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A website designed to guide you
through the puzzles and achievements in RIFT

Current World Event

 Summerfest will run for 4 weeks from Thursday 16th July to Thursday 13th August.

Currently Running Competitions

Summerfest Quiz is now closed – Winner is announced here.

Midsummers Medieval Madness! – Entry now closed – Go visit the dims and cast your vote!

Summer Costume Contest – Hosted by Clowd & Co on HoT Discord – Ends 1st August

Build your own Sports Event! – Hosted by Gamigo – Runs from 12th June to 18th September

Quick Links to popular Rift Guides

Guides for every puzzle in Rift!


Guides for the Little zone cheevos and other stuff!


Guides for killing all
the rare mobs in game!


A constantly updating guide to all the world events.


A massive work in progress.
A few questlines are done.


A section with a variety of lists!


Guides to help shape your character and enjoy the game.


Links to other Rift Sites that you will find most useful!

Most Recently Completed Guides

2nd August 2020 – Wrote up the results for the Cadrift Summerfest Quiz.
30th July – Created a list of all the Porticulums in game.
16th July – Completely updated Summerfest Guide for this years event.
20th June 2020 – Made a page showcasing a bunch of concept art.
19th June 2020 – Completed the Guide for Battle Pass 4.
16th June 2020 – All pages have had a Poke and a Polish. Small corrections and additions have been made where needed, headings and other theme elements have been harmonised across all pages.

The new porticulum
under construstion
in Ashenfell
/setwaypoint 3059 4537
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