Level 70 Gear

On this page you will find a quick guide and a detailed guide for gearing up once you hit level 70.

Quick Guide

Grab the Eternal Weapon quest from just outside Alittu and upgrade it!
Get Your planar crafted Helm and Ranged Weapon and upgrade them.
Be sure to do the crafting weeklies on as many characters as possible and participate in CRIFTS.
Ensure you are crafting the Amenders you will need every day so you can upgrade your gear ASAP.
Farm Planarite using NMR – Buy Tenebrean Planar Attuners from Rift Store > Crafting > Reagents.
Work on your Utilla Resistence Notoriety and FARM INTEL.. Buy your rings, Earrings, Neck and Trinket from the Utilla Quartermaster in VP.
Farm Celestial IA for Planar Defence Force notoriety – Use it to buy your focus to slot your new essences into.
Join a DRR run at least once a day to start looting your BIS essences.
Buy your synergy crystal from the Rift Store.
Complete as many weeklies as you can and choose Legion Datagrams as the reward if it is available.
As you start looting better Planar Fragments from dungeons and raids, upgrade them to at least level 9 (or until you get a bad stat).
Ensure you have the correct Runes and Dream Orbs on your gear.
Get 2000 HIT and sort your DPS/Heal/Tank spec then participate in as many TDEM as you can!
You are aiming for around 8551 (37.60%) Crit Power for end tier raiding. Adding the feast will take you to 39% then with raid sigils you get 40.00% 9086cp in total. A lot of that CP will come from your essences, with the rest from your planar fragments.

Helmet – Planar Crafted – Upgrades to T2 quality – Add Dream Orb
Cape – T2 = From Fae Yule – T1 = From TDNM
Shoulder – Drops from bosses in Raids – Or buy from VP – Add Rune
Chest – Drops from bosses in Raids – Or buy from VP
Gloves – Drops from bosses in Raids – Or buy from VP – Add Rune
Belt – Drops from bosses in Raids – Or buy from VP – Add Dream Orb
Legs – Drops from bosses in Raids – Or buy from VP – Add Rune
Feet – Drops from bosses in Raids – Or buy from VP

Earring 1 – From Carnival of the Ascended or VP boxes
Earring 2 – From VP boxes
Necklace – From VP boxes
Trinket – From VP Quartermaster
Ring 1 – From VP boxes
Ring 2 – From VP boxes
Synergy Crystal – Bought from Rift Store
Seal – From Summerfest or Queens Foci – Add Rune

Main Weapons – Eternal Weapon Questline – Add Rune
Ranged Weapon – Planar Crafted

Focus – Bought from Rift Store
Essences – Dropped from Raid Rifts in VP

Add Rune – Crafted or Challenge Dungeon drop
Add Rune – Challenge Dungeon drop only

You will find the HIT stat only on certain gear pieces; Helm, chest, gloves, legs, neck and all weapons.

You can find guides for the Dungeons here. You may want to read them before you start your dungeon farming.

Eternal Weapon!

Your first job as a level 70 is to pick up the very first quest of the eternal weapon questline, go to Lessa Korin just outside of Alittu at /setwaypoint 4010 6194 . Complete the small quest chain until you loot your eternal weapon.
Your eternal weapon has an active upgrade path that will eventually upgrade your weapon all the way to Tier 2 Raid quality.
Making progress on this upgrade should be on your To-Do list every day, in fact you should aim to reach the dungeon stage as soon as possible (This is easily do-able within a week, your main bottle neck will be colossi bosses)
You can find a full guide to the Eternal Weapon Questline and Upgrade Path here.
However, before you start upgrading your Eternal Weapon, you should also try to get your planar crafted helm and ranged weapon sorted. This is because your crafted helm and ranged weapon also has an upgrade path that will see you all the way to Tier 2 quality and a lot of the early upgrade requirements are the same as those needed for the Eternal Weapon. Upgrading these 3 items at the same time will save you a lot of time as you wont have to go back and repeat stages.

Special note for Warriors: The current best Warrior DPS specs will require you to dual wield (have two one handed weapons). Your Eternal Weapon will start off as a Two Handed weapon, once you reach eternal quality you will then receive a One Handed weapon and a shield (for tanking). You will need to use this One Handed weapon in your main hand and then pair it with the second best in slot weapon, this drops from the FIRST boss of Tartaric Depths NORMAL mode.

Planar Crafted Helm and Ranged Weapon

Each class has their own Planar Crafted Items.
All the items have very similar upgrade paths, so its best to get both items ASAP and start upgrading them together.
When you complete all the upgrades you will end up with a T2 quality best in slot item.
A main spec TANK will eventually want to buy the T2 helm from the shop. The shop helm will give you more endurance making it slightly better for tanking. The helm will require the T2 upgrade component ‘storm cells’ so it may take a while before you can upgrade it fully, thus it is best to upgrade your planar crafted helm anyway. You can see the slight difference between the stats here.



Rogue / Primalist




You can train the profession and craft the items yourself or you can ask someone else to craft them for you.
The Planar crafting recipes are bought in Alittu at /setwaypoint 4032 6360, you wont find them on the Rift store with the normal recipes.
Once you have bought and learned the recipes you will find them in your recipe book under a separate ‘Planar Crafting’ section

Planar Crafting Ingredients + CRIFTS

Firstly, all of the ingredients are tradeable! You can buy them from the Auction House or make a trade with friends/guildies. However you will find it much cheaper and more productive in the long run if you train the professions and learn the recipes yourself.
Remember you can put craft professions on alts and send mats over or buy a trade skill extension for your main character (credits only).

Visionary Weapon Amender: Crafted by Weaponsmith.
Visionary Ornament Amender: Crafted by Artificer.
Visionary Metal Amender: Crafted by Armorsmith.
Visionary Textile Amender: Crafted by Outfitter.

All the Amenders take normal ‘pick off the ground’ materials plus 5 Chondritic Planar Dust (Droped from Rifts and other planar enemies in Celestial lands).
Amenders can only be crafted once every 20 hours, so make sure you craft the ones you will need daily to get yourself a good stock of them.
The recipes are bought from the Rift Store crafting section.

Celestial Matrix: Dropped from crafting rifts, or can be made from Celestial Motes. Celestial Motes also drop from crifts, when you have ten of them you can combine them with a Tenebrean Planar Attuner to create a Celestial Matrix. Simply right click your stack of Celestial Motes to combine them.

Craft Rift (crift) lures are a reward for one of the weekly crafting quests.
The weekly crafting quests are picked up in Alittu at /setwaypoint 4032 6360
Once you have your lure (choose the water one!) you should join a crift raid. These are often advertised in public chat, especially just after the weekly reset.
A crift raid will be 20 people who each bring a crift lure, the lures are then opened one at a time in Ashenfell, peeps use their PA rift summons to move the group quickly to the next crift. When it is your turn to open your lure, leave the current crift at stage 3 and find a tear on the map, go to the tear and open your crift then wait for the reward window to pop up from the previous crift before you summon the raid.
If you can, use an ALT to join the crift raid. The lures are bound to account so you can mail them to your alts. Choose an alt that is at least level 65, if your alt isnt level 70 yet then make sure you turn sidekicking on.
The reason to use alts is because each crift after the first will cost you an IRC to receive loot, it is better to spend the IRC from an alt and use the IRC on your main for farming TDEM.
You can also train professions to a high level on an alt to get more than one lure a week.

Buying Tenebrean Planar Attuners

Tenebrean Planar Attuners are used primarily to upgrade crafted amenders from Visionary to Prophetic quality. You will find them in the Rift Store in the Crafting tab under Reagents.
ALT+Click your attuner to bring up the upgrade window and hit the upgrade button. 
Visionary attuners are tradeable between players, but once you upgrade them to Prophetic they will become bound to your account.

You will need quite a few Attuners which will cost you a lot of Planarite!
The easiest way to farm Planarite is by joining Nightmare Rifts (NMR)
You can sometimes see players in the general chats asking for more players for NMR, you can also go to Tarken and mouseover any NMR to see if there are players already there.
If you cant find a group, make one yourself 🙂
If you would prefer to solo your planarite farm then use the second best method, which is farming the Invasion spots in Planetouched Wilds.

VP Rings, Earrings, Neck and Trinket

In Utilla East in Vostigar Peaks you will find the Uttila Resistance Quartermaster
/setwaypoint 3966 3417

From here you will buy your Rings, Earrings, Neck and Trinket. All these items are Tier 2 quality and currently best in slot.

Buying these items will require a certain level of Uttila Resistance Notoriety and varying amounts on INTEL (currency).

Uttila Resistance Notoriety is earned by doing the Vostigar Peaks Storyline and Carnages and then the Daily and Weekly quests.
These Dailies and Weeklies are all picked up from Uttila East, you must have completely finished the VP questline and be level 70 to see them.


There are a variety of trinkets to buy, each of them have different extras attached to them to make them better for different roles/specs.

The Omnox Trinket is the best in slot trinket for DPS and Healers.
Eye of Omnox is for Rogues, Primalists and Warriors.
Gaze of Omnox is for Mages and Clerics.
To use it effectively you will want to stay within 10 metres of the Boss you are fighting.

On fights where you cannot be within 10 metres of the boss you may find the Grim Awakening Trinket to be better (this trinket is unfortunately only available during the Grim Awakening World Events) – There is also a Ranged Buff Trinket available from VP.
With current content, all bosses allow you to be withing 10 metres.. In fact this will be encouraged by your raid leader, who will often tell the raid to ‘stack up on the boss!’.

The Berserker Trinket is the best in slot trinket for Tanking.
Heart of the Berserker is for Rogues, Primalists and Warriors.
Wrath of the Berserker is for Mages and Clerics.

Rings, Earrings and Neck

The VP earrings, Rings and Necklace all upgrade to Tier 2 quality best in slot items.
This gear has the usual raid sufix’s with different stat weights.
You may find yourself buying many boxes before you get the right sufix.

Armor Boxes

These boxes contain LFR or T1 quality gear. There should be no need at all to buy them, your INTEL will be much better spent on other things!
However if you are player that doesnt Raid then these boxes will be your best in slot items.

Vostigar Aspirant’s gear costs 1000 intel each.

The pieces are equivalent to LFR quality gear.

This gear has the usual raid sufix’s with different stat weights. The upgrade paths are very easy and will increase the stats a small amount.

Vostigar Veteran’s gear costs 6000 intel each.

The pieces are equivalent to T1 quality gear once they are upgraded.

This gear has the usual raid sufix’s with different stat weights. The upgrade paths are easy and will increase the stats a small amount and increase the HIT to 300

Sources of Intel

Your main source of Intel will be multiple runs of TDEM, each boss will grant you around 100 intel before bonuses. This makes each run worth at least 400 intel! With a good group a run can take as little as 10-12 minutes, thus making this the most intel per hour you can earn.

A secondary source of Intel is the zone events in the Celestial lands. Zone events in Vostigar Peaks will give you around 90 intel per event. Events in the other 4 zones will give you around 50 intel per event. You should complete as many zone events as you can, these can be perfect to tag quickly between dungeon runs and raids.

Your other most profitable source of intel is killing the VP Rares. These are the elite mobs that are marked on the map. Kill all that are up, then switch shard to find more. There are 36 different rares, with 4-5 up at any one time. Each rare will give you 10-15 intel, which may seem like a small amount, but when you kill them between zone events or while doing your dailies it all helps to add up. The VP rares also drop quite a lot of Plat. Each rare can be killed once a day for ‘free loot’ subsequent kills will require 1 IRC each, there isn’t much point farming them this way, better just to kill each one once than one of them multiple times.

Other sources of intel include..
Random dungeons – gives 50 intel each
VP dailies and weeklies – The VP dailies can be very quick or very time consuming, depending on which ones you get! Your time is better spent elsewhere after you have maxed the notoriety.
Bastion of Steel bosses – Each boss in the BoS raid gives 500 intel.

Focus and Essences


Your focus can be found in the Rift Store under Equipment > Focus
There are 3 different focuses here..
Focus of Vengeance for Rogue, Primalist and Warrior DPS
Focus of Domination for Mage and Cleric DPS
Focus of Protection for Tanking

You will need to be revered with Planar Defence Force to be able to buy it. Planar Defence Force notoriety is farmed in Celestial Instant Adventures, hopefully you will have done some of these while you were leveling. There is a weekly to pick up from Alittu to complete 30 of these instant adventures, make sure you pick it up!

To join the Celestial Instant Adventures, press [ . ] and click the join button. These Instant Adventures take place in the Celestial Zones or inside the plane of fire/life.
You will get bonus XP for the first 14 IA of the day, after that you can just keep farming them for the notoriety.
Try to do some every day and be sure to at least finish your weekly quest each week.


Your best in slot Essences are dropped by the Raid Rifts in Vostigar Peaks. You should aim for Crit Power essences if you are a DPS/Healer and Guard essences if you are a Tank.
There are many different stat weight distributions on the essences, some with slightly more main and off stat, others with more Crit Power, and all combinations in between!
Best in slots will have 556CP once fully upgraded.
The ones with 491CP are decent enough.
You do not ‘need’ to get all 6 essences best in slot, but you should at least aim for 6 ‘good’ essences with the correct stats.

Raid Rifts are bought from the Uttila Resistence Quartermaster in Uttila East /setwaypoint 3966 3417

There is a Daily to pick up to close one of the 3 Raid Rifts, most groups will close all 3 rifts and close the daily rift last.
There is a weekly to pick up to close all 3 of the Raid Rifts twice.
These are picked up from Uttila East at /setwaypoint 3989 3409
The first time you do each Raid Rift for the day you will get 2 free loot rolls, one on stage 3 and one on stage 5, you will have a chance to loot an essence. Subsequent Raid Rifts will cost IRC, so its best to do 1 set of all 3 each day.

Synergy Crystal

You will find your Synergy Crstal in the Rift Store under
equipment > accessories

For Mage and Cleric 
  Unwordly Crystal – For AOE DPS
  Dominion Crystal – For single target DPS
  Philosopher’s Crystal – For single target heals
  Diviner’s Crystal – For AOE heals

For Rogue, Primalist and Warrior..
  Martial Crystal – For single target DPS
  Brutish Crystal – For AOE DPS
  Salver’s Crystal – For single target heals
  Medico’s Crystal – For AOE heals

For ALL Classes
  Hero’s Crystal – For tanking

Most players will just buy the single target or tanking crystals as these are required most in raids.

Daily and Weekly Quests

There is a good selection of daily and weekly quests to pick up. Each of them offers slightly different currency rewards as well as notoriety towards the various factions.

Zone Dailies - For Farming Notoriety

These dailies are useful for farming the various notoriety that they award. Once you have maxed out the notoriety there is no need to keep doing them, your time will be better spent farming INTEL. The only dailies you may want to keep doing are the portal quest dailies as these count towards a weekly picked up from Alittu.

Scatherran Forest for Felibocan Notoriety
Dailies are picked up from Felibocan

Xarth Mire for Bailghol Notoriety
Dailies are picked up from Bailghol

Gedlo Badlands for Saint Taranis Notoriety
Dailies are picked up from Saint Taranis

Ashenfell for Thedeor’s Spear Notoriety
Dailies are picked up from Thedeor’s Spear

You can also trade Sigil of Valor for notoriety in the Rift store. Open up the store and click ‘Boosts’ on the left side menu, then within this tab click ‘Notoriety’ on the left side menu. Here you will find a list of Notoriety Decrees which you can buy with your Sigils of Valor. You should do this daily, as you can only hold 5 Sigils at a time and only buy one decree for each Faction daily.

Weekly Quests from Alittu

Most of the Quests in Alittu are found upstairs in the main building with the exception of the crafting quests which are in a side room off the plaza where the portal is.
Upstairs you will find..
Breaking Through – A weekly to complete the Xarth Mire zone event ‘Cracking Xarth’s Skull’ 4 times. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams.
Through Hell and Back Again – A weekly to Complete the Tartaric Depths Raid on LFR difficulty. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams.
Celestial Tales – A weekly to complete 16 of the daily instanced quests found in the celestial zones. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams.
Planar Assault – A weekly to complete 30 celestial instant adventures. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams.

PVP Quests from Alittu

From the PVP questgiver at /setwaypoint 4184 6446 (upstairs)

The Starfallen – A daily to kill 100 enemies while in warfronts. This daily awards 100 Tower Fragments.
To the Victor – A daily to win 3 warfronts. This daily awards 100 Tower Fragments.
Descended – A weekly to complete the daily quest ‘The Starfallen’ 5 times. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams.
Victorious – A weekly to complete the daily quest ‘To the Victor’ 5 times. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams.

Quests from Vostigar Peaks

In Uttila East in Vostigar Peaks you will find the most important dailies/weeklies. These quests will give you INTEL and Uttila Resistence Notoriety. You can only pick up these quests after you have finished the Vostigar Peaks questline.
You will find the Daily + Weekly questgiver in Uttila East – /setwaypoint 3988 3408

Hinder Ahnket: *various locations* – A daily to complete the 5 quests that have been chosen for the day. When you have picked up this quest you will be given a yellow dot marker on your map, go to that marker to pick up the 5 daily quests, when you complete those 5 dailies the Hinder quest will complete. There are 6 different ‘sets’ of quests that change most days to give you variety. This daily awards 30 Captured Intel.
Enemy of My Enemy is… – A weekly to complete the daily ‘Hinder’ quest 5 times. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams and 200 Captured Intel.

Closing the Tear: *named raid rift* – A daily to close one of the 3 available raid rifts in VP. A raid rift group will usually close all 3 of the rifts anyway to maximise loot chances. This daily awards 30 Captured Intel.
Defender of Vostigar – A weekly to close each of the raid rifts twice. This weekly awards 150 Legion Datagrams and 200 Captured Intel.

Planar Fragments

Planar Fragments are dropped from pretty much all of the 65-70 content.
Click here to go to the Ghar Stations very awesome Planar Fragment guide.
If you really like number crunching then there is a database of fragment stats here.
As you work your way to higher level group content, the fragments you loot should gradually get better and better.
You will find yourself getting lucky drops every so often with an epic (purple) or relic (orange) fragment with the correct stats for your class/role. These ‘perfect’ fragments should be upgraded to level 15 as soon as possible. So by the time you enter T1 and T2 raids you should have at least half your fragments with level 15 good stats and the other half at level 3-9 with not so great but still acceptable stats.
Your end goal is of course to get all your fragments to level 15 with good stats on all of them. This is a LONG TERM commitment!
You can also buy boxes of Planar Fragments from the quartermasters in Alittu or from the Rift Store > Equipment > Planar Fragments. These boxes contain a random Planar Fragment. There is a guide to the content of these boxes here.

Runes and Dream Orbs

Runes are added to your legs, seal and main weapons.
Dream Orbs are for your helm and belt.

Crafted Runes

The crafted runes are just below best in slot. They are decent enough to clear T2 content. While you are replacing your gear every few days you will want to stick to the less expensive ‘Visionary runes’. Once you have T1 or T2 quality, make sure you put the Prophetic runes on them.. these are listed below.

Physical Class = Rogue, Warrior and Primalist.
Magical Class = Cleric and Mage
All Classes = Used by everyone

For One-Handed Weapons
Prophetic Rage Weapon-runeshard – Physical Class – Weapon Rune Number 1 – DPS/Heal – Gives +345 AP
Prophetic Recondite Weapon-runeshard – Magical Class – Weapon Rune Number 1 – DPS/Heal – Gives +345 SP
Prophetic Starfall Weapon-runeshard – All Classes – Weapon Rune Number 2 – All Roles – Gives proc

For Two-Handed Weapons
Prophetic Starcrash Weapon-rune – Physical Class – 2 Handed Weapon Rune – All Roles – Gives proc
Prophetic Starstrike Weapon-rune – Magical Class – 2 handed Weapon Rune – All Roles – Gives proc

For Seal
Prophetic Aegis Rune – All Classes – Tank – Gives 332 dodge and 532 guard
Prophetic Imperium Rune – Physical Class – DPS/Heal – Gives 283 AP and 265 PC
Prophetic Ingenuity Rune – Magical Class – DPS/Heal – Gives 283 SP and 265 SCH
Prophetic Shattering Rune – All Classes – DPS/Heal – Gives 384 CP
The Prophetic Shattering Rune is likely to be best in slot for you.

For Legs
Prophetic Dominating Rune – Mage – DPS/Heal – Gives 510 Int and 319 End
Prophetic Stalwart Rune – Warrior – DPS/Heal – Gives 510 Str and 319 End
Prophetic Unblurring Rune – Cleric – DPS/Heal – Gives 510 Wis and 319 End
Prophetic Wrathful Rune – Rogue/Primalist – DPS/Heal – Gives 510 Dex and 319 End

Challenge Dungeon Runes

The gear from Enclave of Ahnket drops with Runes attached to it.
These runes are a very small upgrade from the crafted runes and you shouldn’t worry if  you can’t get them, the drop rate is very small!
You should remove those Runes using a Rune Unsocketing Apparatus (you get one free on the second day of each month). These Runes are Best in Slot and should be saved til you have Best in Slot gear to put them on! DO NOT upgrade the Enclave gear with a rune still attached to it as you will lose the rune.

Legs + Shoulders – Integrated Growth Rune – Wisdom +612 ~ Endurance +383 – Cleric
Legs + Shoulders – Integrated Finesse Rune – Dexterity +612 ~ Endurance +383 – Rogue/Primalist
Legs + Shoulders – Integrated Intensity Rune – Intelligence +612 ~ Endurance +383 – Mage
Legs + Shoulders – Integrated Empowering Rune – Strength +612 ~ Endurance +383 – Warrior

Seal + Gloves – Integrated Shielding Rune – Dodge +398 ~ Guard +638 – Any Class Tank
Seal + Two Handed + One Hand – Integrated Cataclysm Rune – Crit Power +460 – Any Class DPS/Heal

Two Handed + One Hand – Integrated Destruction Rune – Spell Power +414 – Magic Class DPS/Heal
One Hand + Off Hand – Integrated Onslaught Rune – Attack Power +414 – Physical Class DPS/Heal

Two Handed – Integrated Assault Rune – Attack Power +414 ~ Tenebrean Equation Proc – Physical Class DPS/Heal/Tank
Two Handed – Integrated Elimination Rune – Spell Power +414 ~ Tenebrean Equation Proc – Magical Class DPS/Heal/Tank

The Tenebrean Equation Proc is the same Proc given by the crafted Rune. A player with two one handed weapons should use the crafted Proc rune on their off hand and the Challenge Dungeon rune on their main hand.

Dream Orbs

Dream Orbs are crafted by Dreamweavers. Each craft awards 4 dream orbs, so they are quite cheap to make.
When Dream Orbs are applied the stats that are generated are random, this means it may take you a few tries before you get the stats you want.

While you are upgrading your helm you may want to just pop a dream orb on and go with whatever stats it gives you on the first try. But once you have your helm at T1/T2 quality then you will want to try to get those better stats. The best stats are..
(T1) Blazing Chondritic *helmet name* = 770 Main Stat + 464 End
(T2) Celestial Chondritic *helmet name* = 854 Main Stat + 464 End

For the Belts, its the same process.. just stick anything on it when you are replacing it a lot.. then when you hit T1 or T2 quality, try to get the best in slot stats..
(T1) Cinderhide Belt of the *suffix* – Upgraded IROTP belt
= 585 Main Stat + 318 End
(T2) Thunderhide Belt of the *suffix* – Upgraded BoS belt
= 721 Main Stat + 391 End

Dungeons and Raids - Tiers of Gear

As you progress through the different content the gear that you loot will improve.
When you have looted enough gear from one Tier of content then you will have the stats and HIT to participate in the next Tier of content.
You will find the HIT stat only on certain gear pieces; Helm, chest, gloves, legs, neck and all weapons.
Trying to do higher Tier content without the correct level of HIT will severely lower your DPS.
Gear is important, but the Spec you play and how well you play it is also very important! Even the best geared player wont get decent DPS if they are playing the wrong spec. Use a DPS meter to check your DPS, make sure you keep an eye on the RIFT forums for new/better specs. Watch other people playing too, if you see another player of the same class and gear level with much higher DPS then ask them which spec they are using!
If you are tanking or healing then the same applies, a tank needs to have decent enough gear to be able to survive being hit by the boss along with enough knowledge of their spec to keep agro! A healer needs to have intimate knowledge of all those spells and abilities that will save the lives of their fellow players.
Hint for NA players: You may notice 70 chat is very quiet! On EU, 70 chat is used for most PUG group forming, but on NA there is a separate player created channel for this. Type ‘/join crossevents’ this puts you in the right channel to find all your PUG groups.

World/Quest Gear

The best quest gear in the game at the moment is from the Vostigar Peaks questline. This quest gear will give you enough stats to get into dungeons or TDEM when you add it to the first stage Eternal Weapon and your crafted helm and ranged weapon.
You can also buy world gear from the RIFT store using Celestial Remnants, though there really is no need to! Its best to save that currency for other things.
World/Quest gear has 250 HIT

Expert Dungeon Gear

Once you have 2000 HIT you can join Expert Dungeons. Dungeon gear has better stats than the World/Quest gear.
Dungeons will ‘require’ around 250-400k DPS.
When you run Expert Dungeons you will earn Tower Fragments, you should save these to buy planar fragment boxes from the store.
Some of the Dungeon Gear has ‘Active Upgrades’. Each gear piece has a different requirement to complete before you can upgrade it. ALT+Click the gear piece to see what the requirement is.
Expert Dungeon gear has 250 HIT

As long as your DPS is high enough you can pretty much skip the dungeon phase and go straight into TDEM runs, be aware though that you will need to run 25 dungeons during your eternal weapon upgrade path.

LFR Gear

LFR also requires 2000 HIT to join. LFR Gear has better stats than Dungeon gear.
The LFR Raid is called Tartaric Depths. It is an easier version of the T1 Raid with the same name.
It is often described in chat as TDEZ, TDEM or just LFR.
TDEM will ‘require’ around 300-500k DPS
Most LFR Raid Groups are formed using the public chat channels, very few players use the actual LFR queuing system.
You will earn small amounts of Ethereal Shards, which you can use to buy missing gear pieces from the store, or save towards T1 gear pieces.
You will also loot Tenebrean Engines which are used to upgrade gear, you should save these for the T1 gear.
However most people are farming TDEM for the INTEL (currency) that drops from each boss.
The gear that drops has 275 HIT

Challenge Dungeon Gear

The Challenge Dungeon system is brand new (March 2019), with only one dungeon (Enclave of Ahnket) in the queue.
Upgraded Challenge Dungeon gear has better stats than TDEM gear.
Challenge Dungeons will ‘require’ around 400-600k DPS.
The Gear has ‘Active Upgrades’. Each gear piece has a different requirement to complete before you can upgrade it. ALT+Click the gear piece to see what the requirement is.
Challenge Dungeon gear has 275 HIT

The gear from Enclave of Ahnket drops with Runes attached to it. You can see a list of these runes on the Enclave of Ahnket guide.
You should remove those Runes using a Rune Unsocketing Apparatus (you get one free on the second day of each month). These Runes are Best in Slot and should be saved til you have Best in Slot gear to put them on! DO NOT upgrade the Enclave gear with a rune still attached to it as you will lose the rune.

T1 Raid Gear

Tier 1 Raids require 2200 HIT.
There are 2 Tier 1 raids, TDNM (Tartaric Depths Normal Mode) and IROTP (Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix).
IROTP is considered to be the much easier raid of the two, with PUG groups easily completing it. You will want at least 500k DPS.
TDNM is considered to be a form of torture and is avoided at all costs. You will want at least 650k DPS.
You will earn large amounts of Ethereal Shards which you can use to buy the T1 gear from the store to fill out your gaps.
You will also loot Tenebrean Engines which are used to upgrade gear.
T1 gear has 300 HIT

T2 Raid Gear

Tier 2 raids require 2400 HIT.
The T2 Raid is called Bastion of Steel.
This is currently the top Tier Raid, the DPS requirement will vary depending on your guild, but most PUGs will ask for around 1million DPS.
The bosses drop various gear items as well as Storm Cells which are used to upgrade the gear.
You will earn Legion Datagrams which you can use to buy missing gear from the store.
T2 gear has 325 HIT

Gear Suffixes

Raid gear all has a Suffix (thats the words at the end of the name of the gear item). The suffix will tell you how the stats are weighed out across the item, the stats are your classes main stat, off stat and endurance. Items with highest main stat are best for Dps, while items with more endurance are good for tanking, the suffixes tell you where in the scale your item falls..

TANK << Preserver < Hero < Vindicator > Conqueror > Overlord >> DPS

So a main tank will want to try to find as many gear pieces as possible with a Preserver suffix, whereas a DPS will want pieces with an Overlord suffix. As you start collecting gear you will have a wise range of all the different suffixes, then you will start to replace them with suffixes that lean more towards your desired role.
A player that plays both tank and DPS roles will unfortunately still need to be collecting 2 sets of gear, along with 2 complete sets of fragments with one set with DPS stats and the other with tank stats.

Content Lock Outs

Dungeons – You can queue for each dungeon specifically once a day, after that you will need to hit the random button (probably best just to stick to random queuing anyways as your queue will pop faster) – You can kill each dungeon boss once a day for free loot, on all subsequent kills you will need to spend IRC to get loot from that boss -You should NOT do that! Dungeon gear is lovely stuff, but no where near as lovely as TDEM gear. Save your IRC for in there!

TDEM can be run again and again and again and again and should be! TDEM drops gear on your first 2 runs of the week, after that you will need to spend IRC to get loot. After you have all the loot you need from TDEM… Keep running it! This is because you are farming TDEM for INTEL… INTEL will drop even if you don’t spend IRC, so you can keep farming it even if you have run out! Some groups will do a full 2 hour run of repeating TDEM (generally around 10 runs in a row), this is so you can get the most out of a currency vial which lasts for 2 hours and will increase your INTEL loot.

Tier 1 Raids both have 3 mini-bosses, these mini-bosses drop T1 quality earrings and rings. Just killing the mini-bosses will not lock you, you can kill them many times a week, each kill after the first will cost you IRC, these were farmed quite heavily on release but the best source of rings/earrings has now changed to the VP boxes so no-one really farms them anymore. So most groups now will just go in to kill the proper bosses of these raids and may kill the mini-bosses as well. Once you have a killed a boss you will be locked to the instance and can complete one run a week.

Tier 2 Raids can be run once a week per character. There is a normal instance lock and no mini-bosses.

World Event Gear

There are a few items of gear where you will find the best in slot item comes from a world event.
There are 4 world events throughout the year.
Carnival of the AscendedSummerfestAutumn HarvestFae Yule
Each of them gives a different best in slot item.

Carnival of the Ascended

Gives a best in slot earring. You can only wear one upgraded carnival earring at a time, so you should also buy a VP earring to wear with it. If you missed the Carnival event then 2 VP earrings will work just as well.


Gives the best in slot Seal.
If you missed Summerfest then you will need to farm for the Seal from Queens Foci. Queens Foci is a single boss in an instance with an expert level difficulty. It is very very easy to do. 
It used to only be open after a successful run of the Xarth Mire event ‘Cracking Xarth’s Skull’ but it is now available to run all the time.
You will find the Special Mages of Alittu Quartermaster in Xarth Mire near the Camp Quagmire portal at /setwaypoint 4788 4530
From here you can the Seal and the Upgrade Component.

These are bought with Fortress Tokens. Fortress tokens are earned by…
Completing a Cracking Xarth’s Skull zone event – 1 per event
Queens Foci boss kill – 1 per event (costs 5 IRC after the first kill each week)
Completing the Queens Foci weekly ‘Clear the Forest – 5 tokens – This weekly is picked up from the NPC right next to the quartermaster in Camp Quagmire.

Autumn Harvest

Gives a necklace. Although this one isnt really best in slot, the VP necklace is better, but only when it is upgraded. The VP necklace costs a Storm Cell to upgrade, so you may be better off wearing the Autumn Harvest Neck til you have a stormcell spare to upgrade the VP neck.

Fae Yule

Gives the best in slot Cape.
If you missed Fae Yule then you next best cape will be the T1 cape that drops form the first boss in TDNM.
There is also a sparkle quest from Fae Yule that awards a random piece of T2 gear. Info here.

Basic Consumables For Raids

When Participating in Raids you should at least bring along the very basic raid consumables.


Weaponstones are added to your weapons as an extra buff that lasts for 4 hours.

Physical Class – DPS/Heal – One Handed Weapon – Atramentium Whetstone
Made by Weaponsmith – Increases Attack Power by 1000 For 4 hours
Physical Class – DPS/Heal – Two Handed Weapon – Atramentium Oilstone
Made by Weaponsmith – Increases Attack Power by 2000 For 4 hours

Magical Class – DPS/Heal – One and Two Handed Weapons – Faetouched Powerstone
Made by Artificer- Increases Spell Power by 2000 For 4 hours


Vials are consumed to give you extra stats for an hour. Be sure to reapply them during your raid when they run out.

Physical Class – DPS/Heal – Prophetic Powersurge Vial
Increases Strenth and Dexterity by 1400 for 1 hour

Magical Class – DPS/Heal – Prophetic Brightsurge Vial
Increases Intelligence and Wisdom by 1400 for 1 hour

All Classes – Tank – Prophetic Enduring Vial
Increases Endurance by 1400 for 1 hour


The Feast is placed on the ground for everyone to eat. The buff from the feast lasts 40 minutes. Be sure to eat another feast before the buff wears off

All Classes – All Roles – Gedlo Curry Pot
Increases either Spell Power or Attack Power by 900, Crit Power by 300 and Max Health by 11,000


Staying out the bad is much easier with extra speed.

All Classes – All Roles – Tuath’de Insoles
Increases runspeed by 10% for 4 hours