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Upcoming Call To Action Events

Hellbugs – 24th May to 26th May
Mechweek – 7th June to 9th June
Unicornalia – 21st June to 23rd June

Upcoming World Event

The next world event will be Summerfest.
Summerfest will generally run for 3 of the weeks
between the end of June and the end of August.

5 Most Recently Completed Guides

10th May 2019 – Completed a guide for the Call to Action Budgies.
30th April 2019 – Complete a list of all the cheevos in Toks Dungeon.
29th April 2019 – Complete a list of Portrait Badges.
29th April 2019 – Completed a list of Portrait Frames.
9th April 2019 – Complete guide to the new Battle Pass event.

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