Fae Yule


Fae Yule will run from 13th December to 10th January.


The Fae Yule world event in rift is a celebration of the Winter Season and CHRISTMAS!!!

As with all world events, I strongly suggest running all the weekly quests on your alts to get a good stock of currency to buy all the things.

The weekly quests during Fae Yule are all very easy quests, even for very low level alts!

There are daily quests to do to increase your reserves of Unique Snowflakes.

Killing anything Planar related will also earn you Snowflakes which you can use to buy pretty things.

You can find many beautiful items in the rift store to buy with all the currency you earn.

Winter themed costume items are also available to purchase, see the wardrobe page for details.

Fae Yule has 245 cheevo points linked to it, you can find guides for these on the cheevo page.


The currency for Fae Yule is ‘Dark Icicles’ and ‘Unique Snowflakes’

These currencies are earned by doing a variety of daily and weekly quests.
You will be able to earn 10 dark icicles every week by doing the weekly quest (a total of 30 during the whole event) along with loads of snowflakes from the various other quests and from killing planar mobs in open world. Your usual token boosts will also boost your snowflake gain; patron, vials, treasure map etc. Token boosts do not work on dark icicles.

The weekly quest changes each phase on Thursday at 15:30PM server time. If you miss a week, you will unable to collect the missed quest, so try to get it done every week! (Bear in mind the event has 3 phases even tho it lasts for 4 weeks, the first 3 weeks will bring a new weekly, the final week is just for catching up).

Dark Icicles can also be earned from the special Fae Yule 4 hour minion quests, these are a random and very rare drop and should not be entirely relied upon for the farm! You do not need to buy any of the event minions to make these adventures start popping.. You will also very rarely receive the current lock box from these minion adventures.
Mostly you will receive snowflakes, costume unlocks, dimension items, festive food and the occasional pet.

I highly recommend you do the weekly on as many alts as possible and as many of the dailies as you feel up to! This will allow you to buy all the things you want/need from the shop. A lot of the shop items are either region wide unlocks (in the case of costume items) or are bound to account so you can buy from alts and send to your main. 

Unique Snowflakes are tradeable between your characters on the same shard. This means you can use your main char to farm snowflakes and then send the required amount to your alts for shopping purposes.
Go to the vendor ‘Aleatoria Sendang in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12975 11460
On lower level alts who may not have opened up Tempest Bay yet you can find a <Planar Vouchers> vendor in…
Sanctum: /setwaypoint 7463 3007 – In the ground floor of the Sanctum tower to the left as you exit the portal.
Meridian: /setwaypoint 5942 5276 – In the college of planar studies.
Here you can swap your Unique Snowflakes for tradeable token boxes that you then post to your alts for them to open.


The main way to farm snowflakes is simply by joining in with as many zone events/rifts as possible! Considering you will likely be farming for the Fae Sparkle Quest, you will likely be farming loads of zone events anyway, so your snowflake stocks should soon be overflowing.
However, a few days of tagging every zone event can soon get either boring or overwhelming.. You will be glad to hear there are also many other ways to gain snowflakes.
Remember that snowflakes can be traded between characters, so you may want to allocate an alt (or two) for snowflake farming and pop a token vial on those characters, then you can take breaks when you need to.. I suggest you figure out which snowflake farming activity will net you the most snowflakes while being most fun for you! But a simple thing to do with these token vial alts is to simply log them, do all the dailies as quickly as you can then log off til the next day.
In this part of the guide I will describe all the ‘other’ activities you can do to farm snowflakes. You will also earn snowflakes from the daily quests (see quest guide).



While in Mathosian zones, every so often a load of Christmas trees will appear on the map.. This is not a proper zone event and wont appear on event trackers such as YARET.
There will however be an announcement in chat as long as you are in the zone when the trees appear..

When you go to the trees you will find they are surrounded by collectable presents. Each present will give you one snowflake, you will get around 20-30 snowflakes from each tree. Simply start picking them up, then circle around the tree grabbing them all, when you reach the start point again they will all start respawning, you can keep circling and collecting til the tree disappears, then move on to the next one 🙂


In Iron Pine Peak is a sledding track! You can pick up a repeatable quest and go down the sled track over and over again to farm snowflakes. Depending on your speed (i.e. ability to stay on the track!) this may be the fastest way for you to farm snowflakes.
There is a portal in Meridian and Sanctum that will take you to the correct spot, or you can just go there yourself in Iron Pine Peak to /setwaypoint 3595 1924

Meridian - /setwaypoint 6169 5224
Sanctum - /setwaypoint 7426 3140

Just outside the portal in your main city is a questgiver that will give you a quest to speak to the sledding questgiver in Iron Pine Peak.. simply go through the portal and hand the quest in!

Once you are through the portal you can speak with Merry who will give you the 2 repeatable quests..

sled slalom
snowmen snowpocalypse

Next to the questgiver is a square platform, moving onto this platform will launch you up to the starting platform.

Once on the platform you can grab a sled and start making your way down the track. To complete both the quests in one run, you will need to hit at least 10 snowmen and go through all the flagged gates.
The controls while on the sled are very simple, press forward to go, stop pressing forward to stop.. However, you will be going VERY fast, you may need to backtrack a bit if you miss flags!
At the end of the track is a ramp, when you go up it you will be launched into the air through rings, hitting each ring gives you an additional snowflake.


Opening Jingling Bells.

You will likely earn LOADS of jingling bells during the Fae Yule event.
They are looted as rewards from the daily quests, but also randomly from zone events.
Each jingling bell will contain between 1 and 5 snowflakes plus bonuses.
They will also randomly drop Fae Yule food, costume skins, dimension items, pets and the snowmen needed for the snowman cheevo.

You can also receive random mails from a Secret Santa (These are NPC generated, not from other players in the game).

These Fae Yule gift boxes contain the same sort of selection of items as the jingling bells.