Storm Legion

Getting to Storm Legion zones

When your character reaches level 48 you will receive a mail in the post from a Lycini Envoy. The mail is the same for Guardians and Defiants.

You can choose to finish off the Mathosian zones, or go straight to Storm Legion at level 48 and start questing there.

The item ‘Strategic Overview of Brevane and Dusken’ should be collected from the mail and then right clicked to start the quest.

The quest will ask you to speak to an NPC near the portal in Sanctum or Meridian. This NPC will offer to teleport you to the Storm Legion lands, you can choose between Brevane or Dusken. It does not matter which you choose first, Brevane and Dusken both start with a level 50-52 zone. I recommend you choose one of them, go do the first zone on that continent and then come back to Hunel Pudillo to be teleported to the other continent and do the first zone there too.

Storm Legion quests are mostly the same for Guardians and Defiants so each Storm Legion zone has only one page per zone, with quests for a specific faction clearly marked as Defiant or Guardian only.

After you have finished in the Brevane and Dusken continents, you may want to go to the level 60 underwater quest area in Ember Isle. You can find the guide for this small zone on this page.

Note: If you have lost the letter then you can just go straight to the NPC near the Sanctum/Meridian portal and teleport to Brevane or Dusken to pick up the first quests, as long as you are over level 48.

Storm Legion

The quest is picked up from ‘Strategic Overview of Brevane and Dusken’ collected from your mail after you reach level 48

Speak with The Lycini Ambassador, Hunel Pudillo

Defiants will find Hunel Pudillo just in front of the Meridian Porticulum at
/setwaypoint 6140 5187

Guardians will find Hunel Pudillo to the left of the Sanctum Porticulum at
/setwaypoint 7454 3059

Right click Hunel Pudillo to talk with him, you can then choose if you wish to go to Brevane or Dusken.

You will be ported straight to a Porticulum in Cape Jule (Brevane) or Pelladane (Dusken).

You can hand in the quest to the Porticulum master.

Note: This quest does not count towards the zone quests cheevo for either zone.

Amount of Quests per zone

Storm Legion ZonesZone LevelAmount of Quests
Cape Jule50-5252
City Core52-5337
Eastern Holdings54-5678
Ardent Domain57-5850
The Dendrome6076
Ember Isle Underwater6028
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