City Core Puzzles

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City Knights


As with all Storm Legion puzzles you need to complete an artifact set before you can start.
For the City Core puzzle you need to complete the artifact set called ‘A Knight’s Tour’.

This is a level 60 artifact set, you can find all these artifacts while hunting in City Core. They are normal white artifacts.
If you have completed the cheevo ‘it goes to eleven’ then you can access a vendor by clicking any of the Henges who will sell you the artifacts.. However the artifacts are very expensive from this vendor, you are much better off doing a couple of artifact hunting runs in City Core and then finishing off the set using the auction house.

When you hand in the artifact set you will be given a collection of pages from A Knight’s Tour.

Visit omi in Tempest Bay canals at /setwaypoint 12756 11719
She will tell you that to buy the full book you will need 5 magic sheep droppings.

You need to farm the sheep droppings in Pelladane.
Head over to pelladane to /setwaypoint 7831 5377
Here you will find a poor farmer who has lost all his sheep! He has a daily quest for you to collect up his lost sheep.
Unlike most daily quests you don’t need to finish the storyline in Pelladane before you can pick it up, so don’t worry if you havn’t done the quest line here yet.
When you pick up the quest you will be given a reactive..

I recommend you drag this reactive down to your cast bar where it will be easily accessible.
Also, make yourself a very simple macro /target lost

To get a sheeps dropping you will need to complete the quest in one go, meaning you will need to find all 10 lambs and bring them all back. You need to do this quickly as you can only have a lamb following you for a few minutes. You CANNOT change shard while collecting lambs, you will lose all your lambs when you switch. When you have 10 lambs you hand in the quest AT THE BARN not at the questgiver! The barn is at /setwaypoint 7771 5396 it will help to waypoint this before you start. You will not be dismounted while casting the ‘shepard’s collar’ ability, so stay mounted up if you can 🙂

Mount up!!! use your target macro to target the nearest lamb, ride over to it, use the ability, target the next one, go to it, use ability etc, count them til you have 10 then take them straight to the barn for hand in.

Here is a short video of it..

You will notice that just before entering the barn I paused to allow the sheep to catch up, this ensures all 10 enter the barn at the same time so you get the reward. I also collected more than 10 as I picked up a few extras on the way to the barn just in case!
When you have handed in your 10 lambs and claimed your sheeps dropping.. ABANDON THE QUEST!!!
If you hand the quest in your will have to wait til the next day to pick it up again and collect your next dropping. Find the quest in your quest log and abandon it, then you can pick up the quest again and earn another sheeps dropping straight away! Keep repeating and abandoning the quest until you have 5 sheeps droppings.

Then you can go back to Omi in Tempest Bay canals /setwaypoint 12756 11719 and buy the full book.
Right click the book to collect it.

The storm legion puzzle books are all listed at the top of your book collection on your character screen. You can easily check which books you have.

The book you need for the City Core puzzle is ‘A Knight’s Tour’.

Once you have collected it you can then go to the puzzle location to complete the puzzle.

If you go to the puzzle location and cannot interact with the puzzle then its likely because you haven’t collected this book.

Go through the steps above to find out which bit you are on and then continue from that point til you have the book in your collection.

The City Core Puzzle

Take the Miran Gate portal into City Core and find the large vine at /setwaypoint 6973 10036
Follow it all the way til you are at the top at /setwaypoint 6911 9997
From here it is a pretty easy jump onto the top of the building next to you (on your right).
Travel along the roof to the tower at /setwaypoint 6999 9773
In the tower is a knights chess piece to click. This is the teleport to the puzzle area.
You can also just drop down to the roof below.


The puzzle area contains a 6×6 game board with a singular knight chess piece on it and a ‘control panel’ with a large knight in the centre and 8 smaller knights around it to represent direction of movement.

The aim of the puzzle is to turn all the red squares white. Each time you move the knight onto a square it will change colour, from red to green to blue to white. You need to hit each square 3 times in order to make it white. If you land on it a 4th time it will go back to red.
The knight can only be moved the way a normal knight chess piece can be moved, in a 2×3 L shape.. like this..


I will explain the solution in 2 different ways. And as usual there is a video at the end!
If you make a mistake, clicking the very large knight to the right will teleport you back down and then reclicking the teleport will bring you back to a reset puzzle.
When you have turned all the squares white, the chest will sparkle and you can loot it.
The chest is behind you to the right up against a giant chess piece /setwaypoint 6978 9754


You need to move the knight in a set pattern and repeat the pattern 3 times.
The pattern is….


Here I have labelled up the controls..

Click the controls in this order (I have split the numbers into groups of 4 to make it easier to keep track)
8176 — 5416 — 3218 — 5357 — 6182 — 3685 — 4327 — 8742 — 2553
Repeat 3 times

Here are the numbers again, but split up further and coloured.








When you complete the puzzle you will receive a small bag of treasure.
It contains a bit of plat, some level 50 gear and a large knight dimension item.