The Dendrome Puzzles

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > The Dendrome

To Die For


As with all Storm Legion puzzles you need to complete an artifact set before you can start.
For the Dendrome puzzle you need to complete the artifact set called Snake Eyes.

This is a level 60 artifact set, you can find all these artifacts while hunting in Dendrome. They are normal white artifacts.
If you have completed the cheevo ‘it goes to eleven’ then you can access a vendor by clicking any of the Henges who will sell you the artifacts.. However the artifacts are very expensive from this vendor, you are much better off doing a couple of artifact hunting runs in Dendrome and then finishing off the set using the auction house.

When you hand in the artifact set you will be given a collection of pages from Snake Eyes.

Visit omi in Tempest Bay canals at /setwaypoint 12756 11719
She will tell you that to buy the full book you will need 10 glowing rootballs.

You can farm these rootballs in The Dendrome.
Go to Hailol at /setwaypoint 3947 5436 here you will find a stage area. Speak to Mitch to start a show!

The shows are awesome.. They are replays of the main storylines through Rift.. Done with balloon puppets…
Each play lasts 2-5 mins and you will be awarded a glowing rootball for each show.
Every person in the audience area will get a rootball, even if they didn’t activate the play.
Simply speak to Mitch again and watch 10 shows total to get your 10 rootballs.
Then you can go back to Omi in Tempest Bay canals /setwaypoint 12756 11719 and buy the full book.
Right click the book to collect it.

The storm legion puzzle books are all listed at the top of your book collection on your character screen. You can easily check which books you have.

The book you need for the Dendrome puzzle is ‘Snake Eyes’.
Once you have collected it you can then go to the puzzle location to complete the puzzle.

If you go to the puzzle location and cannot interact with the puzzle then its likely because you haven’t collected this book.

Go through the steps above tyo find out which bit you are on and then continue from that point til you have the book in your collection.

The Dendrome Puzzle

Go to the Achyati Village portal and head to /setwaypoint 4111 4453
Follow the crest of the hill to /setwaypoint 4402 4248
Here you will find the puzzle

Your first job is to get up to the square platform at the top of the puzzle.
You need to jump from the overhanging platform to the right of the platform.
This jump is very easy with one of the jumping mounts, such as Opie or the Jetpack. Simply use the targeted jump ability and aim for the top platform.
If you don’t have one of the jump mounts you will need a mount with at least 150% speed and some riding chaps.
You need to push the space bar to jump right at the very edge of the platform, this took quite a few attempts but it is do-able!

Once up on the square platform you will notice there is an incomplete pillar of dice, there is also a larger dice behind the pillar with 4 blue orbs. These orbs are your controls for the puzzle.

The orbs must be clicked in the order 2,4,2,6,5,4,6,3,1,2,4
When you click the orb next to the number 2, there will be a ‘rolling die’ cast bar and the numbers on the dice will change position, the tower will also fill up with more dice. You then need to find the orb with the number 4 next to it and click that, then find the new number 2 and click that and so on in the right order.
Check the 3 numbers you are able to see and if it isn’t those then click the orb for the number you cant see cos its at the back of the dice.
Once you have clicked the orbs in the correct sequence the dice tower will be completed. The lever on the platform will sparkle and you need to click it to finish the puzzle. Then simply drop down and loot the chest.


When you complete the puzzle you will receive a small bag of treasure.
It contains a bit of plat, some level 50 gear and 2 dice dimension items.