Using the PTS


PTS stands for ‘PlayTest Shard’, it is a completely separate ‘cluster’ that has 2 shards, alpha and omega, these shards are uploaded with the newest unreleased content for testing purposes. Generally the omega shard is only open when cross shard features need testing.
The PTS is open to every player, you can use it to test or try out upcoming content, or to test things on your own character for your own purposes, for instance if you need to spend currency on something and you want to test the results first before committing to the purchase on the live shards.
ANYTHING you do on PTS will not be transferred to live shards.

CREDITS – credit purchases ‘should’ be disabled on the PTS this is to ensure you don’t accidentally spend credits while you are over there! Keep those precious green diamonds for the live shards peeps!


The PTS downloads an entirely separate version of the game on to your computer, so first make sure you have space for it – around 25GB.
To start the PTS download, open up glyph, in the top right corner is a drop down menu with the 3 clusters listed, europe, north america and PTS

Select PTS and you will able to press download, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND waiting for the full download to finish before starting up the game.

When your download has finished you will be able to hit play and you will find yourself on the alpha shard with no characters. If you want to, you can create a new character on this shard, however, it is much easier to just copy one of your current characters from the live shards.


When you copy a character to the PTS, it takes a snapshot of your characters current ‘condition’ all currency, gear and items in your bags and bank will be copied.
When you log that character on the PTS, you will be able to spend currency, delete or gain items, change your characters appearance, do quests and achievements, NONE of these things will effect your live character in any way. When you log back onto live shards, your character will be exactly as it was before you copied and you will be able to play that character normally.

Firstly you will need to ensure you have no items in your mail-box or listed auctions and that you have space for your char in the PTS
On the character selection screen there is a menu along the bottom of the screen, select ‘transfer’ from that menu..

This will open up the character transfer screen, in the bottom right of that screen is the copy to PTS button..

This will bring up a few warning messages, one to tell you that you wont be in a guild on PTS, another to tell you your dimension recommendations will be lost and then another (if you have a char on the PTS with the same name) to tell you that you will need to choose a new name. Click OK on all of these. You will then need to type ‘copy’ into the box to complete the copy.
When you next play on the PTS, the copy of that character will be available to play.


Just keep transfering the same character over and over again and send all the plats to one main character on the PTS.
I will thicken out this guide soon!


Info about the special vendors – coming soon!