Uncle Stan’s Pole & Lure

Uncle Stan’s Pole and Lure is a small hidden ‘questline’
It will require A LOT of fishing to complete!

Once you have your pole and lure you will able to use them to fish up some interesting items!

Previously this was Pets, Minions, a Mount, Costumes and Dimension Items. In 2018 the loot table was changed to focus more on the Dimension Items. The Minions were removed from the loot table, I’m unsure at the moment if Mounts are still available.

So at the bottom of this page I am creating a list of every item I fish up using Stans Lure from september 2018 onwards. Hopefully this will give you a good picture of what rewards are available and if all that fishing is worth it for you!

Fishing with Uncle Stan's Pole

Fishing up your Tackle Box

You will first need to fish up Uncle Stan’s Lost Tackle Box
There are only 2 rules to follow when hunting for this…

  • Your fishing skill needs to be at least level 420
  • Your character needs to be level 62

Everything else is Pure RNG…

  • The Tackle Box can be fished up in the Plane of Water, the Planetouched Wilds and the Celestial Lands (The drop rate does seem to be slightly higher in the Celestial Lands and of course by fishing there you are also fishing up fish you can use for current level crafting)
  • The RNG does not care if you are using a Fishing Lure or not, so please feel free to use them or not use them!
  • The RNG does not care if you are fishing in deep or shallow water – however, I do suggest avoiding schools of fish and sticking to normal open water.

You need to be aware that you may be fishing THOUSANDS of fish up before the Tackle Box drops for you
There are cheevos for the Plane of water and for the Celestial Lands for fishing up 10,000 fish, some players have popped both those cheevos without looting the Tackle Box. There are of course players that have looted the box in their first 100 casts… you just have to hope that RNG is kind to you!

The Questline from the Tackle Box

You will first need to right click your Tackle Box, this will pop the first Quest for you

PICK UP: Right click the Tackle Box you receive when RNG blesses you!
TO COMPLETE: Take Uncle Stan’s Lost Tackle Box to Uncle Stan in Choreburg.

Uncle Stan can be found in Choreburg at /setwaypoint 5914 5552
He will be marked with a quest speech bubble on your map.

Speak to Uncle Stan and hand the quest in.

Quest text for hand in
2018-09-10 (4)
Stan's Dyna-therm Fishin' Pole Recipe

When you hand the quest in you will receive Stan’s Dyna-therm Fishin’ Pole Recipe.

You will need a fishing skill level of at least 450 in order to learn this recipe.

Simply right click the recipe to add it to your recipe book.

Crafting Your Pole

To craft Stan’s Dyna-therm Fishin’ Pole you will need a ‘copy’ of each of the previous poles.
You may have kept each one as you upgraded them, or you may have quite a bit of crafting to do now!
The poles are crafted using your fishing skill. They take a few old mats and also cost quite a lot in vendor mats, around 170plat in total to get everything crafted.

What to do now?

Now that you have your pole… fish with it!
It’s time to pray to those RNG gods again as you now await your second bit of luck.. the recipe for Stans Super Secret Lure.

Stans Super Secret Lure

Although it doesn’t matter which zone you use the lure in, I recommend you use it in the plane of water, and then just keep fishing til you have the 12 Oori Remora and 12 Skygrazer Manta needed to craft the next lure! (Remember you can use a Typical Lure to fish up only those fish)

Crafting a lot of these Lures at once is a bad plan because they don’t stack up in your bags! Each Lure takes one bag slot and they will soon be overflowing!

The lure can only be used once every 6 hours.

The Poles/Lures for Affinity

Lure of the Cosmos can be applied to the Cosmological Fishin’ Pole, it has the same loot table as Stan’s Pole and Lure.

Uncle Stan’s Infra-cell Lure can be applied to Stan’s Infra-cell Fishin’ Pole, it has the same loot table as Stan’s Pole and Lure but loot will lean towards the more rare items.

Both of the lures can be used with Stan’s Dyna-therm Fishin’ Pole.

Loot Table

While using the lure it doesn’t matter which zone/area you fish in, the loot table is all the same.
A list of items i have personally fished up using Stan’s Super Secret Lure.
I started this list in September 2018.
[email protected] is also creating a google doc of all the loot that he gets!

Costume Bundles

All costume bundles are soulbound

2018 – Sept – Centurion’s Bundle
2018 – Sept – Shrouded Bundle
2018 – Nov – Warmonger’s Bundle
2018 – Nov – Vicious Bundle
2019 – April – Elemental Bundle
2019 – November – Benevolent Bundle
2021 – January – Merciless Bundle (Savage Chain items)

Pets (companion)

Smiles is a pet fish which flops around on the floor beside you.

Calloway is a little hermit crab. Thank you Wolfexin for the info.

Dimension Items

Brevane Cannonball
Broad Brevane Tree
Broken Stone Tomb
Cerulean Mushroom
Cliff Face Boulder
Corner Shelf
Death Kiosk
Decorative Teleport Pad
Draumheim Landmark
Dusken Cliff Boulder
Eth Rith Machine
Gargoyle Statue
Gloamwood River Rocks
Granitewood Sapling Snag Group
Granitewood Sapling Snags
Hanging Gong
Infernal Dawn Lava Pillar 01
Large White Flagstone Facade
Lit Bonfire
Long Shimmersand Rope Bridge
Magitech Chamber
Magitech Soul Analyzer
Medium Canopy Tree
Medium Sunken Pond
Mine Track
Mossy Cliffside Rock
Narrow Pine Tree
Needleless Iron Pine
Oval Sunken Pond
Pagoda Lamppost
Pile of Fruit
Planetouched Healingwell
Red Market Shade
Rusted Metal Beam
Rustic Feast
Shimmersand Palm
Shimmersand Road Marker
Simple Snag
Small Brevane House
Small Canopy Tree
Small Planetouched Shrub
Small Segmented Palm
Summer Life Tree
Tall Canopy Tree
Tall Underwater Volcanic Vent
Tall Volcanic Vent
Tavril Icon
Terrace Wall
Terrace Wall Bridge
Terrace Wall Post
Torn Silverwood Stump
White Elven Tent
Wide Canopy Tree
Wild Oakleaf
Wood and Stone Bridge
Word of Power: Industry
Valmera Headed Totem
Vigil Icon


Lure of Planar Distortion (has the same loot table and shares a cooldown with Stans Lure)