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A website designed to guide you
through the puzzles and achievements in RIFT

Next World Event

The Autumn Harvest event is due to run from the 18th of October to the 8th of November.

Check out Wolfexin’s Dimension Obstacle Course Event – Running on 30th September at 16:00 EU Server Time
You can register your interest for this event on the Heroes of Telara Discord.

19th September 2023 – After progressively worsening performance and caching issues that were resulting in many errors, we unfortunately had to take Cadrift down for a big maintenance cycle. Thankfully the main bulk of this work is now finished and Cadrift was only fully down for around 30 hours. We are still working on this for a few more days, hopefully the site will remain functioning during this time.


Guides for every
puzzle in Rift!


Guides for the Little zone cheevos and other stuff!


Guides for killing all
the rare mobs in game!


A constantly updating guide to all the world events.


Guides to questlines.
Still being added to!


A section with a
variety of lists!


Guides to help shape your character and enjoy the game.


Links and information that you will find most useful!


Most Recently Completed Guides

7th September 2023 – Completed a guide for Hunt Rifts.
31st August 2023 – The Mount Skins Page has had some work done, improving the UI.
29th August 2023 – All pages now have proper navigation links at the top and bottom that link to sister pages.
These links work with all screen sizes! Mobile users rejoice.
21st July 2023 – Completed the guide for the Saga of Lord Arak questline.
6th July 2023 – Completed a guide page for the Dreams of War cheevo.
5th July 2023 – Completed a guide for the Chronicle, Meridian: Ceremony of Attunement.
5th July 2023 – Completed a guide for the Chronicle, Sanctum: Ceremony of Attunement.
4th July 2023 – Completed a guide for the Chronicle, A Hero Rises.
3rd July 2023 – Completed a guide for the Chronicle, Infernal Dawn: Laethys.
2nd July 2023 – Completed a guide for the Chronicle, The Rhen of Fate.