Ember Isle

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Ember Isle

Emerald Enigma

Route to the Puzzle

Go to Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 12822 3857
Here you will find a square plaque tucked into the corner of the wall. Clicking the plaque will teleport you up to the puzzle area.

The Puzzle

The puzzle is on a circular platform on one of the towers.

There are 2 levels to the puzzle, the first platform that you land on, and then a second similar platform that you teleport to once the first platform is completed.

The aim of the puzzle is to switch on all 8 small orbs in the middle

There is a quarter circle of green orbs that indicate how many moves you have left.
There are 4 large sparkly orbs that act as switches.
And 8 small orbs around the middle which will turn on or off depending which large orb you click on.


Position your character so you are facing north on your mini-map.
You should see the plaque to the north west and the quarter circle of lights to the south east.

To light up all the inner lights, start by clicking the WEST ORB, then the SOUTH ORB then keep alternating between the two until all the lights light up

When they are all lit up a new plaque will appear in the middle of the platform.

Clicking the plaque will take you up to platform two.


Platform two is almost the same as platform one.
Position your self so you are facing north, but ever so slightly to the east.
The plaque should be to your north east and the quarter circle of lights to your south west.

This time you will need to start by clicking the NORTH ORB and then the EAST ORB and alternate between the two.

When you have lit up all the orbs a reward chest will appear in the centre of the circle.
When you loot this chest the cheevo for the puzzle will pop and you will receive a loot bag.
Inside the loot bag is the companion pet called Bernie.