Eastern Holdings Puzzles

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Storm Legion > Eastern Holdings

Bogling Boggle


As with all Storm Legion puzzles you need to complete an artifact set before you can start.
For the Eastern Holdings puzzle you need to complete the artifact set called ‘Bogling Star Signs’.

This is a level 60 artifact set, you can find all these artifacts while hunting in Eastern Holdings. They are normal white artifacts.
If you have completed the cheevo ‘it goes to eleven’ then you can access a vendor by clicking any of the Henges who will sell you the artifacts.. However the artifacts are very expensive from this vendor, you are much better off doing a couple of artifact hunting runs in Eastern Holdings and then finishing off the set using the auction house.

When you hand in the artifact set you will be given a collection of pages from Bogling Star Signs.

Visit omi in Tempest Bay canals at /setwaypoint 12756 11719
She will tell you that to buy the full book you will need 6 m’doidoi dolls

You need to collect these dolls in the Cassana Estate area of Ardent Domain.


/setwaypoint 5841 10671
This doll is very easy to get to.
You can use the plant in front of the building to jump up to the roof or drop down from above.
You can also use a jumping mount such as Opie or the Jetpack.


/setwaypoint 5834 10546
This one is much more difficult to get to!
You need to go all the way to the top/back of the estate and then work your way down jumping along the buildings.


/setwaypoint 5790 10414
This one is easy to get to, start at the base of the root/plant at /setwaypoint 5721 10459 and climb up til you are level with the building ledge, then jump onto it.


/setwaypoint 5877 10650
This is an easy jump down from the top of the estate.


/setwaypoint 5965 10616
This one is slightly difficult to get to.
The trick is just to walk off the building while mounted.. Don’t jump! Also, using a 150% mount that doesn’t scale up is a good idea, so you don’t overshoot the mark.


/setwaypoint 6021 10532
This is another difficult one, a bit of clever jumping 🙂

Once you have picked up the 6th doll you will earn the cheevo ‘m’doidoi’

If you have picked up the dolls before you will not be able to pick them up again as they will disappear!
If you have accidentally deleted a doll, don’t despair!
There is doll at /setwaypoint 5860 10725 right at the top of Casana Estate that you can click to ‘regain’ any lost dolls. 

Once you have all 6 m’doidoi dolls you can go back to Omi in Tempest Bay canals /setwaypoint 12756 11719 and buy the full book.
Right click the book to collect it.

The storm legion puzzle books are all listed at the top of your book collection on your character screen. You can easily check which books you have.

The book you need for the Eastern Holdings puzzle is ‘Bogling Star Signs’.

Once you have collected it you can then go to the puzzle location to complete the puzzle.

If you go to the puzzle location and cannot interact with the puzzle then its likely because you haven’t collected this book.

Go through the steps above to find out which bit you are on and then continue from that point til you have the book in your collection.

And The Other Items You Need

You will now need to collect a few other items to complete the puzzle with..
You will need 5 types of gems and 5 types of ‘offerings’.
I highly recommend you bring along 3 of each item to ensure you are able to complete the puzzle even if you make a mistake. If you make a mistake during the puzzle you will loose the item and if you don’t have spares then you will need to go out the puzzle area to farm/buy them all again.


The offerings are bought from various vendors in game..

Firstly you will need to find Mort Grocer in Stillmoor..
Mort lives in Caer Thalos in Stillmoor at
/setwaypoint 1845 1946
Go to this location and switch shard to see if he is up, if he isn’t, check again in an hour or so.
He sells a few different goods, I recommend you buy ‘brains’, ‘quality spine’ and ‘freshly plucked head’ while you are there, this is towards a different cheevo called ‘bargain hunter’ (Stillmoor). you can buy them and then sell them straight back to the vendor.
You may have already bought the worms if you already have the Stillmoor cheevo so check your bank before buying more!
Buy 3 of the ‘fat worm offering’ and keep them!

Then find Robyn Hutchinson in Freemarch at /setwaypoint 6149 5615
Here you can buy crab and fruit offerings, 3 of each!

Lastly, find one of these guys..

Vera Coyle
Freemarch for Defiants
/setwaypoint 7244 5436
Barkeep Davek Anders
Silverwood for Guardians
/setwaypoint 6083 3044

These vendors both sell the beetle and fish offerings, buy 3 of each


The gems are collected while mining in game.
You may find you have some of these already stashed away in your bank or you may find some on the auction house.

You will need 3 each of ruby, moonstone, radiant emerald, sapphire and brilliant diamond.

Ruby & Sapphire - 3 of Each

To find rubys or sapphires you need to mine titanium or gold.
When mining you will loot corundum occasionally.
When you right click to open the corundum you will loot either ruby or sapphire.

Moonstone X3

Moonstone is looted from opening fieldstone which is a random drop when mining tin. When you open the fieldstone you will loot either sunstone or moonstone.

Radiant Emerald X3

These are found while mining silver and chromite from Stonefield, Gloamwood, Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach.
While mining you will loot beryl, when you open the beryl you will loot either blood berylite or radiant emerald.

Brilliant Diamond X3

These can be found while mining carmintium and platinum in Ember Isle, Stillmoor, Shimmersand and Iron Pine Peak.
When you open the diamond you will loot either lightsbane diamond or brilliant diamond.

The Eastern Holdings Puzzle

Gather up all the mats in your bag!
then swim over to /setwaypoint 11934 3590 – Just off Breaker Point in Ember Isle. click the crystal there to give you 2 hours of underwater breathing.

Take the Western Commons portal into Eastern Holdings and head to /setwaypoint 8797 8734
Down inside the small lake you will find a doorway..

Above the doorway is sparkles! Click them to be teleported inside.
If you cant click them then its likely you have forgotten to read your Bogling Boggle book!
Swim down a little and you will notice firstly that your ‘offerings’ have been added to a temp ability bar..

You start in the first room, look up and you will see dots all over the ceiling. Have a swim around, go down the corridors and familiarise yourself with the layout of the place. You will notice there are sparkly air vents in all the rooms, you wont need these cos you’ve been very clever and gone to ember isle for 2 hours of water breathing, the vents only give 5 minutes at a time!

Head back to the first room with the spotty ceiling once you have had a good look around.

So.. the puzzle.. basically what we need to do here is draw a specific picture on the ceiling, this will make a named bogling appear, you need to find the bogling and ‘offer’ him one of your offerings in order to lure him back to the spotty room, in the spotty room are 5 lamps, each bogling needs to be lead to a specific lamp and then when you activate the lamp it will use one of your gems to ‘lock’ the bogling inside. Once you have done 5 different pictures, and captured 5 different boglings in the 5 different lamps the puzzle is done 🙂

Firstly, hover over the lamps in the spotty room, there are 5 different ones, brass, tin, gold, silver and copper


and of course above you is the spotty ceiling which should look like this..


There are 5 different pictures to ‘draw’ into the ceiling.
Drawing each picture will attract a certain bogling, which is lured with a certain lure and taken to a certain lamp and locked with a certain gemstone. (Explained in detail below)

 Sword Zeek Beetle Tin Ruby
 Axe Mok Fat Worm Brass Radiant Emerald
 Shield Grimoo Crab Gold Brilliant Diamond
 Spear Kre’ll Fish Copper Sapphire
 Club Pfeef Fruit Silver Moonstone

I suggest you create a target macro to help you find the boglings easily..
/target zeek
/target mok
/target grimoo
/target kre’ll
/target pfeef
You can see that i used this in the videos, but it didn’t work on kre’ll cos i didn’t have the apostrophe in my macro! – be aware that you should delete and retype the apostrophe in the macro window to ensure its the correct font and will work.

So now I will walk you through each picture..


Firstly draw the sword on the ceiling.
Then find Zeek and use the beetle lure on him.

Take him to the tin lamp and right click it.


Firstly draw the axe on the ceiling.
Then find Mok and use the fat worm offering on him.

Lead him to the brass lamp and click it.


Firstly draw the shield on the ceiling.
Then find Grimoo, use the crab offering to lure him.

Take him to the gold lamp.


Firstly draw the spear on the ceiling.
Then find Kre’ll and use the fish lure on him.

Lead him back to the copper lamp.


Firstly draw the club on the ceiling.
Then find Pfeef (yes that is his real name!)
Lure him with the apple offering.

Lead him over to the silver lamp.

Once you have done all 5 pictures you will need to find the chest to open it!
This is down the tunnel in the room on the right hand side.


Inside the chest you will find some plats, some level 50 gear and AN ENTIRE DIMENSION!!!
The dimension is called ‘bogling boggle’ and is a replica of the area in eastern holdings where the puzzle is.

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