Battle Pass

The last Battle Pass ended on 8th August 2022. This was a rerun of Battle Pass season 1. We had hoped that the other Battle Passes would be rerun too, but it looks unlikely to happen any time soon.
On 11th November 2022 Jegodin asked on the Rift Official Discord if another season of Battle Pass would be coming soon. The CM, Emrakul, replied that they have no plans to do so at this time.

Battle Pass Information

What is a battle pass?

Wiki says.. “A battle pass is a type of video game monetization that provides additional content for a game usually through a tiered system, rewarding the player with in-game items by playing the game and completing specific challenges.”

In Rift, the battle pass system is a series of additional quests that will award you with Battle Pass Experience (BPXP). There are 30 levels of BPXP to make your way through, each level requiring 20k BPXP to complete. Each level you pass will have rewards attached to it.
Rifts Battle Pass has a reward tier for free to play players, extra rewards for those players that have bought the Battle Pass and extra rewards for those players who have bought the Battle Pass and have a patron sub. (Just a patron sub alone is not enough to claim these extra rewards, you need to buy the Battle Pass)

Free Rewards – Top Row – These rewards are available for everyone. (Yes without spending any money on Battle Pass at all!)

Battle Pass Bought – Bottom Left Side – These rewards are only available to players who have bought the battle pass.
Buying Battle Pass will also grant you an extra 25% XP for each completed quest from the time of purchase.

Patron Bonus – Bottom Right Side – These rewards are only available to players who have bought the battle pass and have an active Patron Sub. Patron will be required to claim the rewards. You do not need to have an active sub for the entire Season, only when you want to claim the rewards.
Having an active sub will also grant you an extra 25% XP for each completed quest from the time of purchase. You do not need to have bought the Battle Pass to gain this extra XP. As a Patron you will also have 2 extra daily quests each day.

How much will it cost?

You can participate without spending any money at all, however you will only get the first tier of rewards and you will need to complete around 90% of the quests to be able to complete on time. Buying the Battle Pass will give you the first and second tier of rewards and 25% extra XP from each quest, meaning less time/effort is required to finish the BP. Patrons that have bought the battle pass will get a few extra rewards, another 25% extra XP and will get 2 extra dailies per day!

Battle Pass – $6.99 / £5.24 / €6.99 – (Giftable with cash only not with credits)
This is the price for the entire Battle Pass Season, not a monthly/weekly cost.

The battle pass can also be found in the store in the limited time sale section.

If you manage to get all the way to level 30 then the price of the Battle Pass is very clearly a good deal! You will get a mount, dimension items, costumes, unique cosmetics, Credits and a large selection of other premium items. Even just a singular mount alone would normally cost more than the entire Battle Pass.. but of course, with the Battle Pass system, you will have to work for that mount!

Although you can buy the Battle Pass at ANY POINT during the season.. you should buy it as soon as possible to give yourself the extra XP straight away. This will make it much easier for you to complete the battle pass and earn all the rewards.
If you buy the Battle Pass mid-season you will be able to claim the rewards from the levels you have already completed, so you wont miss out on any of the rewards, but you will miss out on the extra XP you would have earned from buying the Battle Pass earlier.

Purchasing Levels

Found on the main page of the store, or in the Limited Time Sale Section, ‘Concentrated Expertise’ and ‘Greater Concentrated Expertise’ will add XP to your Battle Pass progress. Be aware, these DO NOT show up as an item in your bags. The XP is automatically credited straight away on purchase. The Xp is only credited on the region where you buy the cache, it is not shared between NA and EU.

Note: These can often go missing from the store during the BP when new sales of other items come up. It’s best not to rely on these!

Concentrated Expertise gives 20,000 BPXP. This is a full level.

Greater Concentrated Expertise gives 100,000 BPXP. This is 5 full levels.

Playing on Different Characters (Same Region)

BPXP is shared across all your characters on the same region, so you can use different alts to complete all the dailies/weeklies. Be careful which character you claim your rewards on, some of them are bind on pick up, though most are now bound to account.

Playing on Both Regions (NA/EU)

Buying the Battle Pass will activate your extra rewards on both regions (you only need to buy it once), however you will need to earn the XP separately on each region to work your way up and claim all the rewards (BPXP is not shared cross region).
Credit rewards can only be claimed once per account, it will credit on the first region you claim it on, when you reach the same level on the other region you will be able to hit the claim button but wont get the credits. (This used to be a bit broken but has now been fixed)

Quest Information

You can find a link to the individual quest guides at the top of this page.

When do the quests reset?

Daily quests will reset every day at 4am Server Time
Weekly quests will reset every week at 4am Server Time on a Wednesday.
All current quests, even those in progress will disappear and new quests will be given.
If you are logged in during daily/weekly reset you may need to relog to see your new quests.

How do I see my quests?

Open up the Battle Pass UI to see your daily and weekly quests.
You can track your quests in your quest stickies by clicking the little dot in the top right of the quest box.
The Quests are completely separate to your normal quest UI, you do not have to go an NPC to pick them up, they will just appear in your Battle Pass UI each day/week. Handing in dailies does not effect your normal daily quest hand in limit.

Can I change my quests?

You do have the option to shuffle quests that you do not want to do.
Hit the shuffle button on the quest UI to be given a new random quest.
You can shuffle one daily for free each day and one weekly for free each week.
If you want to shuffle more quests than this then you can do so using credits, each reroll gets progressively more expensive til the next reset.

You can clearly see in the UI if you still have free shuffles left that day/week.

BE AWARE: You will get a new RANDOM quest.. this includes the whole list of quests available, including the one you are shuffling, so there is a very small chance that you may get the same quest back after a shuffle! You cannot get the  ‘Random Dungeon/Warfront Victory’ quest on a reroll.

How to hand in Quests

When you have completed a quest you will see the little ‘completed quest’ icon in your alert tray.
You can click this to open up the battle pass UI and claim your XP.

Your completed quest will now have a little loot bag.
Click this to collect your BPXP.

Do we all have the same quests?

Quests are distributed randomly. Different players will have different quests. This is intended to give players variety and to ensure that people are not all farming the same thing at the same time.
You can see more info about quest distribution on the Quests page.

XP and Progress Information

Some Maths

I have done Battle Passes a few times now, with Battle pass bought/not bought and with patron active/not active. The ‘Average’ data shown below is pretty accurate, even a few bad XP days are often quickly made up with some good XP days. The only thing that would stop you from being able to complete Battle Pass fully would be completely missing out a large number of days/quests over the duration. This can be mitigated by purchasing BP/Patron or even purchasing a few BP levels/XP directly from the store.
Free to Play – Average XP per day = 12,285 — Average days to complete = 49
Battle Pass Only – Average XP per day = 15,428 — Average days to complete = 39
Patron Only – Average XP per day = 20,357 — Average days to complete = 30
Patron and Battle Pass – Average XP per day = 24,428 — Average days to complete = 25
Days are rounded up.
BP1 2022 is 96 days long.. so it should be easily completable, even with a few weeks holiday!

Weekly XP
All Quests
Free to PlayBattle Pass Only
+25% XP
Patron Only
+25% XP + 2 Extra Quests
Patron and Battle Pass
+50% XP + 2 Extra Quests
Best Case
(Very Unlikely)
4x3k daily x 7 days = 84k
3x10k Weeklies = 30k
Total= 114k
Weeks to complete = 5.26
Days to complete = 37
4x3k daily x 7 days = 105k
3x10k Weeklies = 37.5k
Total= 142.5
Weeks to complete = 4.21
Days to complete = 30
6x3k daily x 7 days = 157.5k
3x10k Weeklies = 37.5k
Total= 195k
Weeks to complete = 3.08
Days to complete = 22
6x3k daily x 7 days = 189k
3x10k Weeklies = 45k
Total= 234k
Weeks to complete = 2.56
Days to complete = 18
(Pretty Accurate)
4x2k Daily x 7 Days = 56k
3x10k Weeklies = 30k
Total= 86k
Weeks to complete = 6.9
Days to complete = 48.3
4x2k Daily x 7 Days = 70k
3x10k Weeklies = 37.5k
Total= 108k
Weeks to complete = 5.6
Days to complete = 38.9
6x2k Daily x 7 Days = 105k
3x10k Weeklies = 37.5k
Total= 142.5k
Weeks to complete = 4.21
Days to complete = 29.5
6x2k Daily x 7 Days = 126k
3x10k Weeklies = 45k
Total= 171k
Weeks to complete = 3.5
Days to complete = 24.6
Worst Case
(Very Unlikely)
4x1k Daily x 7 Days = 28k
3x10k Weeklies = 30k
Total= 58k
Weeks to complete = 10.3
Days to complete = 72.4
4x1k Daily x 7 Days = 35k
3x10k Weeklies = 37.5k
Total= 72.5k
Weeks to complete = 8.28
Days to complete = 57.9
6x1k Daily x 7 Days = 52.5k
3x10k Weeklies = 37.5k
Total= 90k
Weeks to complete = 6.67
Days to complete = 46.67
6x1k Daily x 7 Days = 63k
3x10k Weeklies = 45k
Total= 108k
Weeks to complete = 5.56
Days to complete = 38.89
Expertise Caches

Each of the quests rewards an Expertise Cache, what is inside this cache will depend on the amount of XP you got from the quest and if you have bought the Battle Pass or have an active patron sub.

Extra Xp in the Expertise Cache will award you..
You get 25% extra XP if you have bought the Battle Pass
You get 25% extra XP if you have an active Patron Sub
A total of 50% extra XP if you have bought the Battle Pass and have an active Patron Sub

Some Expertise Shards, explained the section below

You will also recieve a VERY small amount of Loyalty
– a base rate of 1 loyalty point
– 1 extra loyalty point if you have bought Battle Pass
– 1 extra loyalty point if you have an active Patron sub
These numbers are the most common reward, sometimes I seem to get a few more loyalty points (up to 21 total).

You do not get any extra XP in the Cache if you have not bought the BP and do not have patron. You will get the single Loyalty point.

Concentrated Expertise Cache
Rewards from the Cache

Warning: You need to open the cache straight away or risk losing it. The cache will disappear if you are logged out for more than hour, even if you are on an alt. You can also only hold 5 caches at a time, if you already have 5 in your bags and try to claim another then the 6th will disappear!

Expertise Shards

Daily Quests will grant 1 Expertise Shard and Weekly Quests will grant 5 Expertise Shards.
You will loot the Expertise Shards when you open the Expertise Cache. The currency will be listed in your currency tab under ‘events’.

You can spend Expertise Shards at the vendor ‘Huckster Ratioskr’ in Tempest Bay – /setwaypoint 12794 11510
The vendor sells rewards from previous seasons of Battle Pass. You can find information about what he sells here.

General Information

Key Binding - Opening the Battle Pass UI

You can Key Bind the Battle Pass menu to open it quickly in game.
There is no default key binding.
You will find Battle Pass in the Key Bindings menu at the end of the list of UI Toggles.

The Battle Pass symbol will appear on your alert tray when you have new quests or when you complete a quest. You can click this to open up the UI too. 

You can also find Battle Pass in the main Activities menu.

Battle Pass UI

Use the Tabs at the bottom to switch between Activities and Rewards.
On the Activities Tab you can see your Daily and Weekly quests. When you finish a quest you claim the BPXP from this list.
On the Rewards Tab you can see all the different rewards and claim the ones you have earned so far.
You can also buy or gift the Battle Pass straight from this window.

Visit the Battle Pass Archive to see information about previous seasons.

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