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In Rift, dungeons are 5 player instanced content.
A dungeon group will usually consist of a Tank, a Healer and 3 DPS. It is a good plan for one of the DPS to have a support soul that they can switch to if needed. Overpowered groups will often have the Tank use a hybrid spec so they can heal too, thus the group can bring 4 DPS!

Below you will find a guide to every dungeon in Rift.
At the end of this page are some common Q&A.

Prophecy of Ahnket Dungeons

Dungeon Info.

The Mathosian Dungeons are great for farming the Mathosian Notorieties.

In Normal Mode dungeons, the trash will drop loot (gear/weapons) that is from the same level bracket as the dungeon. These items can have wardrobe unlocks that are quite unique! Normal dungeons can be endlessly farmed for these drops. Expert dungeon trash mobs do not generally drop loot.

Each normal mode dungeon will have a special dungeon completion quest for your first ever run of the dungeon. These can have unique wardrobe rewards, so you may want to complete the dungeon on multiple characters to ensure you unlock them all. This quest is automatically given on your first complete run of the dungeon, you do not have to pick up the quest anywhere.

The dungeon boss guides on cadrift are for the expert mode version. The normal mode boss will usually have less health and fewer abilities.

Most dungeon cheevos can only be earned in the expert mode of the dungeon. There are some exceptions, which are explained on the individual guide pages.

How to join a dungeon group.

Guild groups are a great start!

Dungeons may be the first group content that you find yourself joining in with in Rift.
I highly recommend that you find yourself a nice guild and join in with guild dungeons to start with.
A lot of PUG dungeons are filled with players who just want to rush through everything and get it done quick. A guild group will usually be more willing to help you learn tactics and more forgiving of low DPS.

Joining a PUG group.

When you want to join a PUG group, the best place to find one is in the public chat channels.
On EU shards, level 70 chat is used for most PUG group forming.
On NA shards players usually form PUG groups in the crossevents channel. Type ‘/join crossevents’ and make sure the channel is ticked to show in your chat tab.
Look for something that looks like “LFM EoA run 500k DPS required” or “LFM experts – Need 2 DPS and a Healer”
PUG groups will usually have DPS requirements and may be looking for a player with a specific role to fill the gap they have.
When you see the advert that fits what you want, click the advertisers name to whisper them and let them know you are available.
If you find these public chats hard to decipher with all the acronyms, then this Acronym guide may help!

If you have less than 5 players in your group then you can still queue up for a dungeon, your empty slots will be filled by other players who are queuing… however, VERY few people do this. The vast majority of dungeon groups are created as a group of 5 and then queued in as 5.

Entering the dungeon

When you join a group of 5 players for a dungeon, usually the group leader will queue up the group using the LFG tool and the teleport into the dungeon is pretty quick to pop up. Simply click yes to load into the dungeon with the other players.
Another way to enter the dungeon would be to just walk in trough the dungeon entrance. You can find a list of dungeon entrance locations here.
Any of the 5 players can walk into the dungeon and the other 4 players will get a pop up asking if they want to enter too.
You can also walk into a dungeon with less than 5 players, even solo! and then complete the dungeon with a smaller group.

Dungeon Lockouts

Normal Mode Dungeons can be run over and over as many times as you like!

Expert Dungeon Lockouts will lock you from being able to choose a  ‘specific’ dungeon once a day, but if you queue for random dungeons then you can still get that specific dungeon pop and repeat it. For instance: You can solo queue or walk into the ‘Temple of Ananke’ dungeon once a day, after that run is finished and you are ‘locked’, walking into the portal will get you an empty instance with all bosses killed, but you can queue for random PoA dungeons and still have a chance for the ‘Temple of Ananke’ dungeon to pop in that queue with fresh bosses to kill.
Expert dungeons will reset every morning at 4am (server time). The two master mode dungeons reset twice weekly, on a Wednesday and Sunday morning.

Dungeon Levels and modes

Open up the LFG tool and click ‘specific dungeons’ in the bottom left. Here you can easily see the suggested character levels for each dungeon.

Normal/Standard mode dungeons are usually for players that are levelling up. You will see on the list that the first is available from level 15 onwards.
Unfortunately, due to low player population you will be unlikely to find people wanting to do these low level dungeons. You can try to make a group for them yourself, using public chats, or you can simply wait till you are much higher level and then just solo all the low level dungeons.

Expert level dungeons are geared towards max level players that want better gear to get ready for raids. There are level 50, 60, 65, and 70 expert dungeons, each level bracket used to be ‘max level’ at one point.
A level 70 player can easily solo the experts from the previous level brackets.

Master mode dungeons were not well received and only two were ever made, Darkening Deeps and Caduceous Rise. These dungeons have a couple of extra bosses and are slightly more difficult than the expert versions.

When you queue for a dungeon, you will be placed inside the dungeon level/difficulty that you queued for.

If you intend to walk into the dungeon entrance then you will need to change the difficulty manually. Do this by right clicking your character portrait and selecting from the 3 dungeon difficulty options. Only the group leader is able to change the difficulty level.

Not every dungeon has a Normal mode or a Master mode.

Dungeon Cheevo Hunting

Many dungeon cheevos will be earned just by running through the dungeon normally, especially if you are an OP level 70 blasting through low level dungeons!
Once you have run the dungeon ‘normally’ a few times, you should have only the harder, more specific cheevos left to do.
You can then concentrate on these cheevos on your next few runs.
Ensure your group is aware that you would like to run for a specific cheevo. It helps if some other group members would also like that cheevo too!
Trying for some of the more difficult cheevos can be quite time consuming, your group will need to be ready to wipe quickly! Be prepared for this and be sure your group knows this too! The easiest way to quickly wipe is to use /cast last resort this is an in game command that will instantly kill your character. You can macro it! It helps if your whole group has this macro and are ready to use it when a wipe is called due to a failed cheevo.
Happy Hunting!

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