Little snippets of lore.

Book collecting is a thankless task, there are no cheevos or rewards to gain here. However many players enjoy reading the lore and insight that the books provide. Some books will even give hints for puzzle progression!
Books can only be collected once. You wont be able to trade them with other players or even send them to your alts. They are soulbound when you pick them up, except in very rare cases, like the BTA minion reward books.

There are a few points to note while collecting..

  • Most books that are placed in zones will require you to complete some of the quests in that zone before you can pick up the book.
  • The books you are able to collect will depend on your faction. There are 3 books that only Defiants of a certain race can pick up.
  • Most books can be collected by both factions, however some areas may be more dagerous for Defiants or Guardians. There is often another, safer, location to grab the book.
  • To read the Unstable books, you need to be stood in certain locations, sometimes at certain times of day! This is all explained on this page.
  • If someone else has just grabbed a book then you will need to wait a few seconds for it to go sparkly again.
  • When you open your book inventory, you will notice that the first few books will be from the Storm Legion puzzles, then there are a few random books, and then the rest of the books are in alphabetical order below. There is no way to change or sort this!
Check List

To help with your collection you can use the spreadsheet to the right.
Select inside the sheet and press ctrl+a to highlight it, then copy/paste it into a spreadsheet program of your choice. You can now tick off each book as you find them.

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