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Seasonal Work, Now Silent Night, Stocking Stuffers, Naughty, Definitely Naughty, Sled Race 2000, Making a List, Checking it Twice and Things That go Bump in the Night

Artifacts: Inappropriate Gifts and Sometimes the thought is not all that counts

Stuff to Buy or Loot: Winter Spirit and A Quick Nap, Snowmancer, Snow Puppet Master, 25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights, The Nightmare Before Fae Yule, Fae Yule Feasting, For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls and Fae Yule Grand Cape.

PVP: You Shouldn’t Have… No, Really, You Shouldn’t Have, A Wintery Winning Wonderland, Victory: The Gift That Keeps on Giving, He Know When You’ve Been Naughty, You are on my list and A Bloody Fae Yule.

Items to note: Touch of the Storm, New Year fireworks and Dimensional Overkill.

2021: There are no new cheevos added this year

Seasonal Work

Complete 20 Fae Yule daily quests.

Now Silent Night

Complete the Fae Yule zone event ‘There Arose Such a Clatter’.
You can use a zone event tracker such as YARET to see when the event is active.
The event you need is called ‘There Arose Such a Clatter’ .. shown here on yaret as running in Silverwood.
Special world event zone events like this one show up in green writing.

Simply go to the zone and complete the objectives..

Then the boss ‘Yulelogon’ will appear! He is an awesome boss! enjoy killing him 🙂
You do not need to mentor down to get the cheevo, but if there are other people helping with the event then you should mentor down for the boss to ensure everyone has a chance to get credit.

Stocking Stuffers

Loot Fae Yule themed objects around the world of Telara. The objects are scattered around most of the major cities in Mathosia and Storm Legion zones. They can be wrapped Holiday Gifts, Mugs of Wassail, Candy Canes, Holiday Candles, Mistletoe and other festive items. The items DO NOT SPARKLE so you will need to have a keen eye to find them!
There are many more spots in Mathosia zones than in Storm Legion so its best to stick to the Mathosian cities.
Picking these items up will morph your character into a festive form and you will loot a Unique Snowflake. There is also a chance of looting the holiday snowmen needed for the Snowmancer cheevo.

Remember to switch shard when you find one to check the same location on all the shards.

Locations include….

Holiday Gift in Lantern Hook, Droughtlands
/setwaypoint 7662 6262

Holiday Gift in Whitefall, Iron Pine Peak
/setwaypoint 3720 1707

Holiday Gift in Tulan, Cape Jule /setwaypoint 8433 11906

Mug of Wassail in K’Rom’s Fortress, Ashora
/setwaypoint 2967 6761

Candy Cane in Scarwood Lift Base, Scarlet gorge
/setwaypoint 4596 4393

Holiday Candle and Candycane in Granite Falls, Stonefield
/setwaypoint 5011 4955

Mug of Wassail in Granite Falls, Stonefield
/setwaypoint 4925 5036

Mistletoe in Gloamwood Pines, Gloamwood
/setwaypoint 5266 3193

There is a very long list of item locations on this Magelo page.

Naughty, Definitely Naughty

Burn lumps of coal in Greatfather Frost’s hearth.
You can receive lumps of coal from losing the Fae Yule Whitefall PVP matches.
You can also loot them from the gifts found under the christmas trees spread throughout the zones, you can find more information about the trees on the main page of the Fae Yule guide.
Farming them from the trees is probably the easiest way to get 10 of them.
Once you have your 10 lumps of coal you need to go to greatfather Frosts hut and burn them in the hearth.
You will find these huts dotted around the main quest hubs in mathosia, but you can also find them just outside sanctum or meridian.
The hearth is inside the hut, simply go into the hut and right click the hearth to burn your coal.
For each lump of coal burned you will receive between 1 and 3 snowflakes and a chance of the Fae Yule food.

Just outside Meridian at /setwaypoint 6399 5211

Just outside Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7176 3044

Sled Race 2000

Run over snowmen while sledding.
The sledding takes place in Iron Pine Peak, you can find a guide to the sledding quest on the main page of the Fae Yule guide.

Making a List, Checking it Twice

Meta cheevo for 7 other cheevos.
The reward for this cheevo is a title called ‘the caroler’ and 100k PA-XP.

Things That go Bump in the Night

Complete 30 Seasonal Instant Adventures in Iron Pine Peak.

Press [ . ] to open up the instant adventure menu and select the Fae Yule in Iron Pine adventures.

You will loot Jingling bells and snowflakes during the adventures as well as small chances of additional loot.

2019-12-14 (37)


2 cheevos total.

Artifacts are picked up during the special events ‘Fae Yule Gifts’.

These artifacts are small packages/gifts around the zones that you need to pick up.
They are much bigger than normal artifacts, but they dont sparkle like a normal artifact does.

The artifact sets are distributed randomly throughout the zones, you wont find specific sets in a specific zone.

Inappropriate Gifts

Collect all of the Fae Yule artifact sets related to gifts among the dragon cults.

Sometimes the Thought is Not All That Counts

Collect the listed Fae Yule artifact sets.

Stuff to Buy or Loot

9 cheevos total.

You should resist your temptation and do your shopping towards the end of the event, as some of these items will drop during various Fae Yule activities, you will end up with duplicates of most of them!

Winter Spirit and A Quick Nap

Buy ‘Minion Card: Mr. Quackers’ and ‘Minion Card: Leah the Cool’ then level them both up to level 15 to receive ‘Minion Card: Frosty Paws’
You will also be rewarded with the title ‘Winter Spirit’, this is a Prefix that goes in the front of your name.


Collect and use all of the snowmen from Fae Yule. You will loot these snowmen from Jingling bells, Minion missions, the special instant adventures and from picking up the festive objects from the cities.
When you have looted the correct snowman simple right it to build your snowman and tick off the cheevo. Once it is bound to your character you can keep it forever and build a snowman whenever you want!
The snowmen are tradeable before they are used so check the auction house for your missing ones!
The Satyr and Boglings ones are pretty rare so you will want to sell your extras if you happen to loot more than one!

Satyr Snowman
Bogling Snowman
Holiday Snowman

This cheevo rewards you with the title ‘The Snowmancer’ and the ‘Call of the Snowmancer’ ability.. This is an item that sits in your bags, when you use the item it will make it snow wherever you are! It works in instances and in all the zones.

Snow Puppet Master

Collect all of the puppet pets from Fae Yule minion missions.
These special minion missions only appear in the 4hour deck.
The puppet pets are tradeable so you can find the ones you are missing from other players or on the auction house.

This cheevo rewards you with the title ‘The Snow Puppeteer’ and a companion pet Puppet: Greatfather Frost.

25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights

Collect and use all of the lights of yule from Fae Yule minion missions.
These special minion missions only appear in the 4hour deck.
The lights are tradeable so you can find the ones you are missing from other players or on the auction house.

The reward for this cheevo is the white light of yule companion pet.

The Nightmare Before Fae Yule

Meta cheevo for the 3 above cheevos.

The reward for this cheevo is the Nightbringer mount.

Fae Yule Feasting

Eat all of the Fae Yule fare listed.
All of these are available to buy in the Rift store, however you will likely loot loads of them during the event from opening jingling bells.
The only one that wont drop from the bells is ‘Alo’s Amazing Honeyed Ham’. You will need to buy this food from the Rift store using 15 snowflakes.

For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls

Collect and summon the following pets from the Rift store or Fae Yule minion missions.

All these pets are available in the Fae Yule store. You will loot some of them for free from the minion adventures, so its best to wait til the end of the event and then just buy the ones you still need (you can use alts to buy them and then send them to your main character). The pets are bound to account when you loot them so you wont be able to buy them from other players.

The reward for this cheevo is the Snow Ki Rin mount.

Fae Yule Grand Cape

Equip the Fae Yule Grand Cape.

Be sure to equip the cape in your characters gear screen not just the wardrobe screen.

You can buy the cape from the Wardrobe section of the Rift store. (open the Rift store, click the Fae Yule tab on the left, then click the wardrobe tab on the left)
It costs 500 snowflakes.

The reward for this cheevo is the title ‘the icy’

PVP - A Very Fae Yule Whitefall

6 cheevos total.

2018-12-16 (2)

All these cheevos are earned inside the special Fae Yule Whitefall PVP matches.
Press [K] to open up the PVP menu and join the ‘A Very Fae Yule Whitefall’.

You Shouldn't Have.. No, Really, You Shouldn't Have!

Receive the ‘Gift’ of a Yule Cake in A Very Fae Yule Whitefall.
At the start of a Fae Yule Whitefall match someone will be gifted with a cake debuff.
They will also be granted an ability to pass the cake around. You need to hope that they do so!
If you are chosen randomly to receive the cake debuff then make sure you click other players and pass it around yourself.
You can try whispering the player with the cake debuff and asking them to pass it to you, or ask in the /say chat.
The person with the cake debuff will be turned into a satyr.

A Wintery Winning Wonderland

Win one A Very Fae Yule Whitefall match.

Victory: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Win five A Very Fae Yule Whitefall matches.

He Knows When You've Been Naughty

Kill Santa Claws and take on his persona!
One player will be randomly chosen and turned into a Santa werewolf! if you kill that player then you will be granted the debuff yourself and the cheevo will pop. You need to get the killing blow on the player for this to work.

You are on My List

Kill 5 players as Santa Claws.
When you have the Santa werewolf debuff, kill 5 other players. This doesnt have to be done in one attempt, in fact it will probably take you a few warfronts to achieve this! While you are the werewolf you will have a 10% extra damage buff which will help you a little during your killing spree!

A Bloody Fae Yule

Meta cheevo for 5 of the above cheevos.

The reward for this cheevo is the title ‘The Frosty’ and a Santa Claws companion pet.

Items to Note

3 items to note.

Touch of the storm

Touch of the storm can be found in the Fae Yule store for 700 snowflakes. Using this item counts as a tick toward the ‘taste the rainbow’ cheevo found on the main page of world events.

New Years Fireworks

An assorted selection of fireworks. Using these fireworks credits the ‘New Years Fireworks’ cheevo, found on the main page of world events.

You will also get fireworks towards the ‘Life of the Party‘ cheevo from Summerfest, you may even loot one of the elusive rainbow fireworks!

You will get A LOT of fireworks from each box!
The loot shown to the right is just from one box!

The Fireworks are tradeable! If you are short on snowflakes then just buy one box and you will end up only needing 2 or 3 which you can buy on the auction house from other players. Make sure to put your spares on the auction house too!

I needed to open 3 boxes to get enough different fireworks for the New Years Fireworks cheevo, this also gave me enough for all the summerfest fireworks except the rainbow one.
I opened 19 boxes before eventually looting a rainbow firework! Your luck may be better than mine, but its probably best to wait til summer for this cheevo as the fireworks are cheaper there. Be aware though that the summer firework boxes do not give out fireworks for the New Years firework cheevo, you can only get these from the Fae Yule event.

Dimensional Overkill

This cheevo is found under Character > Role-Playing
The dimension is found on the Rift Store in the normal dimensions section (not the event section), it can be bought for 40 plat.
Or you can ask a friend for build rights on their Kestrel’s Cry Ravine Dimension to quickly place the snow (or you can use an alts dim if you don’t have it on your main).

The ‘pile of snow’ dimension item drops from the jingling bells caches that you will get from doing dailies during fae yule. It is tradeable, so you may also find it on the auction house or with friends.

You can also buy the pile of snow from a special vendor in Iron Pine Peak at /setwaypoint 3063 1928