Hunt 2

Scavenger Hunt 2

The scavenger hunts are split into sections depending on the continent/expansion the hunt is in.
Currently there are 3 scavenger hunts; Mathosian, Empyrean and Planar (Nightmare Tide).

Each complete scavenger hunt is a series of quests/challenges in different zones. You will receive 1 summerfest friendship bracelet and 100 merit badges when you have completed each full scavenger hunt. You will also get a summerfest party basket from the Mathosian and Planar hunts.

The scavenger hunts that you pick up in the main cities are like ‘meta quests’. Once you pick them up you will then have to go to each individual zone to pick up the zone quest. The meta quests are picked up up in Meridian/Sanctum, Tempest Bay and Margle Palace (info on the main page of summerfest guide).

HINT: These pages are very long with lots of information.. If you need a particular quest, use [CTRL+F] and type in the quest/zone you need to search for it.

Here is a copy of the full summerfest scavenger hunt macro…

target shichirin
target confused spirit guide
target itchy werewolf
target ironroot viper
target cockatrice
target foulmouthed
​target tulan skunk
target sticky seacap
target tainted jellies
target dagon

Quick Guide

This quick guide is just to refresh your memory and provide locations for those of you who know what the quest is all about – You can click the name of the zone or just scroll down for the detailed guide if you need a little more explanation or more waypoints!!

FreemarchFabulous fun fishing in Freemarch – hand in 5 normal-eyed guppy and 2 deep march eel.
SilverwoodSave the spirit guide – Go to Wayward Thicket area of Silverwood /setwaypoint 6922 2988 – Catch the deer.
StonefieldGrave Courage – Enter the crypt area at /setwaypoint 5087 4758 – Go down to bottom and wait 5 mins.
GloamwoodDelouse the itchy werewolves – Find them at Tearfall Run portal in Gloamwood /setwaypoint 4631 2671 or Gloamwood pines portal /setwaypoint 5344 3045
Scarlet GorgeGorging on gold – Ironroot Draw at /setwaypoint 4784 4195 + Frayworn Rock at /setwaypoint 4288 4301 + Thunderwork Ridge at /setwaypoint 4649 3888 + and the two caves at Riverfell at /setwaypoint 3920 2739 and /setwaypoint 3629 2795
Scarwood ReachHarpy Chow – Take your chick to the tree stump at /setwaypoint 3406 4029 – Nom up all the snakes.
Moonshade HighlandsAttitude Adjustment – Find the foulmouthed boglings and give them a good slap – Use your quest item on them – Find them around the lake and in the villages
Droughtlands Puissant Paleontology – Go to the tar pits at Harlans Lament /setwaypoint 8050 6841 – Find sparkles in the tar and loot them.
Iron Pine PeakLocate the book of riddles – Find the portal keystone at /setwaypoint 4803 1776 – Turn it GREEN – Go through the portal and read the book.
ShimmersandBeachcombing for the discerning vacationist – Go to the islands north of the prison in the north-east of Shimmersand – Use your quest item and loot the piles of gold.
StillmoorStillmoor Sparklies – All around the graveyard in Burlingham /setwaypoint 2330 2373 Pick up the three objects.

Cape Jule Summerfest Infestation – Go to the docks of Tulan, catch skunks.
City Core A race through the core – Follow the quest markers on your map all the way through City Core.
Eastern Holdings What a feeling – Ursin Grove Bunker at /setwaypoint 7817 7811 – Dance in first room.
Kingsward Summerfest Camping – Find the camp sites – /setwaypoint 5657 8236 + /setwaypoint 5115 8491 + /setwaypoint 5737 7341 + /setwaypoint 4258 8398 + /setwaypoint 4738 8579 + /setwaypoint 5907 7284 + /setwaypoint 6482 7780 + /setwaypoint 6395 7796
Ardent Domain A sticky seacap situation – /setwaypoint 5481 9159 + /setwaypoint 6244 9773
Ashora Desert Conquest – SAND AT: /setwaypoint 2257 8613 + /setwaypoint 2518 8684 + /setwaypoint 2286 7253 + /setwaypoint 2308 7594 + /setwaypoint 2950 6522 — WATER AT: /setwaypoint 3553 6710 – Go back and build your sandcastle.
The Dendrome Seashells by the seashore – The seashells can be found all along the shoreline of the Dendrome
Rock Oyster Shells – All around the shipwrecked boats in the south /setwaypoint 2294 5325 + /setwaypoint 2117 5264 + /setwaypoint 2236 5214 + /setwaypoint 1884 5401
Crown Conch Shells– On the rocks at the shoreline in the north /setwaypoint 2277 3993 + /setwaypoint 2289 3902 + /setwaypoint 2324 4240 + /setwaypoint 2245 4064
Ember Starfish – These are more inland in the north, on the rocks /setwaypoint 2334 4060 + /setwaypoint 2430 4152 + /setwaypoint 2390 4262 + /setwaypoint 2420 4461
Kingdom of Pelladane Road Trip – Race high above Pelladane.
SeratosScotophobia – Find the egg in the maze at /setwaypoint 12053 4337
Morban Estranged Brew – Find the quest giver.
Blortt’s Brown Ale – Stormhold – setwaypoint 14416 7317 + /setwaypoint 14456 7333 + /setwaypoint 14424 7265
Golden Flow Lager – shapers citadel – /setwaypoint 15086 5601 + /setwaypoint 15230 5538 + /setwaypoint 15181 5304
Stout of the Tormented – Senviva Estate – /setwaypoint 13072 6479 + /setwaypoint 13020 6471 + /setwaypoint 13099 6406
Porter of Potential Potency – Black Strand – /setwaypoint 13027 7879 + /setwaypoint 13063 7970 + /setwaypoint 13015 7932
Pilsner of Punishment – Forest of Flesh – /setwaypoint 13054 5464 + /setwaypoint 13035 5362 + /setwaypoint 12968 5227
Harry’s Hoppin’ Hope IPA –  Northern Ruins – /setwaypoint 14381 5309 + /setwaypoint 14300 5368 + /setwaypoint 14423 5441
Steppes of Infinity Trollin for Treasure – 2018 – This quest is still auto-completing.

Goboro Reef No Strings Attached – Go to /setwaypoint 3980 7887 and speak to Mitch – Grab all the mats and hand everything in.
Draumheim aptain Dagon’s Fan Club – /setwaypoint 5471 6969 + /setwaypoint 6117 7181 + /setwaypoint 6235 4879
Tarken Glacier Summer Sledding – Sled ride down the hill in Tarken.

The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt Part 2

11 Challenges to complete in Mathosian zones.

First pick up this meta quest from…
Meridian: /setwaypoint 6194 5189

Sanctum: /setwaypoint 7417 3122


full quest check needed

Fabulous Fun Fishing in Freemarch
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6617 4255

You need to hand in 5 normal-eyed guppy and 2 deep march eel.
these are both types of fish that are fished up in Freemarch.

Normal-Eyed Guppy
These can be fished up in shallow water in Freemarch.
You can use a Normal-Eyed Guppy lure to help speed this up.

Deep March Eel
These can be fished up in deep water in Freemarch.
You can use a Deep March Eel lure to help speed this up.

These two lures are both available from the ‘survival and fishing recipes’ vendor at /setwaypoint 12672 11545 in Tempest Bay.. they are very very cheap! (4 artisan marks for them both!)
You can of course buy or trade the fish you need if you don’t like fishing!


full quest check needed

Save the spirit guide.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6096 3328

During this quest you will be given a temporary ability.
Go to the wayward thicket area of Silverwood /setwaypoint 6922 2988

You will find a small deer running around, use your ‘/target confused spirit guide’ to find her, then use the temp ability as a net to catch her.


full quest check needed

Grave Courage.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 5163 4908

For this quest you need to spend 5 mins in the Stonefield Crypt!
You can enter the crypt area at /setwaypoint 5087 4758

Keep going down til you reach the very bottom floor and go into the small fenced off tomb area at /setwaypoint 5107 4777
Once there, you should see a purple beam ‘wall’ around the area. There will also be beetles running around the floor and skeletons walking around.

You will also receive a debuff that will count down, when it reaches zero your quest will complete.

Time to go make a cup of tea while you wait 🙂


full quest check needed

Delouse the itchy werewolves.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 5706 3634

For this quest you will be given a temporary ability.

Go to the Tearfall Run portal in Gloamwood, at the river there /setwaypoint 4631 2671 there are loads of itchy werewolves!
You can use your target macro to find them /target itchy werewolf

Use your reactive on them to stop them itching!
There are also werewolves at /setwaypoint 5344 3045 – Near the Gloamwood Pines portal.

Scarlet Gorge

full quest check needed

Gorging on Gold.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4409 3342
Outside rock ridge north portal.

The gold you need to find are small sparkly gold rocks. They are all inside the various caves/mines in Scarlet Gorge.

Ironroot Draw at /setwaypoint 4784 4195
Frayworn Rock at /setwaypoint 4288 4301
Thunderwork Ridge at /setwaypoint 4649 3888
The two caves at Riverfell at /setwaypoint 3920 2739 and /setwaypoint 3629 2795

There are also spawn points all the way up the cliff face of Riverfell, inside the various tunnels on the way up.

Inside the caves are unexplored seams.

Looting the seams will give you a chance at finding gold! You should loot gold around 1 in 4 times so it is possible you may need to pick up 40+ gold seams before you complete the quest!

There are many many locations where the gold can spawn inside the mines, once you find one, be sure to switch shard and grab all the gold at that spot.

HINT: A small hint submitted by another player: If you turn off your auto-loot and right click the gold, if you loot the grey item ‘pyrite’ simply close the loot window and keep right clicking the same lump of gold til you get the gold loot

If the mine you are hunting in is super busy then try a different one or wait for a quieter time.

Scarwood Reach

full quest check needed

Harpy Chow.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 3367 3879

When you speak to the questgiver you will be given a ‘tamed harpy chick’ pet that will follow you around (if yours disappears you can resummon it by talking to the quest giver again).
It will be easier for you to keep track of your bird if you pop him on focus at this point!

All around Granitewood Haunt are huge tree stumps inside ‘craters’
This one is at /setwaypoint 3406 4029

Take your chick to these tree stumps and it will start to hunt the Ironroot Vipers (you can find these with your target macro /target ironroot viper).

Your chick will wander off killing the vipers, you don’t need to help him! Just wait for him to finish the quest for you.
Its best to find a small group of these vipers and just stand still while your chick runs around killing them all.

Moonshade Highlands

full quest check needed

Attitude Adjustment.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6299 1655

You need to find the foulmouthed boglings and give them a good slap!
Areas to look are shown on this map..

In the area marked by the circles and all around the middle lake.

Use your target macro to find them /target foulmouthed
You will be given a temporary ability for this quest.
Simply select the bogling and use the ability, you will need to be quite close (4m) to the bogling to be able to slap him!
Quest credit is shared, so group up if you can!


full quest check needed

Puissant Paleontology.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 7160 5935 (under the bridge)

In the tar pits at Harlans Lament /setwaypoint 8050 6841 there are tar coated bones. These can be tricky to see as they are often just under the surface of the tar.. Look for sparkles shining in the middle of the tar and switch shard when you find a spot.

Known locations include…

/setwaypoint 8023 6738
/setwaypoint 8053 6705
/setwaypoint 8140 6726
/setwaypoint 8136 6815
/setwaypoint 8137 6876
/setwaypoint 8124 6940

Credit is not shared.

Iron Pine Peak

full quest check needed

Locate the book of riddles
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4501 1663

Enter the cave at /setwaypoint 4835 1669
Find the portal keystone at /setwaypoint 4803 1776

The keystone needs to be changed to green..

Then you walk through the portal that appears nearby and read the book of riddles.

If you have done some of the quests in iron pine peak then you should be able to change the colour of the keystone. If you have never been in IPP before then you may not be able to change the keystone colour yourself. With all the other players doing this quest at the same time it is likely that the keystone will already be at the right colour when you get there anyway (check other shards if it isnt). You could ask a friend or public chat if someone could kindly change the stone to the right colour for you. Or you could go to Chancel of Labors and do some questing there to see if it opens up the daily quest ‘gale force winds’ from Defender Barris, this quest will allow you to change the stone.


full quest check needed

Beachcombing for the discerning vacationist.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6618 7143

All along the shores of Shimmersand are piles of gold to be found!
For this quest you will be given a temporary ability to help you find the gold.

Walk along the shoreline of Shimmersand and click your reactive, if you hit the right spot, your character will swivel facing a certain direction, walk slowly in that direction and a mound will appear in the sand, dig up the mound to find the gold. If nothing appears after about 10 meters, use the reactive again.

Please note, the stars on this map are not exact waypoints, its just to give you a general idea of which shoreline to be looking on.
I tend to find the area to the north of the prison with all the small islands is the easiest (to the top right of the above map).
When you have a spawn point, SWITCH SHARDS to check that same location multiple times, just click your reactive on each shard.

Locations include… (all these locations are north of the prison)
/setwaypoint 6480 6314
/setwaypoint 6490 6302
/setwaypoint 6549 6279
/setwaypoint 6622 6257
/setwaypoint 6693 6194
/setwaypoint 6744 6195
/setwaypoint 6891 6313
/setwaypoint 6835 6270
/setwaypoint 6790 6247


full quest check needed

Stillmoor Sparklies.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 2625 2457
Take portal to Exiles Den in Iron Pine Peak and then travel across to Stillmoor.

All around the graveyard in Burlingham /setwaypoint 2330 2373
The items are mostly around the edges of the graveyard on the rocks.

You will find sparkly objects to pick up.. a book, bed roll and canteen..

The items actually double up as artifacts.. pick up all 3 items first, collect your quest reward and THEN ‘collect’ them as the artifact set!

The Great Empyrean Scavenger Hunt Part 2

11 Challenges to complete in Storm Legion zones.

First pick up this meta quest from Tempest Bay near the plaza portal
at /setwaypoint 13015 11590 – on top of the pillar! You can reach the NPC from the ground, no climbing involved.

Cape Jule

full quest check needed

Summerfest Infestation
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 8285 12094

All around the docks of Tulan there are skunks running around on the floor, you need to use your ability as a net to catch them.
The ability is part of your quest sticky..

If the docks are full of other players trying to catch skunks, switch shards to see you can find a quieter area, or try again at a different time of day. Better yet, try to create a group with some of them as the credit is shared!

You can use your target macro to target them .. /target tulan skunk

They are very very quick, you need to figure out their path and put the net down where they are GOING to be!
Good luck!
Credit is shared if you are within line of sight, so group up if you can.

City Core

full quest check needed

A race through the core.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6721 9837

Simply follow the quest markers on your map all the way through City Core, you end up with a jump off a broken bridge into Eastern Holdings.
Each checkpoint has balloons as a gateway to go through

As you pass through each gate a new one will appear ahead of you and the yellow waypoint on your map will change to the new gate location.
You have 5 mins to complete the quest, which is plenty of time.

Eastern Holdings

full quest check needed

What a Feeling.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 8843 7809
Follow the ramp up that starts at /setwaypoint 9283 8120

Go to Ursin Grove Bunker at /setwaypoint 7817 7811 – next to Auroborus Woods portal.
Go down just the first ramp and you will find a small rectangular room with different class trainers inside..

Type /dance in the chat.
Your quest should complete.
If your quest doesn’t complete, try selecting the mage trainer and /dance again.


full quest check needed

Summerfest Camping.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 6284 7764

All around Kingsward are small camp sites for you find and set up.
You need to find campsites without a tent where the fireplace can be clicked to reveal the full campsite..

This campfire is ready to be clicked to set up camp.
The tent will appear after you click the campfire.

If someone else has recently clicked the fire you will see the tent and the fire will not be clickable, switch shard or change location til you find a clickable campfire.
Locations include..

1 – /setwaypoint 5657 8236 – Near the Armory portal.
2 – /setwaypoint 5115 8491 – Between the Armory and Academy portal.
3 – /setwaypoint 5737 7341 – Waaaaaaay to the north of the Armory portal.
4 – /setwaypoint 4258 8398 – Near the Academy portal.
5 – /setwaypoint 4738 8579 – Right next to the Academy portal.
6 – /setwaypoint 5907 7284 – Also waaaaaaay to the north of the Armory portal.
7 – /setwaypoint 6482 7780 – Near the Arakhosian Hinterlands portal.
8 – /setwaypoint 6395 7796 – Near the Arakhosian Hinterlands portal.

Ardent Domain

full quest check needed

A Sticky Seacap Situation.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 5637 9457

There are 2 main locations for the sticky seacaps..

The first is all down the river/lake in Turnis Valley around /setwaypoint 5481 9159
The second is at Witches Thicket around /setwaypoint 6244 9773

You will have a quest item to use on the sticky seacaps

use your target macro to target the sticky seacaps .. /target sticky seacap
then use the reactive ability on them

The quest is not shared in a group.


full quest check needed

Desert Conquest.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 2363 5471
There are 3 quest givers here, one for each conquest faction.. It doesn’t matter who you take the quest from.

for this quest you need to gather a bucket of water and a mound of pristine sand

Sand can be found at..

/setwaypoint 2257 8613 – In the very southwest of Ashora.
/setwaypoint 2518 8684 – In the very southwest of Ashora.
/setwaypoint 2286 7253 – Near Arjuros portal.
/setwaypoint 2308 7594 – South of the Arjuros portal.
/setwaypoint 2950 6522 – Near K’rom’s Fortress portal.

You will also have a bucket that you need to fill with water on your quest sticky..

The water can be found at /setwaypoint 3553 6710
Simply stand by/in the water and click your bucket to fill it up.

In the map above, the blue area is where to fill your bucket with water /setwaypoint 3553 6710
The red stars show the locations of the pristine sand.

Once you have your sand and water its time to build a sandcastle!
Go to /setwaypoint 2363 5471 and approach one of the factions (it doesn’t matter which one), when you are close enough you will gain 2 temp abilities, one for sand and one for water

Use the sand and water abilities alternately in order to build your sandcastle.
The sandcastle building is shared within a group.

The Dendrome

full quest check needed

Seashells by the Seashore
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4038 5586
Inside the building at the Hailol portal, the questgiver wanders around the building a bit so he may not be in the yellow quest circle, just look for the exclamation mark on your mini map.

For this quest you need to collect seashells.. these shells are VERY small, but sparkle nicely, so keep an eye out for sparkles!
There are also ‘fake’ versions of each of the 3 shells..
The seashells can be found all along the shoreline of the Dendrome.

Crown Conch Shells

Red stars on the map below — All around the shipwrecked boats in the south
/setwaypoint 2294 5325
/setwaypoint 2117 5264
/setwaypoint 2236 5214
/setwaypoint 1884 5401

Clown Conch Shell.

This is the fake version that wont count towards your quest.

Crown Conch Shell.

This is the correct version.
There is no difference in colour, so keep an eye on the name.

Rock Oyster Shells

Yellow stars on the map below — On the rocks at the shoreline in the north, some are below the waterline
/setwaypoint 2277 3993
/setwaypoint 2289 3902
/setwaypoint 2324 4240
/setwaypoint 2245 4064

Dock oyster shell.

This is the fake version that wont count towards your quest.

Rock oyster shell.

This is the correct version.
There is no difference in colour, so keep an eye on the name.

Ember Starfish

Purple stars on the map below — These are more inland in the north, on the rocks.
/setwaypoint 2334 4060
/setwaypoint 2430 4152
/setwaypoint 2390 4262 – On top of the pointed rock.
/setwaypoint 2420 4461

Amber Starfish.

This is the fake version that wont count towards your quest.
They are orange in colour.

Ember Starfish.

This is the correct version.
Bright red in colour.

There are lots of different locations for these items, it is simply a case of looking around those areas til you find the correct ones. A ‘real’ shell wont ever spawn in a ‘fake’ shells spot.
Don’t forget to check every shard!

Kingdom of Pelladane

full quest check needed

Road Trip.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 8201 4970
Fort Mazamar portal.

A simple race high above Pelladane. right click the race waiver to be teleported up the start.
The race waiver appears in front of the questgiver when you pick up the quest.

Mount up and follow the track, green circles will boost your speed. At the end of each section of road you need to jump to the next section.. there are 3 yellow/orange circles to boost/jump you across, make sure to hit them at a good angle (straight on) to avoid mis-jumping.

Green circles boost your speed.
Yellow circles for the jump to next platform.

At the end of the track move onto the teleport platform to teleport back down to the questgiver.


full quest check needed

Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 9522 3116
Closest to the Crawl portal, but still quite a distance.

This… maze… is a 2 level maze in the darkness with very little field of view AND the maze rearranges around you between 2 set patterns every 20 seconds or so. You wont be able to get up the stairs or find the egg unless its in the right configuration.
Take the windy path up the mountain at /setwaypoint 11878 4508
The entrance to the maze is at /setwaypoint 12053 4337

You need to try to find your way to /setwaypoint 12014 4341 — This is the bottom of the ramp up to the second level.
Then make your way to /setwaypoint 12029 4316 — This is where the egg sac you need to find is located.
Here is my picture explanation – (Video is below)

If the maze switches configuration before you have reached the correct spot, just stand still and wait for it to switch again.

And the video guide..


full quest check needed

Estranged Brew
quest giver is at various locations in morban.. when you have the quest on your tracker there will be yellow quest dots around the map (6 in total). these dots are the locations where the quest giver COULD be. go to each dot in turn and switch shards at each one til you find the quest giver.

Once you have the quest you need to find the bottles of ale.
There are LOADS of different spawn locations for each different bottle of ale.

Blortt's Brown Ale - Found in the south-east of Morban in the Stormhold.

/setwaypoint 14456 7333
Inside the building on the upper floor.
Entrance: /setwaypoint 14289 7344

/setwaypoint 14416 7317
Inside the building on the ground floor.
Entrance: /setwaypoint 14289 7344

/setwaypoint 14424 7265
Inside the building on the ground floor.
Entrance: /setwaypoint 14289 7344

/setwaypoint 14358 7409
Outside up the ramp.

Golden Flow Lager - Found in the north-east of Morban in the Shapers Citadel.

/setwaypoint 15232 5142
Outside the little building.

/setwaypoint 15086 5601
Hidden in the grass.

/setwaypoint 15230 5538
Next to the archway.

/setwaypoint 15181 5304
Outside the little building.

/setwaypoint 15227 5485
Outside the entrance to Endless Eclipse.

Stout of the Tormented - Found in the mid-west of Morban in the Senviva Estate.

Entrance to Senviva Estate is at /setwaypoint 12997 6481

/setwaypoint 13070 6451
Entrance floor.

/setwaypoint 13072 6479
1 floor up.

/setwaypoint 13080 6449
2 floors up

/setwaypoint 13020 6471
1 floor up

/setwaypoint 13099 6406
1 floor up

Porter of Potential Potency - Found in the south of Morban on the pier area of Black Strand.

/setwaypoint 13027 7879
Nestled in the grass.

/setwaypoint 13063 7970
At the end of the pier.

/setwaypoint 13015 7932
By the fountain.

Also at /setwaypoint 12968 7838 – Next to the little ‘corner’ of brick wall.

Pilsner of Punishment - Found in the north-west of Morban in the Forest of Flesh.

/setwaypoint 13054 5464
On a rock near the path.

/setwaypoint 13035 5362
By the tree.

/setwaypoint 12968 5227
In the water.

Harry's Hoppin' Hope IPA - Found in the mid-north of Morban in the Northern Ruins.

/setwaypoint 14381 5309
Outside up the ramp.

/setwaypoint 14300 5368
Outside the little building.

/setwaypoint 14423 5441
By the wishing well.

Once you have picked up all 6 bottles you can go back to Lenny at Arians Challenge to hand in the quest.

Steppes of Infinity

full quest check needed

Trollin for Treasure.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 15001 8823 – Near Camp Skyburst portal.

2017 – this quest is set to auto-complete
2018 – this quest is still auto-completing

You need to run over 20 piles of gold. The piles of gold can be found in the land just east of the questgiver.

When you find a pile of gold just run over it with your character, you don’t need to click it. Have your quest on your tracker so you can check that they tick off when you run over them.

Switch shard if there isn’t much gold where you are.

The Great Planar Scavenger Hunt Part 2

3 Challenges to complete in Nightmare Tide zones.

First pick up the meta quest from Margle Palace in Draumheim
at /setwaypoint 5723 5625

Goboro Reef

full quest check needed

No Strings Attached.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4354 8344
Head up the ramp at /setwaypoint 4262 8260

First you need to go to /setwaypoint 3980 7887 and speak to Mitch who is trapped in a cage.
He will give you another quest to collect materials to make some puppets.

The Materials are…

10 diaphanous cloth
Farm these by killing humanoid mobs in the Nightmare Tide areas, this guide by pwniversity will help you.

1 inelastic thread
You can buy this in the rift store for 1.5plat (rift store >crafting >reagents).

8 tars from tainted jellies
The tainted jellies are in the Blackwater Forest area of Goboro Reef this is marked on your map with a yellow circle.
You can use a target macro to make them easier to find
/target tainted
Simply kill 8 of the jellies and loot them, no RNG here!

Circles on the Map for Tainted Jellies
Finding Inelastic Thread in the Store
A Tainted Jelly

When you have all the materials you need to go back to Mitch in the cage and hand in the quest
you will then talk with Mitch and he will give you the completed puppets.
You then go back to the original questgiver at /setwaypoint 4354 8344 to hand in the quest.


full quest check needed

Captain Dagon’s Fan Club.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 5975 5997
Use the bouncer at the Shadow Scion portal at /setwaypoint 6259 6614 to get up into the water.
The questgiver is on a small platform that you need to drop down onto.

Swim until you are above the platform, then I recommend you switch to walking mode by pressing / to make you move much slower, and zoom right in on your mini-map for more accuracy where you will land.

In the sea above Draumheim are some shipwrecked pirate ships, randomly the captain and his crew will spawn on them.
Go back to the Shadow Scion portal and use the bouncer again to get back up into the water.

Go to the shipwrecks and switch shard til you find the captain. You don’t need to interact with him or fight him, just be in the same area.

There are some ‘quests’ to do in these areas, they are fun to do but not very rewarding (small amount of void stone) and they will not make the captain spawn!

Locations include..

/setwaypoint 5471 6969
/setwaypoint 6117 7181
/setwaypoint 6235 4879

/setwaypoint 4640 5925

Tarken Glacier

full quest check needed

Summer Sledding.
Quest giver is at /setwaypoint 4824 1850
Click the map below for the route.

This is a fun sled ride to finish off the scavenger hunt!
This quest is TIMED, with 5 mins to complete, which is plenty of time as long as you mostly stay on track.

Go all the way down the hill following the red orbs and going under the checkpoint arches. You don’t have to follow the red orbs exactly, but you do need to go under every checkpoint arch.

Press forward to make the sleigh glide down the hill, when you need to slow yourself down a bit just let go of the forward button. You will pick up speed quite quickly and may lose control of your sled towards the end.

Make sure to do this quest SOLO.. meaning don’t be grouped up with someone else who is also doing the quest. Otherwise one of you will lose the buff required to do the race and will have to start all over again at the top.