Rhaza’de Canyons

Cheevos found in H > Dungeons > Rift > Rhaza’de Canyons


Location: Planetouched Wilds – Underneath Shal Korva
Waypoint: /setwaypoint 10286 5926 – (Tunnel entrance is at /setwaypoint 10321 5743)

There is no Standard mode.
Number of Expert bosses: 5
Level of Expert bosses: 67

Solo at 70?: Yes.
All cheevos while solo?: The cheevo ‘Two Aethenhawks at the Same Time’ requires two players. The cheevo ‘You can’t Fracture What Isn’t There’ is much easier with 5 players! The cheevo ‘Lend an Ear’ is much easier if you bring a healer along.

A level 70 player can easily kill everything in this dungeon.
This guide is mainly designed to show you how to get the cheevos and do the quests.
If the content becomes ‘relevant’ again then I will expand the boss guides as needed and add more detail.

Boss 1 - King Krilladu - Expert Mode

This fight involves a lot of smaller Krill adds called Krilladu Minor and a Single large King Krilladu boss.
When you approach the fight area, only one Krilladu Minor add will be up. Engage this add to start the fight and a large group of Krilladu Minor will join in!
After 20 seconds the King Krilladu will spawn.

  • The King Krilladu spawns with 50 stacks of a buff called ‘Carapace‘. Each stack reduces his damage taken by 2%, thus at the start of the fight he will be immune to all damage.
  • Stacks of Carapace are removed by killing Krilladu Minors.
  • Killing an irritated Krilladu Minor will drop a yellow circle, all who stand in the yellow will have a DPS boost. Krilladu Minors will get larger and do more damage when they are irritated, kill them quickly!
  • King Krilladu will occasionally cast ‘Call of the Swarm‘ this will heal him, you can interrupt it.

The whole party should stack up, wait for the boss to spawn and then start killing Krilladu Minors, don’t worry about DPS on the boss until his Carapace stacks are sufficiently low enough for your group. A low level group will want to get him below 10 stacks of Carapace before burning him down.

King Krilladu

Boss 2 - Shatterhorn - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch for..

  • Khadgak – There are 3 Khadgak adds in the arena with the boss. – If these adds are killed then each will apply a damage buff to the boss called Vengeance. This will increase the bosses outgoing damage by 30%. The buff lasts 20 seconds. You will need to be careful not to kill the adds too quickly together or the boss will be much too buffed!
  • Fury – A stacking buff. – Each stack increases outgoing damage and decreases incoming damage.
  • Stand Off – The boss has this buff when stood still, he will gain Fury every 5 seconds unless moved.
  • Building Fury – Gives the boss more Fury! This is a casted spell that can be interrupted.
  • Charge! – He will emote a players name to say who he will charge,. That player should get behind an Aethernite(blue) or Painite(red) crystal so that when the boss charges the crystal is hit and will shatter.
  • Be careful when destroying the crystals, each crystal will place a debuff on nearby players that will bleed damage, try to alternate the colours of the crystals you destroy so you don’t end up dying from the debuffs!

Kite the boss around the area so he doesn’t end up with too many stacks of Fury.
Kill the adds slowly enough so he doesn’t have more than one stack of Vengeance at a time. (You can just ignore the adds if you have enough heals)


Boss 3 - Mithe Tethson - Expert Mode

The boss has two main abilities..

  • Bite – This will damage the target (The target will be the tank) for 80% of their health. – Bite is interruptible, so ensure your rupters are at the ready!
  • Release Adds –  At 80% and 40% boss health, one of the 6 cages will open up and release an add. The add that is released is random each time.

Each add has slightly different abilities..

  • Basililly – Raptor – Casts Searing Wave – Places a debuff on the group that deals damage – This can be cleansed off.
  • Brawjok – Golem – Breaks up into smaller units (Brawbits). DPS them down quickly. Also reflects ranged damage.
  • Sepira – Space Whale – Just has an ability to interrupt!
  • Killpit – Wolf – Just has an ability to interrupt!
  • Fwil – Spider – Has an ability to interrupt and summons adds that will need to die.
  • Arhee – Krill – Just has an ability to interrupt!
Ascention Constructs at the entrance to Mithe Tethson's cave.
Mithe Tethson

Boss 4 - Khadluu Khan - Expert Mode

There are a few abilities to watch for..

  • Gathering Energy – Prepares a Solar Beam – The target player should hide behind a crystal.
  • Solar Beam – Deals lethal damage over 3 seconds – Hiding behind the crystal will let the crystal absorb the damage for you.
  • Ruby Flash – 2 second cast, players must quickly turn away from the boss.
  • Rampage – Increases outgoing damage by 500%. – Applied after Solar Beam. – Drops off after Murderous Lunge.
  • Earthshattering Roar – Deals damage to everyone.
  • Murderous Lunge – Charges a player. Causes Falling Debris (damage) around the target.
  • Tail Sweep – Cleaves to the back of the boss and applies a debuff. Cleanse this immediately.

You can avoid most of these mechanics by simply stacking on the side of the boss for the duration of the fight.

Khadluu Khan

Boss 5 - Teth Mornta - Expert Mode

Your first job is to get Teth Mornta onto a platform in the middle of the arena. To get there you will need to drag Teth through a circle of rooms, then up the stairs and onto the platform. It does not matter if you choose to go clockwise or anti-clockwise around the circle.
Most groups will have the DPS and Heals sneak around Teth without pulling and make their way to the platform to wait. The tank will then drag Teth to the platform by themselves.
This tank job will take practice! Teth will be casting spells throughout the journey that the tank will need to mitigate, the tank will also need to ensure they do not run too far away from Teth while kiting or he will reset.
At the bottom of the stairs, the tank should ensure that Teth is quite close when they start going up the stairs, or Teth will forget how to climb stairs and end up under them instead.
Low level tanks may want a healer to accompany them on the journey.

The boss has a few abilities to watch for..

  • Twisted Ascension – His health cannot be reduced past 30%. Removed by the beam on the central platform.
  • Great Cleave – His attacks cleave. Stay behind him.
  • Soul Rip – Deals lethal damage to anyone not inside the safe zone (purple circle).
  • Chains of Teth – Roots. Cleansable. Also removed by charging him or anything that breaks CC.
  • Spiritual Abyss – AOE. Move out.
  • Death Sentence – Kills the target upon expiration. Cleansable.
  • Shatter Reality – Kills anyone in sight at the end of the cast. Enflames the room it’s cast in!
  • Fracturing Soul – Deals damage every second and increases itself by 5% per stack. Starts at 40% health.

Hold the boss in the beam on the circular platform to remove the Twisted Ascension buff so you can kill him.

Hide behind the wooden ramp during Shatter Reality.

Teth Mornta

Neutral Quests

This quest is available for Rhaza’de Canyons and is for Guardian and Defiant Characters.

Ascension Gone Wild

Expert mode Rhaza’de Canyons
PICK UP: The quest is picked up from Uureg in Shal Korva at /setwaypoint 10302 5748 (He is sat on the throne on the top floor)
This quest can only be picked up after you have completed most of the Planetouched Wilds questline.
TO COMPLETE: Stop the Baac’s plan.

Complete the Rhaza’de Canyons dungeon.

Hand the quest back in to Uureg when you are done.

Achievements Available

Conqueror: Rhaza’de Canyons

Complete all the cheevos listed.

Rapid Assault: Rhaza’de Canyons

Kill all the bosses in Rhaza’de Canyons within 20 minutes.

King Krilladu
Cold Blooded Kriller

Kill King Krilladu

Shoo Flys

Stop dying!

Five Man Army

Kill fifty of the Krilladu Minor, you will need to be careful not to accidentally AoE the boss dead!
Killing 50 Krilladu Minor will remove all 50 stacks of the Carapace buff from the boss, so you can use the buff to ‘count’ for you.


Kill him quickly!

Silly Swarm!

This means killing less than 40 of the Krilladu Minors.
Carefully manage what your DPS is hitting, switching to single target DPS on the boss only when you hit around 15 stacks left.

Shattered Horn

Kill Shatterhorn

That's The Yoke

Don’t kill the Khadgak adds, your DPS will need to be careful not to cleave/AoE them down!

Raging Bull

Kill all 3 Khadgak adds within 30 second of the fight starting.

Crystal Crush

Hold on killing the boss until all the blue/red crystals have been destroyed.
Ensure all players know to stand behind the crystals during charge so the boss smashes the crystals!

Mithe Tethson
Everyone Has A Plan

Kill Mithe Tethson

I Love to Beat Boses

Nobody Die!

Lend an Ear

Being bitten by Mithe is painful! it will damage you for 80% of your health. You will need a dedicated healer on you for the duration of the bit debuff.

If you are the tank then this should be pretty straightforward, simply ask your group not to rupt Bite and ensure your healer is ready to heal you back up.
If you are not normally a tank, then you will need a group that is willing to let you do this cheevo! Most groups will have you pull the boss first with a body pull while the healer heals you, then after Mithe has bitten you the real tank can take over!
Trying to get this cheevo is a nice reason to learn a bit about tank specs and how to pull a boss and maintain agro, even if you don’t quite have the gear to tank, just having the right spec will make this cheevo much easier for you to get!

Remember, Mithe will only Bite the player that has agro, so learning to swap agro is a must unless you plan to main tank it.


This will take a few runs of the dungeons to complete. Each fight, two random adds will spawn, so just keep running the dungeon and eventually you will get them all.
With a willing group you could also pull the boss and then wipe and try again if the wrong adds spawn.

Khadluu Khan
Tyrannosaurus Rekt

Kill Khadluu Khan

Khadluu Khamehameha

Destroy all the crystals with the Solar Beam ability.

We Must Go Faster

Stay in melee range for the whole fight!

In The Face of Danger

This can also be avoided by staying in melee range for the whole fight.

The Birds
Two Aethenhawks at the Same Time

The bird nests are found high up on a ledge at /setwaypoint 1348 1149

Climb up the rocks and jump into the nests.
This cheevo requires TWO players to both jump into each nest at the same time.
You can both just stand in one nest each and then jump up and down a few times to credit the cheevo.

Teth Mornta
Till Teth Do Us Part

Kill Teth Mornta

The Great Wheel Burns

There are a few routes you can take to do this, all of them will involve visiting some of the rooms more than once.
Your tank will need a lot of practice to be able to complete this much longer journey!

You can't Fracture What Isn't There

This is a stacking debuff that starts after Teth reaches 40% health.
If you have 5 players in your group then each player needs to reach 10 stacks to have had 50 stacks between you.

Teth Your Might

Get the boss to the middle platform quickly. Once there, allow the boss to fully cast Shatter Reality, hide behind the stairs/slope to avoid dying! Once the cast is completed you can go back out onto the platform and kill the boss.

Thanks to KamiFromHeaven for helping me figure this out!

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