• There are many ways to gain Loyalty in RIFT, such as buying credits, spending credits, using REX, subscribing, and Buying Power Packs.
  • Each Credit you gain will give 2 Loyalty, each Credit you spend will also give 2 Loyalty, and you will receive 7,000 Loyalty for each month you subscribe.
  • Increasing your loyalty score will reward you with various items and perks/boosts.
  • All items that you earn will be soulbound to the character you collect it on.
  • Items are collected from the top right corner of the main page of the Rift Store.
  • Another way to earn the loyalty is to buy ‘Orb of Loyalty’, ‘Shard of Loyalty’, or ‘Fragment of Loyalty’ from the Auction House. This is a slow route, but these bits of Loyalty are generally below 5k, so you can buy them even with the plat restriction. Ask in public chats if players have any for sale if you see none on the Auction House!
The Numbers

Each Tier of Loyalty will start again at zero, so the amount of loyalty required to hit max is more than it seems! See the table to the right >>

REX and Gifting
  • Purchasing REX via plat or real money will not gain you any loyalty.
  • You must consume the REX to get the ‘Credit gain’ portion of loyalty. You get 2,500 Loyalty for consuming the REX.
  • When Gifting, the Gifter (person gifting the item) gets the ‘Credit/Money spend’ portion of loyalty. The person receiving the gift will not receive any loyalty. The exception is when buying Power Packs that include a ‘Cache of Loyalty’, in this instance the person receiving the gift will have the cache credit their own loyalty amount.
TierLoyalty for this TierLoyalty Total
Green Tier30,00030,000
Blue Tier90,000120,000
Purple Tier180,000300,000
Orange Tier600,000900,000
Red Tier1,200,0002,100,000
Black Tier2,800,0004,900,000
Silver Tier4,100,0009,000,000

Silver Tier

Black Tier

Red Tier

Orange Tier

Purple Tier

Blue Tier

Green Tier

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