Creating full and proper guides to every raid is on my To-Do list!
In the meantime, I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of links to other sites that already have raid guides on them.
Some of these sites are no longer ‘Live’, so I have linked to the archive version.

Raid LevelRaid GuideGuide on *Site name*
50Greenscale’s Blight Guide on Fanbyte
50River of Souls Guide on endgameguides
50Gilded Prophecy Guide on Telarapedia
50Drowned Halls Guide on Telarapedia
50Rise of the Phoenix Guide on endgameguides
50Infernal Dawn Guide on endgameguides
50Primeval Feast Guide on MMORPG
60Intrepid: Drowned Halls Guide on Riftgrate
60Triumph of the Dragon Queen Guide on RiftRaidGuides
60Endless Guide 
60Frozen Tempest Guide on RiftRaidGuides
60Grim Awakening Guide on RiftRaidGuides
60Planebreaker Guide 
60Infinity Gate Guide on Apotheosys
60Bindings of Blood Guide on Apotheosys
65The Rhen of Fate Guide on RiftRaids
65Mount Sharax Guide on RiftRaids
65Tyrant’s Forge Guide on RiftRaids
65Hammerknell Fortress Guide on RiftRaids
65Intrepid: Gilded Prophecy Guide on RiftRaids
65The Mind of Madness Guide on RiftRaids
65The Comet of Ahnket Guide on RiftRaids
70The Queen’s Foci Guide on Rift Forums
70Tartaric Depths Easy Mode Guide on Rift Forums
70Tartaric Depths Normal Mode Guide on Rift Forums
70Intrepid: Rise of the Phoenix Guide on guidesforrift
70The Bastion of Guide 

You can find a full list of Raid Entrance locations here.

You can find full Dungeon Guides here.

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