Adding Add-ons

There are many addons available for rift, mostly created by players to help make your Rift life a little easier! Even the most casual player can find addons that will improve their game experience.

There are 2 main ways to install add ons, manual installation or using the Twitch app, both are explained below.
You can find a list of recommended Add Ons and guides for how to use my top 5 Add Ons here.

Always close Rift before Installing or Updating Add Ons!
Make sure when you update an add on that the old one is deleted properly!

Twitch App - Add On Download

Finding Add Ons with Twitch

Firstly you will need to download the Twitch App to your computer and install it. Log in to your twitch account.

Select the mods tab and select Rift from your list of games, click the ‘browse for add ons; to find a list of add ons ready to download and add to your game!

Download and Install from Twitch

Select the Add On you want to add and then click the Install Button.
On this page you will likely find some screenshots of the Add On UI, an explanation of what the Add On does and some commands.

2020-05-04 (16)

When your add on has installed, the ‘install’ button will change to say ‘Recently Updated, so you know you  have the most up to date version of this Add On. Be Aware – Twitch uses the Add Ons uploaded to Curseforge, this may not always be the most up to date version of the Add On that is available.

2020-05-04 (17)

You can now log into Rift to find the Add On ready and waiting for you!
If you can’t see the add on, you may need to activate it. Load up the addon manager, Ensure the box is ticked to activate your new addon. Then click OK to save your changes.You may need to type /reloadui in the Rift chat box, this will reload all your UI elements and activate your add on.

Manual - Add On Download

Finding your Add On folder

By pressing escape or using the in game menu you can go to the in game addon manager.
From here, you can see all your installed addons.

2020-05-10 (8)

In the bottom left corner of the addon manager is the ‘open addon directory’ button.
This button will take you to the folder in your computer where you need to place your addons.
This is generally something like…
This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > YOURNAME > Documents > RIFT > Interface > Addons

Once you have this folder up, you should close Rift! 
This will help to reduce bugs that can occur from installing addons while Rift is open.

When you download addons they will usually come zipped. You will need to unzip the file and then place it inside the Rift addons folder. Most addons will be inside folders when they are unzipped, just drag the whole folder into your addons folder.

Once your addon is in the correct place, you can load up Rift again! Get back into game and load up the addon manager again. Ensure the box is ticked to activate your new addon. Then click OK to save your changes.
You may need to type /reloadui in the Rift chat box, this will reload all your UI elements and activate your add on.

It is a good idea to bookmark the page you downloaded the Add On from in your browser, so you can refer back to it for instructions and to check for updates.

Using Your Add On

Some addons will need ‘turning on’ or activating before you can use them properly.

For instance, minion sender and KBM both start as a very small button which you will need to left click to bring up the main UI for the addon

Other addons will require a line of text in the chat box to make them do their thing, like quest finder add on requires you to type in ‘qfind full’ to bring up a list of quests in your chat box.
You can macro the commands you use most often! Like a /kalert macro to bring up the kalert UI.

The website that you downloaded the add on from (most likely Twitch/Curse) should have all this information on it.

You can find guides to my top 5 recommended Rift addons here.