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A website designed to guide you
through the puzzles and achievements in RIFT

Current World Event

Autumn Harvest runs from Thursday the 22nd October at 3:30PM ST to Thursday the 19th November at 3:30PM ST

Currently Running Competitions

Azteck’s Halloween Wardrobe Contest – Ends on 31st October

Complete the puzzle to win an Autumn Harvest Mount – Ends on 5th November

Dimension Building Challenge: Kaleidoscope – Run by Loveyttsab – Ends on 22nd November

Currently Running Events

Throughout October take part in Gamigo’s 20th Anniversary event!WingsCappie

Quick Links to popular Rift Guides

Guides for every puzzle in Rift!


Guides for the Little zone cheevos and other stuff!


Guides for killing all
the rare mobs in game!


A constantly updating guide to all the world events.


A massive work in progress.
A few questlines are done.


A section with a variety of lists!


Guides to help shape your character and enjoy the game.


Links to other Rift Sites that you will find most useful!

Most Recently Completed Guides

8th October 2020 – Guide for Unstable Artifacts added to the new activities section.
24th September 2020 – Battle Pass 5 rewards page is now completely finished.
15th September 2020 – Winners of Battle Pass Competition added to play>events page.
7th September 2020 – Added a page about the new Battle Pass vendor.
5th September 2020 – Completed the Battle Pass 5 Quest Guide.
31st August 2020 – Wrote up the results for the Labyrinth of Confusion.
8th August 2020 – Wrote up the results for the Midsummers Medieval Madness Dimension Contest.

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