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A guide to the ‘extra’ cheevos in Mathosia.

A guide to the ‘extra’ cheevos in Storm Legion.

A guide to the ‘extra’ cheevos in Nightmare Tide.

A guide to the ‘extra’ cheevos in Prophecy of Ahnket.

Avid Reader

There are 9 specific books that you will receive when you hand in 9 specific Unstable Artifact Sets.
When you collect these books you will notice that you are unable to read them.
The message that pops up when you try to read them is a hint for where you need to go to read them! The books mouseover can also give subtle hints!
When you have figured out where to read each of the 9 books you will pop this cheevo.
Some of these books need to be read at a certain ‘game time’. Type /time into chat while stood in Mathosian or Storm Legion zones to see the game time.

Use an instance activator to read this book.

Inside the large building in the academy in Kingsward you will find the instance activator /setwaypoint 4531 8096
Right clicking the machine is a full 1 min cast that does absolutely nothing! You need to click the book 🙂
Stand right next to the machine and click the book to read it.

Target an elusive spirit to help you read this book.

Go to /setwaypoint 5885 4497 in stonefield and search for the rare mobs Lothuu the Sad or Xoxtillus. Check every shard, if they are not up, killing the other stonefield rares may help them pop faster (see Stonefield rare guide).

tar Lothuu the Sad
tar Xoxtillus

When you find one, target the rare mob, don’t kill it! Click to read the book with the rare targeted.

The rare mob Gorehorn the Mighty also spawns in this location, he will not work for this, it has to be one of the ghosts/spirits.

This book can only be read by a special kind of light.

Stand in any Rift Tear to read this book, even a raid rift tear is good!

This book can only be read on the field of battle.

This can only be read inside the Whitefall Steppes warfront.
Press [k] to open up the warfront menu and queue for Whitefall Steppes (or Escalation: Whitefall Steppes).
When you get inside you can read the book straight away.

Target someone who can help you open this book.

Go to the Sagespire in Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 2609 3573
Use the lift to go all the way to the top and find the NPC Initiate Copperpot. Select this NPC and then click the book to read it.

This book can only be read in the family library around the witching hour.

This one needs to be read at midnight (game time) bear this in mind before you start your journey!
Go into the Senviva Family Estate in Morban, entrance is at /setwaypoint 12972 6484
Go up the stairs to the second floor, the Library is through the doorway straight ahead of you when you reach the top of the stairs /setwaypoint 13080 6443
On the right from the entrance is a table with a ghostly clock. If you click the clock it will tell you how long it is til the ‘witching hour’ (you may need to click it a couple of times). Remember game time moves 3 times faster than RL time, so divide this number by 3 to get a rough idea of the real time figure. If the clock just says ‘the witching hour approaches’ then its less than an hour to go.
At 11:30PM the book will be readable.
The book is readable for a full hour, til 12:30AM.
This gives you around a 20min real time window 3 times a day where you can read the book.

This book can only be read in the place it came from.

Go to Ardent Domain and enter the Temple of Thontic at /setwaypoint 4564 10044
Go down inside and stand by the alter near Balzari Mephiso at /setwaypoint 4513 10133
Click the book while stood here to read it.

This is not the right place or the right time.

This one needs to be read at around 4pm game time. Bear this in mind before you start your journey!
Go to the location of the Cairn Mongo Vachir in Droughtlands, /setwaypoint 9160 6928 (guide here)
The game time needs to be around 4pm, the shadow from the mountain slowly moves across the hill towards the Cairn, once it covers the Cairn you will be able to read the book.
The shadow first hits the Cairn at around 3pm game time, then at 3:40pm game time the Cairn will be completely covered. When it is completely covered by the shadow of the mountain a beam of light will illuminate the Cairn. It is at this point that you can click your book to read it, stand right on top of the cairn and click your book. The Cairn is covered for around an hour of game time, til 4:40pm. This gives you around a 20min window of real time three times a day to read the book!

Game Time

It is the ‘game time’ you are after not real world time, you need to be in a Mathosian zone to be able to see the correct game time.
You can see the time information in the general chat tab when you type in /time

Game time runs at just over 3 times the speed of normal time.. Meaning that for every hour of game time only around 20 mins of real life time has passed. This means that you will be able to read the book 3 times a day with roughly 8 hours in between.
So, if you check the time in game and it’s 11am then you know you have 5 game hours to wait, 5 hours divided by 3 is around 1hour 40mins, so set an alarm to remind you in 1hour 30mins to ensure you don’t miss it!

Sit at the dream desk to read this book.

For this one you need to into one of the dream worlds found in Eastern Holdings.
You will need to have finished the dream quests in Eastern Holdings.
Go to the Fen Gorge Bunker in Eastern Holdings, entrance at /setwaypoint 8671 9404
Click Diago Arkella’s Cocoon, this is towards the back on the right hand side (mouseover the cocoon to see the correct name before you enter).
You will now be inside the ‘dream state’ Eastern Holdings. Go back up (pass the portal) to the Fen Gorge Bunker  entrance at /setwaypoint 8671 9404, go inside and find the dream desk at /setwaypoint 8742 9456
The dream desk is a ghostly grey colour and has a small chair in front of it.
Use the /sit command, you don’t need to sit on the actual chair, just near the desk is fine. Then click your book to read it.
Exit back out through the portal when you are done.


The reward for completing this cheevo is the Dream Desk and Ghost Clock Dimension items.
Placing the dream desk within your dimension will create a circle of light where you can read all the books. However, this effect is removed if you put the clock too close to the desk. The effect is also only usable by players who already have the Avid Reader cheevo. If a player without Avid Reader enters the circle then it will disappear.
The clock is clickable and will tell you how many hours are left til the witching hour, just like the one in morban.

You will also earn the title ‘Avid Reader’.

The Stabilizer

This is the cheevo for collecting every Unstable Artifact currently in the game!
Each of the zones listed has their own 50 or 100 points cheevo.
When you hand in the sets you receive planar nuts which are used to buy squirrel mounts. Each time you buy a mount you will receive a 50 point cheevo.
You will also receive various pets and other novelty items from handing in the individual sets, which all go towards various other cheevos.
Unstable artifacts give loads of cheevo points!

You will also earn the title ‘Stabilizer’.

Monster Hunter Extraordinaire

This is the Meta-cheevo for killing all the rares in Mathosia (Ultimate Hunter), Ember Isle (Great Beasts Fear My Name), Storm Legion (Ultimate Camper) and Nightmare Tide (Brine Buster).

You will earn the title ‘Monster Slayer’.

Patience is a Virtue

This is the Meta-cheevo for killing all the rares in Mathosia (Ultimate Hunter), Ember Isle (Great Beasts Fear My Name) and Storm Legion (Ultimate Camper).

Your rewards for this cheevo will be the ‘shroud of the hunter’ cape appearance and the ‘Rare Icon’ portrait badge.