Moonshade Highlands

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Moonshade HIghlands

Go With the Flow

Route to the Puzzle

Take the Reclaimers Hold portal into Moonshade Highlands and go up into the Fortress all the way up the slope to
/setwaypoint 6460 1205
Here you will find a dwavern translocater to click, this will take you straight up to the puzzle location..

The Puzzle

To complete the puzzle you need to allow power to travel from the power generator, along the wires to the orb at the end.
You need to click the switches on in sequence so the power can go through.
The catch is that the switches only stay on for a short amount of time, so you need to keep switching them on again and again until the orb has enough power.

If you stand at exactly /setwaypoint 6459 1179 you will be able to reach all the red switches from one spot..

Mouseover each of the switches and ensure the mouse hand turns gold for each one from where you are stood, adjust your position accordingly until you can reach all of them while stood still.

The order to click the switches is as follows..

This is a very simple puzzle, you just have to be really quick!
Just keep clicking the switches in order to keep the lights green until the orb is fully powered. if you are too slow then the orb will start losing power.
Clicking the switches with 2 players will be a lot easier, so bring a friend if you can!
Watch the orb, the power lights will eventually reach it and you will then have to click the orb to make the chest appear

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