Achievement Hunting is an activity enjoyed by many players in Rift. There are over 40,000 cheevo points to be earned. Hunting them will introduce you to many different aspects of the game and take you on some very fun adventures! There are many easy cheevos to get, some will pop without you even thinking about them, but there are also many many difficult cheevos, especially in the group content and puzzles.

When you open up the cheevo screen in game [H] you will notice the cheevos are split into sections, I have tried to replicate these sections on the site so you can find your cheevo easily.   
The zone cheevos have been split up a little, with puzzles and rares getting there own section as these are such big guides!

In the Zones section you will find the remainder of the zone cheevos.
In the Planes section you will find cheevos to do with closing Rifts and other planar activities, this is still a work in progress.
In the Dungeons section you will find cheevos guides for the dungeons, the Mathosian and PoA dungeons are all done.. more will follow!