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Battle Pass Season 3 - Frozen Waters

Start Date = Thursday 2nd April 2020
End Date = Thursday 28th May 2020

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Battle Pass Information

What is a battle pass?

Wiki says.. A battle pass is a type of video game monetization that provides additional content for a game usually through a tiered system, rewarding the player with in-game items by playing the game and completing specific challenges.

In Rift, the battle pass system is a series of additional quests that will award you with Battle Pass Experience (BPXP). There are 30 levels of BPXP to make your way through, each level requiring 20k BPXP to complete. Each level you pass will have rewards attached to it.
Rifts Battle Pass has a reward tier for free to play players, extra rewards for those players that have bought the Battle Pass and extra rewards for those players who have bought the Battle Pass and have a patron sub. (Just a patron sub alone is not enough to claim these extra rewards, you need to buy the Battle Pass)

Free Rewards – Top Row – These rewards are available for everyone. (Yes even the free to players!)

Battle Pass Bought – Left Side – These rewards are only available to players who have bought the battle pass.

Patron Bonus – Right Side – These rewards are only available to players who have bought the battle pass and have an active Patron Sub. Patron will be required to claim the rewards. You do not need to have an active sub for the entire Season, only when you want to claim the rewards.

How much will it cost?

You can participate without spending any money at all, however you will only get the first tier of rewards. Buying the Battle Pass will give you the first and second tier of rewards, the second tier is where you will find all the fluff costume and the mount. Patrons that have bought the battle pass will get a few extra rewards, but more importantly, will get 2 extra dailies per day! (The extra dailies are available for all patrons, even if you haven’t bought the pass)

Battle Pass – $9.99 / £7.49 / €9.99 – (Giftable with cash only not with credits)
This is the price for the entire Battle Pass Season, not a monthly/weekly cost.

If you manage to get all the way to level 30 then the price of the Battle Pass is very clearly a good deal! You will get a mount, dimension items, costumes, unique cosmetics, Credits and a large selection of other premium items. Even just a singular mount alone would normally cost more than the entire Battle Pass.. but of course, with the Battle Pass system, you will have to work for that mount!

You can buy the Battle Pass at ANY POINT during the season.. so if you want to you can play the game for a while, try some of the dailies/weeklies and figure out if you feel you can get to a high enough level for the rewards you want.
If you buy the Battle Pass mid-season you will be able to claim the rewards from the levels you have already completed, so you wont miss out on any of the rewards.

You can see the battle pass 3 announcement post here.


A battle pass season will last a full 8 weeks (56 days).

Playing on Different Characters (Same Region)

BPXP is shared across all your characters on the same region, so you can use different alts to complete all the dailies/weeklies. Be careful which character you claim your rewards on, some of them are bind on pick up, though most are now bound to account.

Playing on Both Regions (NA/EU)

Buying the Battle Pass will activate your extra rewards on both regions (you only need to buy it once), however you will need to earn the XP separately on each region to work your way up and claim all the rewards (BPXP is not shared cross region).
Credits and Loyalty rewards can only be claimed once per account, it will credit on the first region you claim it on, when you reach the same level on the other region you will be able to hit the claim button but wont get the credits/loyalty.

Quest Re-roll

Each quest has a shuffle button, this allows you to swap out a quest for another RANDOM quest.
You can shuffle a single daily each day and a single weekly each week for free. You can pay credits to be able to shuffle more times.

General Information

Key Binding

You can Key Bind the Battle Pass menu to open it quickly in game.
There is no default key binding.
You will find Battle Pass in the Key Bindings menu at the end of the list of UI Toggles.

The Battle Pass symbol will appear on your alert tray when you have new quests or when you complete a quest. You can click this to open up the UI too. 

You can also find Battle Pass in the main Activities menu.

Battle Pass UI

Use the Tabs at the bottom to switch between Activities and Rewards.
On the Activities Tab you can see your Daily and Weekly quests. When you finish a quest you claim the BPXP from this list.
On the Rewards Tab you can see all the different rewards and claim the ones you have earned so far.
You can also buy or gift the Battle Pass straight from this window.

Concentrated Expertise

Concentrated Expertise is an item which grants 10,000 Battle Pass Experience.
It was given out with a compensation pack during the Battle Pass Season 1.

Battle Pass Season 2 - Tendrils of Blight

Start Date = Wednesday 28th August 2019
End Date = Thursday 16th January 2020

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Season One - Flames of Corruption

Season one ran from the 18th April 2019 to the 17th July 2019

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