/nightmare artifacts.

Planetouched WIlds puzzle pieces

For information: When the Callweddi puzzle was first released you had to pick up 2 purple pieces from poison artifacts, 2 from burning and 2 from nightmare. This was changed a few months after release so that all 6 puzzle pieces could be found across all the different artifact nodes. So you may get all 6 from poison, 2 from poison, 1 from burning and 3 from nightmare, or any other combination. As long as you are collecting PBN artifacts and you have the green puzzle piece in your bags then you will eventually get all 6 puzzle boxes. If you have already glued the green pieces together then you will need to go back to the Callweddi puzzle to loot another green puzzle piece.

Finding all 6 of these puzzle pieces will take the longest amount of time. There are many ways to help with hunting artifacts more effectively, however you will likely have to pick up thousands of artifacts to get all 6 puzzle pieces. I suggest using the patrons artifact tracking vial if you have it!

SCANNA@GELIDRA has made an awesome album of EPIC artifact spots in PTW — https://imgur.com/a/4mTw8 — You are more likely to have a puzzle piece drop from these locations. — In the pictures the green circles are definite epic spots, the yellows are very likely to be epic spots and the reds are not epic spots.

I HIGHLY recommend that you spend some time picking artifacts to get your first 2 or 3 purple puzzle pieces and then spend TOK tokens to buy the others. Inside TOKS in the main entrance you will find the skeleton dude who you hand in the the ‘rat parts’ artifacts to. When you first speak to him a quest will pop up asking for rat parts, if you happen to hit escape to close that window then you wont see the shop window! You need to manually click the ‘close cross’ on the rat parts window then it takes you back to that NPCs main menu where you can then tell him you would like to buy something. go into that menu to find all the puzzle pieces on display for you to buy.

Got Them All!

When you have collected ALL the puzzle pieces you will be ready to glue them all together and make your way up to the village!

Please see the ‘up to the village’ guide for how to do this

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