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Current World Event

Summerfest is now live!
~ Hunt 1 ~ ~ Hunt 2 ~
Summerfest will start on Thursday 18th July at 15:30 server time.
Summerfest will run for 3 weeks until Thursday 8th August at 15:30 server time.


Guides for every puzzle in Rift!


Guides for the Little zone cheevos and other stuff!


Guides for killing all
the rare mobs in game!


A constantly updating guide to all the world events.


A massive work in progress.
A few questlines are done.


Guides to other bits and bobs.


Links to other Rift Sites that you will find most useful!

5 Most Recently Completed Guides

18th July 2019 – Fully Updated the Summerfest Guide.
22nd June 2019 – Completed a guide for the Call to Action Unicornalia.
2nd June 2019 – Completed the Tasuil Minion card Guide.
10th May 2019 – Completed a guide for the Call to Action Budgies.
30th April 2019 – Complete a list of all the cheevos in Toks Dungeon.

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