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Timeline for 2020

We do not have dates for Summerfest 2020 yet.
It will likely start at some point between the end of June and middle of August.

Summerfest will run for 4 weeks from the ### to the ###. There are 2 phases with 7 ‘big/weekly’ quests to complete. If you miss picking up the quests available during Week 1 then you can still pick them up during the rest of the event.

  • Thursday the ## at 3:30PM server time – Event starts, first 3 Hunt quests + Capture Them All quest are available to pick up.
  • Thursday the ## at 3:30PM server time – Phase two starts, second 3 Hunt quests are available to pick up.
  • Thursday the ## at 3:30PM server time – Event Finishes. 

Daily quests reset at the normal 4am daily quest reset.

Information / Guides

The summerfest world event in rift is a celebration of all things summery!

Of all the world events, this is probably the most time consuming and complex, but also the most fun 🙂

As with all world events, I strongly suggest running all the hunt quests on your alts to get a good stock of currency to buy all the things.

The weekly quests in summerfest are scavenger hunt style quests, going from zone to zone doing various tasks and challenges. Some of these challenges are simply running/jumping/maze type quests, others however are specific waypoints for items you need to pick up. Trying to do those particular quests during peak time hours when everyone is trying to pick up the same thing is going to be frustrating.. Remember you can switch shard (right click your char portrait and select ‘teleport to shard’) to check the same location multiple times, but if its super busy at that spot with lots of people ‘camping’ you may want to do something else for a while then come back and try again at a different time of day.

There are full guides for HUNT 1 and HUNT 2.
On the first week of summerfest only hunt 1 is available. At the start of week 2, hunt 2 will open up, but you will still be able to collect the hunt 1 quest for the duration of the event, so don’t worry if you miss the first week of the event.

There are also daily quests to do to increase your reserves of summerfest merit badges.
You can pick up the capture them all quest from your main city to do once over the events duration.

You can find many beautiful items in the rift store to buy with all the currency you earn and plenty of wardrobe/costumes to unlock.

You can farm pinatas for special artifact sets that reward the little shiny pet that poops out artifacts!

You can hunt special pets in the open world.

There are lots of different cheevos to be earned too!

Prepping for the Big Day!

A few of the scavenger quests require you to farm some materials or craft some items.. You can mail these materials to any character you plan to run the scavenger hunts with ahead of time. You can find info about where to gather these items on the Hunt Quest pages (Links below).

36 lean steak, 10 lesser crystalfish, 12 sea salt, 12 ground spices, 16 mixed vegetables and 10 dough… USE THESE to craft 12 hot dogs, 6 steak kabobs and 10 crystalfish burgers (survival) and send them to your alts– for Dendrome hunt 1

60 brisket, 30 merpho and 30 zirthan dreamleech — for Goboro hunt 1

5 normal-eyed guppy and 2 deep march eel — for Freemarch hunt 2

10 diaphanous cloth — for Goboro hunt 2

You will also find it much easier if you clear the questlogs of your alts! Each character can only hold 25 ‘normal’ quests before being unable to pick up anymore, if your questlog is full when summerfest hits then you wont be able to pick up multiple quests at a time, which will slow you down! Especially for the ‘capture them all’ quest. Try to clear your quest log down to 15/25 quests, or less if you can. you can find how many quests you are currently holding in your quest log..


There are a couple of macros that will help you during summerfest..

For the hunt quests..

target shichirin
target confused spirit guide
target itchy werewolf
target ironroot viper
target cockatrice
target foulmouthed
target tulan skunk
target sticky seacap
target tainted jellies
target dagon

For the 'capture them all' quest..

target Parasite
target Carrion Beast
target Cliffside Rhino
target Scavenging Thunderbird
target Dreg Beast
target Aurobon Stalker
target Shadewing Bat
target Sand Demon

Earning Currency

The currency is shown in your characters currency tab on the character screen..

Doing the scavenger hunts and ‘capture them all’ on all your alts will earn you
7 friendship bracelets total PER ALT
plus 2150 merit badges (plus bonuses on the badges). This will allow you to buy a lot of the fluffy stuff from the world event store.
Merit Badges will be be increased by patron, guild perks and other bonus currency/token perks/vials. Friendship Bracelets are not effected by any currency/token boosts.

Sources of Bracelets
Quest NamePick UpZone LevelsRewardsAvailable
The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt Part 1Meri/Sanc1 to 501 BraceletFrom Week 1
The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt Part 2Meri/Sanc1 to 501 BraceletFrom Week 2
The Great Empyrean Scavenger Hunt Part 1Tempest Bay50 to 601 BraceletFrom Week 1
The Great Empyrean Scavenger Hunt Part 2Tempest Bay50 to 601 BraceletFrom Week 2
Capture Them AllMeri/Sanc50 to 601 BraceletFrom Week 1
The Great Planar Scavenger Hunt Part 1Margle Palace60 to 651 BraceletFrom Week 1
The Great Planar Scavenger Hunt Part 2Margle Palace60 to 651 BraceletFrom Week 2

The scavenger hunts will net you 6 friendship bracelets total. On characters over level 50 you will be able to pick up the ‘capture them all’ quest which will give 1 more friendship bracelet. You also have a small chance of earning friendship bracelets with the special 4 hour summerfest minion missions and a very very very small chance of fishing up a friendship bracelet from the summer sunfish fishing nodes. (I really do not recommend farming these.. it would take less time to just create a new alt and do all the scavenger hunts again!)

Friendship Bracelet
Spectral Carriage Supply Crate

Summerfest Fireworks: Individual + Packs
Summerfest Merit Badges
Summerfest Food
Summerfest Dimension Items

Pet: Backmane – Tradeable
Pet: Black Coyote – Bound to Account
Pet: Blue – Tradeable
Pet: Brown Rat – Bound to Account
Pet: Fweckles – Bound to Account
Pet: Green Cobra
Pet: Goner – Tradeable
Pet: Heliacia – Bound to Account
Pet: Kyth – Tradeable
Pet: Micecream
Pet: N3wt0n – Tradeable
Pet: Party Fowl – Tradeable
Pet: Party Punch Elemental – Bound to Account
Pet: Purple Cobra – Tradeable
Pet: Quiffles – Tradeable
Pet: Snaggletooth – Bound to Account
Pet: Snaps – Tradeable
Pet: Spotted Snake – Bound to Account
Pet: T-Bone – Bound to Account
Pet: Tabby Cat – Bound to Account
Pet: Tamed Deepfang Hatchling – Bound to Account
Pet: The King

Costume: Beachwear: Floral Wetsuit Bottom
Costume: Beachwear: Floral Wetsuit Top
Costume: Beachwear: Red Wetsuit Bottom
Costume: Beachwear: Red Wetsuit Top
Costume: Beachwear: Solid Print Bottom
Costume: Endless Marauder’s Warhelm
Costume: Fine Fae Gloves
Costume: Fine Fae Headdress
Costume: Fine Fae Leggings
Costume: Fine Fae Tunic
Costume: Gossamer Wings
Costume: Hollowed Bracken Pod
Costume: Snorkel and Swim Cap
Costume: Swimsuit: Black and White Bottom
Costume: Swimsuit: Blue and White Bottom
Costume: Swimsuit: Red and White Top
Costume: Swimsuit: Red and White Bottom
Costume: Swimsuit: Teal and White Top
Costume: Swimsuit: Teal and White Bottom

Merit Badges

Merit badges are best earned with the daily quests, try to do these on as many alts as possible. If you run out of quests then you can farm badges by closing rifts, destroying footholds, farming invasions, completing zone events and anything else planar related. This should be done on your main character for ease.

Trade your Currency

You can transfer merit badges between your characters by using the vendor in Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12977 11464

You can buy these tokens with the merit badges you have on your main and then send them in the mail to your alts. Your alt then collects them from the mail and opens them up to receive the merit badges.

Please note that there is NO way to transfer friendship bracelets. 
They will have to be earned by each character by doing the scavenger hunts.

BE AWARE: Many items in the world event shop are account bound, especially all the costume items, however there are some items (mostly certain mounts) that are bind on pickup, so be careful what you buy on each character.

Where to Find the Quests

In Meridian or Sanctum you can pick up the Mathosian Hunt Quest, the capture them all quest and all the different dailies.


You can pick up the Great Empyrean Scavenger Hunt and 2 of the dailies in Tempest Bay near the Plaza portal
at /setwaypoint 13015 11590 – on top of the pillar! You can reach the NPC from the ground, no climbing involved.


In Margle Palace, Draumheim you can pick up the Planar Scavenger Hunt
at /setwaypoint 5723 5625


Here are the guides for HUNT 1 and HUNT 2.
On the first week of summerfest only hunt 1 is available. At the start of week 2, hunt 2 will open up, but you will still be able to collect hunt 1 for the duration of the event, so don’t worry if you miss the first week of the event.

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