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Current Mini Event

Waiting for the next one!

Upcoming World Event

The 2019 Carnival event will be the next World Event.
The Carnival is due to start on 21st March and usually runs for 3 or 4 weeks.
The Guide will be updated once the event goes live!

5 Most Recently Completed Guides

14th March 2019 – A guide for players moving from Prime to Live looking for info.
6th March 2019 – Guides for all the Prophecy of Ahnket dungeons are complete.
12th February 2019 – Completed rare mob guide for Planetouched Wilds.
10th February 2019 – Completed Guide to Hellbug CTA event.
28th January 2019 – Completed rare mob guide for Vostigar Peaks.


Guides for every puzzle in Rift!


Guides for the Little zone cheevos and other stuff!


Guides for killing all
the rare mobs in game!


A constantly updating guide to all the world events.


A massive work in progress.
A few questlines are done.


Guides to other bits and bobs.


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