Mariel-Taun day is Rifts version of Valentines Day.
There are only a couple of cheevos to be earned.
There are usually a few costume items and mounts added to the rift store with a very pink theme!
Mounts from previous years will be available for direct credit purchase, the newest mounts will generally be for credits only. The same goes for old/new costume items.
There is no unique currency for the event and no quests/farming to be done!


The very first Mariel-Taun day in Rift was in 2012, waaay back before Rift was even 1 year old!
Rift had just released its in-game marriage system, allowing couples to tie the knot in game.
On the 14th February 2012 Rift had 21,879 couples get married in game, setting a world record for most online marriages in a 24hour period.
You can find the information for this world record here!

These cheevos can be done anytime during the year, you dont have to wait til the event is up!

A Most Nec-Romantic Getaway

Simply go to each location and /kiss or kill another player.

Church in the Harrow

/setwaypoint 5085 4795

Courtyard in
Shadefallen Keep

/setwaypoint 4611 2432

Balcony in Lord's Hall
Scarwood Reach

/setwaypoint 2839 4268

Top of Caer Mathos

/setwaypoint 993 2695

Quick on the Draw

Run around Sanctum or Meridian and spam a target macro..
tar bug
You will eventually find a love bug! (switch shards and try again if you cant find one).
You need to stand near the love bug with another player and /kiss each other quickly.
It doesn’t matter if one of you already has the cheevo.

I Get Around

For these simply visit each location and /kiss the NPC.
You can make a target macro to help you find them easier..
tar valgan frower
tar tuva meela
tar astanos compendius
tar inina fran
tar scruggy jane
tar scribe donos

Defiant – Meridian
Asha’s Chiropractor
Valgan Frower
/setwaypoint 6076 5057

Guardian – Sanctum
Cyril’s Stylist
Tuva Meela
/setwaypoint 7512 3045

Anchrae Jerra’s Lawyer
Astanos Compendius
Zareph’s Return (Stillmoor)
/setwaypoint 1583 2631

Miela’s Publicist
Inina Fran
Tempest Bay
/setwaypoint 12917 11509

Scruggy Jane the Janitor
Turnis River Bunker (Ardent Domain)
/setwaypoint 5715 9326
Entrance at /setwaypoint 5634 9397

Overseer’s Assistant
Scribe Donos
Necropolis (Seratos)
/setwaypoint 10932 4891

Historic Cheevos

Back in the day Trion thought that everyone in the whole game would really enjoy being all loved up during valentines week… so they sent every player an ability that allowed them to spread the love!
When players opened their mailbox’s they would be given 3 stacks of a special love bug buff and gain a reactive ability to allow them to spread the love bug to other players.. this would create an aura of love around the targeted player, surrounding them with a hint of pink bubble and floaty love hearts. Once the player had used the ability 3 times spreading the ‘infection’ to 3 other players they would then gain immunity from infection for an hour..
As you can imagine, this is like the worlds worst pyramid scheme…
Players were unable to get rid of the love bug infection, unable to get rid of the reactive ability that popped up and many players were very very upset that their characters were constantly surrounded by floaty love hearts and pinkness.
The reactives were super annoying in raids, especially in raids where actual mechanics also had reactive abilities pop up.

So the love bug was treated as the bug that it was and removed from the game along with the cheevos that went with it..

Quantity Over Quality
Try not to look too Desperate

The Devs have vowed it will never return!
However, they did add a love bug potion to the rift store that applies the visual effect to just your character..

There is also the Coastal Aphrodisiac made by Apothacary.
These are very easy to farm the mats for and give pretty much the same effect..