Wardrobe Skins

Gladiator of Greed

This page has been created to answer that very common question of ‘Where do I get this wardrobe from?’.

There are nearly 5000 different wardrobe appearances in the game, many of which can be unlocked by multiple items/sources. Playing the game normally without even thinking about farming wardrobes will still unlock a decent selection of skins so that you can piece together a suitable outfit!

There are many cheevos linked to unlocking wardrobe skins, you can find these in H > Character > Wardrobe.

Although you will get the easier cheevos through ‘normal’ game play, there may come a time when you want to farm for them properly and complete them all. This guide is intended to help you do that!

The Database

The Cadrift Skins Database was first drafted with information taken from Rifts database, unfortunately the file was from 2018, many items have changed or been added since then. Thus it took weeks of tweaking to bring it up to the current list of skins available in game, many items had the wrong categories, or simply did not exist! I then spent 2 months farming dungeons, raids and various other sources to ensure the data was correct. Moving forward I would like to keep this list as up to date as possible, so if you spot any skins/easy sources that are not on this list, please do tell me!

Warning: You should think of this release as more of a ‘beta version’ of the database. There is still a lot of data that I need to collect from quest rewards and instance loot. This means that a small % of items may be incorrectly flagged as premium only instead of as free from those sources. The purchased, Crafted, and rewards categories are finished.

Wardrobe Information

Every Source?
This database does not contain every single source for every skin. The plan is to provide some way to get every skin, preferably an easy way that doesn’t involve random drops that need to be farmed for hours. If a skin can be easily crafted then you wont also find info about it having a 1% drop rate from some random mob in Kingsward, however if a random drop is the only way to acquire that skin then I will try to give as much info as possible about how to farm that.

Free: These skins can be obtained in game without having to spend any real money.

Premium: These skins will likely need a premium purchase to unlock.

Unavailable: These skins are not available in game at the moment, they might be from old events, or for purchasing packs that don’t exist anymore, or they may be added to the wardrobe selection but not actually be released in game yet.

Quest: Includes skins that are rewards from any of the quests in game, this includes storylines, side quests, Saga quests and PVP quests.

Purchased: Items can be purchased directly from the Rift store, or from various vendors in the open world, you can find a list of these vendors below.

Crafted: Many Appearances can be crafted by the various craft professions.

Looted: Looted in Instances, such as Raids, Dungeons or Chronicles. Or looted by specific mobs (see below).

Reward Item: Appearances rewarded by completing Puzzles, Cheevos, Artifact sets, etc.

Crafted Items
Items requiring normally harvested materials and vendor mats are marked as easy.
Items requiring rare materials or cooldown mats (amenders) are marked as harder.
Items requiring very rare or hard to acquire mats (raid drops, old crift drops etc) are marked as difficult.

Looted From Mobs
There are so many different open world mobs dropping so many different items! This section will only be filled out if the Wardrobe has no other easier method to acquire it, or if it drops from a very specific mob, or in an easily farmable location with a lot of mobs close together.

Premium vs Free
‘Free’ items will still need to be earned in game, they may be quest rewards, crafted, puzzle rewards or simply bought with in game earnable currencies. You will not need to spend any ‘real money’ to be able to acquire these skins.
‘Premium’ items are generally only available for credits, though some are bought with other premium currencies such as affinity, which can be earned for free in game, but is super slow! Premium wardrobe may also be looted from supply crates.
Although I have included items found in the ‘Equipment > Bundles’ tab of the Rift Store, I do not recommend buying anything from this tab. All of these wardrobes can be found elsewhere, cheaper or for in game currencies.

Wardrobe Appearances are unlocked as soon as the item with the appearance is in your own characters bags. Appearances are unlocked for every character on every shard in the same region. Appearances unlocked on EU will not also unlock on NA.
You do not need to equip an item to unlock the Appearance. Items that are not bound to you can still be traded with other players so they can unlock the Appearances too. Be very careful when trading Appearances, left click and drag them into the trade window instead of right clicking so you don’t accidentally equip them and make them soulbound.

When you hover over a piece of gear it will tell you if you do not have that items appearance unlocked. This will be written in green text at the bottom of the mouseover.
Items with appearances that you have collected will have no wardrobe text, you can change this in ‘settings > Misc’, the item will then have grey text to confirm you have collected the appearance. Items with no wardrobe attached, such as Belts, Trinkets and Jewellery will have no wardrobe information on them.

These steps assume you have a level 70 and have gone through the questline at least once and participated in a few group activities to gain currency. The steps do not need to be done in this particular order.

Check your Guild Bank!

Most guild banks have a dedicated wardrobe tab. Once you have proven yourself worthy, your Guild may allow you access to this tab.
Very carefully left click and drag each item into your bag to unlock the skin. Then left click and drag to place the item straight back into the Guild bank.

Open up the Rift Store and buy all the things.

Have a look in the Equipment section first, here you will find items purchasable for; Platinum, Open World currencies such as Void Stones and Celestial remnants, or for Raid/Dungeon currencies and PVP currencies too.
Clear the level selection so you can see the items for every level, tick all the calling boxes so you can see the items for all classes! There are hundreds of items here, so its best to do one slot at a time so you can keep track of what you have done.
Mouseover each item to see if you have unlocked the wardrobe, if you still need it then buy it and then sell it straight back to the store to get all your currency back! Continue to unlock all the items til you reach the end of the list and then switch to the next slot.
Check all the other areas of the store, don’t forget to check the capes in ‘Equipment > Accessories’ and of course all the weapons in the Weapon section.

If you find an item but do not have enough currency to buy it then just pop it on your wishlist for now, its likely you will unlock it elsewhere or eventually have enough currency.

Do not be spending credits at this point. The actual ‘Cosmetics’ tab of the Rift store is mostly credits only, though you should still grab the free items from costume armor and notoriety rewards section. Just ignore everything that is credits only for now, unless you really love that skin and there is no other ay to get it according to the database above!

Hint: When buying from the store, items bought with favor are different for Guardians and Defiants, be sure to check the store with a character from each faction!

Repeating the Questline

Repeat the Questline on alts, preferably you want to do the entire questline on at least 4 characters, 2 of each faction. Use different classes if you can as this will help with the farm after.
Pay special attention to the Mathosian and Storm Legion Zones, and the Saga questlines, which often have unique skins at the end.

Run the old group content!

Run old Dungeons and Raids, many of which can be run solo or with a small group. Pay special attention to the Mathosia and Storm Legion Standard Dungeons, running these for the first time on a character gives you a ‘dungeon completion quest’ that will often have rare/unique skins on, keep running them on fresh characters til you have all the skins in the quest.

All the Chronicles can be easily run solo at level 70, use characters of different classes for; Ceremony of Attunement, A Hero Rises, Queen’s Gambit, Infernal Dawn: Laethys, Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath, Intrepid: Greenscale’s Blight, Intrepid: River of Souls, Shadow From the Beyond and Rhen of Fate. 
Loot in these chronicles seems to be class specific, just a couple of runs on a character of each class will get you most of the skins that drop.


Get those professions to max and craft all the things!
If you don’t want to craft the items yourself, you will be pleased to know that all crafted items are tradeable, so you can ask a crafty friend to link their profession, then make a list of the items you need, farm the materials and then enjoy your new skins!
Some crafted items have materials that are very difficult to acquire, you may find these Appearances from other sources, have a look in the database. If you do craft any items that require difficult to get materials, you may find someone willing to pay a bit of plat for the item after you have unlocked the skin for yourself. You can attempt to sell the item on the Auction House, or maybe pop it in the Guild wardrobe tab.

Auction House

Tick the Uncollected Appearances Only tick box and then hit the search button.

Buy the items and then list them back up for sale for around the same price.





World Events

Buy all the things during World Events, ensure you farm the currencies on alts so you can buy all the wardrobe items, even alts on different shards can help with this.


Hunt those cheevos!
Completing puzzles, zone cheevos, artifact sets, killing rares etc will all contribute to your wardrobe collection.

You can access your wardrobe by selecting the wardrobe tab in your character sheet.
Here you will find slots for your gear and weapons that looks similar to your normal character sheet where your gear is.

Click on a slot to open up your menu of collected appearances, you can then select any of the appearances you have collected to piece together a wardrobe set. Use the coloured dyes to make the pieces match nicely and to better match your own personal style. Use the tick boxes to show/hide certain items.

You can hold 80 different wardrobe sets (including the wardrobe from your actual gear, which is accessed using the very first wardrobe set slot) Each slot can be bought with in game currency (platinum) or credits.

You can use “/wardrobe #” command to bring up that wardrobe set, if you are using the Roles add on then you can select which wardrobe set goes with each of your roles.

When typing in the search, it will work for all wardrobe items simultaneously, so if you find an item you like, for instance ‘Elaborate Tunic’, then typing ‘Elaborate’ into the search bar and clicking each slot will show you only the items with Elaborate in the name, this can be handy for finding matching items.

You can right click another player and select ‘Inspect’ this will bring up their character sheet so you can see their gear, on the left side you can switch to wardrobe and view what wardrobe appearances they are wearing.

Special Effects – Although some of the wardrobe pieces have fire, ice etc effect built in, there are also a large selection of additional cosmetic effects available that place a buff on your character and can really make your wardrobe complete. Most of these effects are available to buy during the various World Events.

Weapons – The weapon your character has equipped on your gear screen matters. If you are using a Staff on your gear sheet, then you cannot wardrobe it to look like 2 daggers. You can use the wardrobe to choose any two-handed weapon though, so maybe you want to turn your Staff into a giant axe or a Shovel.

Click the dyes next to each appearance slot to open up the Dye Chest, here you can choose colours for your appearances.
You can select a colour and then click the paint bucket in the upper right and click all the colour slots next to your items to mass paint multiple items one colour.
Everyone has all the basic colours unlocked. You can click the ‘show uncollected’ tick box to bring up all available dyes that you don’t have yet. Dyes are unlocked with credits only. Unlocking a Dye will make it available for every slot and every character on your account, Dyes unlocked on EU will also unlock on NA and visa versa.
You can buy a huge collection of dyes at the same time, you will find these in the ‘Rift Store > Cosmetics > Premium’. These are super expensive! The price does not reduce if you have already bought some dyes individually. In my opinion, it is better to just use the basic dyes and unlock a few choice colours individually, but its up to you of course!

Apothecaries can craft single use dyes, there are at least 58 different colours, including colours that are premium. These dyes are single use vials that need to be applied directly to the wardrobe slot, if you change the item in the slot then the dye will disappear. The dyes are crafted using materials from Mathosia and Storm Legion, some of which can be difficult to get hold of.

Note: If your dye isn’t showing up, try switching the wardrobe appearance for each slot, saving, then switching back to the wardrobe you actually want and saving again. You should now be able to use the dyes correctly.

Faboulous Bundle of Dye Buckets (74 Colors): Black (“regular” and Exceptionally) Cyan (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Emerald (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Fuchsia (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Goldenrod (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Lilac (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Lime Green (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Magenta (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Olive (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Peach (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Pink (“regular”, Dark, Exceptionally, and Light) Sapphire (“regular”, Dark, Exceptionally, and Light) Rose (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Ruby (“regular”, Dark, Exceptionally, and Light) Seafoam Green (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Sepia (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Sky Blue (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Slate Blue (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Tangerine (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Teal (“regular”, Dark, and Light) Violet (“regular”, Dark, Exceptionally, and Light) White (“regular” and Exceptionally) Exceptionally Crimson Exceptionally Gold Exceptionally Mint Exceptionally Pumpkin Exceptionally Purple Exceptionally Sky “Regular” colors are simply their name. For example, where there is no color called “Regular Violet”, there is Violet.

Celestial Bundle of Dye Bucket (21 colors): Crimson (“regular”, Dark, Deep, and Light) Lichen (“regular”, Dark, Deep, and Light) Sand (“regular”, Dark, Deep, and Light) Mariel-Taun Pink Nightmare Green Nightmare Purple Tenebrean Amber Tenebrean Blue Tenebrean Green Tenebrean Light Blue Tenebrean Purple Tenebrean Yellow

To Preview a wardrobe appearance, hold down CTRL and left click the item.
You will likely get the wrong skin showing with some odd other skins, this is normal for the first click, simply close this window and then CTRL cleft click the item again and it should then show you the correct item!
You may need to do this a couple of times!

All of these vendors have gear which can be bought to unlock the skin and then sold back so you don’t lose any currency.
Many of these items are duplicated between vendors or even on the Rift Store. The wardrobe may be on the store for credits only but available for in game currency at a vendor. Some however are unique to the vendor, especially in the Mathosian zones.
Vendors in the Mathosian zones are often Guardian/Defiant specific, so be sure to create an alt of the opposite faction so you can get them all!
Note: You will find PVP vendors in various zones of the Mathosian lands for Defiants, but most of the Guardian PVP items are found in Sanctum only.
Note: Most of the open world Mathosian vendors were combined into a single ‘Adventure Dealer’ which can be found in Sanctum/Meridian, though there are still some unique skins to be found on some of the open world vendors.

Freemarch, King’s Retreat at /setwaypoint 6272 4536 – Charlyn Stoneguard
Freemarch, King’s Retreat at /setwaypoint 6269 4544 – Quartermaster Fry
Freemarch, Kelari Refuge at /setwaypoint 6628 4530 – Armel Keeren
Freemarch, Denegar’s Stand at /setwaypoint 7242 5438 – Quartermaster Gerand

Meridian at /setwaypoint 6160 5130 – Raneoden, Adventure Dealer
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6095 5105 – Girdoom, Favor Quartermaster
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6087 5115 – Eldhu Bangal, The Storm Guard
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6084 5121 – Albahri Batu, The Moribund
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6075 5124 – Jahar Runesworn, Eldritch Seekers
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6099 5078 – Guy Moonsworn, Eldritch Knight Quartermaster
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6090 5110 – Desma Chontos, Social Clothing
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6108 5130 – Betisia Jarnson, Clothier
Meridian at /setwaypoint 5948 5113 – Quchi Bora, Marriage Coordinator
Meridian at /setwaypoint 6080 5135 – Enrinke Shinuas, Artifact Collector
Meridian at /setwaypoint 5944 5278 – Kimah Cerad, Epic Planar Equipment

Silverwood at /setwaypoint 6093 3251 – Kaerin Brandeon, Rare Planar Goods
Silverwood at /setwaypoint 5892 3040 – Quartermaster Molira, Quicksilver Scholars
Silverwood at /setwaypoint 6066 3033 – Landrel Nimur, Rare Goods – This is a rare NPC not always up
Silverwood at /setwaypoint 6542 3485 – Lizzy, Bogling Merchant – This is a rare NPC not always up

Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7407 2962 – Cer’roth, Adventure Dealer
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7409 2915 – Templar Zim, Favor Quartermaster
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7408 2911 – Marshal Onsorg, The Unspoken Quartermaster
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7408 2907 – Marshal Willa, Whitefall Brigade Quartermaster
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7417 2906 – Marshal Keme, Caretakers Quartermaster
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7410 2898 – Templar Jorge, Colonel Quartermaster
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7404 2902 – Templar Sanzo, Social Clothing
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7555 3062 – Milton, Clothier
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7590 3078 – Lada Freen, Marriage Coordinator
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7469 3003 – Fenric Duboard, Artifact Collector
Sanctum at /setwaypoint 7464 3006 – Quartermaster Konesy, Epic Planar Equipment

Stonefield at /setwaypoint 4966 4938 – Bascha Starling, Rare Planar Goods
Stonefield at /setwaypoint 4978 4944 – Quartermaster Verdson, Granite Falls

Gloamwood at /setwaypoint 5152 3215 – Lorem Ornae, Rare Planar Goods
Gloamwood at /setwaypoint 5134 3124 – Sardon Kenrad, Waykeeper Quartermaster

Scarlet Gorge at /setwaypoint 4626 4417 – Gerud Axxehandle, Rare Planar Goods (Defiant)
Scarlet Gorge at /setwaypoint 3846 3059 – Rakess Tanagra, Rare Planar Goods (Guardian)
Scarlet Gorge at /setwaypoint 4647 4396 – Orsin Tahri, PvP Goods (Defiant)
Scarlet Gorge at /setwaypoint 3846 3052 – Denrog Hargen, PvP Goods (Guardian)

Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3138 3890 – Miron Ledino, Iron Claw Quartermaster (Guardian)
Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3666 4433 – Lalani Ponlai, Red Scar Quartermaster (Defiant)
Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3676 4404 – Qirana Nor, PvP Goods (Defiant)
Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3134 3887 – Lorant Erellian, PvP Goods (Guardian)
Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3136 3882 – Carrie Greenwood, Rare Planar Goods (Guardian)
Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 3708 4391 – Kante Aether, Rare Planar Goods (Defiant)
Scarwood Reach at /setwaypoint 2610 3540 – Draylo Fuzzchin, Sage Goods (Guardian)

Iron Pine Peak at /setwaypoint 4601 1534 – Carlis, PvP Goods
Iron Pine Peak at /setwaypoint 4631 1542 – Robern Charrette, Icewatch Quartermaster
Iron Pine Peak at /setwaypoint 3740 1714 – Tananda Whitecoat, Rare Planar Goods

Moonshade Highlands at /setwaypoint 7309 2126 – Allison Vineleaf, Rare Planar Goods (Guardian)
Moonshade Highlands at /setwaypoint 5507 2181 – Kelfom Nighthawk, Rare Planar Goods (Defiant)
Moonshade Highlands at /setwaypoint 6297 1594 – Quartermaster Balint, Runeguard

Droughtlands at /setwaypoint 7642 6233 – Jerel Wren, Rare Planar Goods
Droughtlands at /setwaypoint 7643 6304 – Quartermaster Uzan, Arcane Hand
Droughtlands at /setwaypoint 7603 6328 – Gerand Ernel, PvP Goods
Droughtlands at /setwaypoint 8529 6635 – Big Tom, Hunting Gear

Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 6599 7062 – Lilythe Wetstone, Rare Planar Goods
Shimmersand at /setwaypoint 6111 7311 – Quartermaster Kemar, Dragonslayer

Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 2699 2437 – Per’tano the Oathbound, Rare Planar Goods
Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 2271 2510 – Denora Soulspark, Rare Planar Goods (Guardian)
Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 2297 3022 – Lorna Antwar, Rare Planar Goods (Defiant)
Stillmoor at /setwaypoint 1576 2627 – Quartermaster Savija, Order of Mathos Vendor

Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 13419 4189 – Agren Thestio, Kelari Expedition Quartermaster (Defiant)
Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 13457 2773 – Nyla Grilden, Farclan Quartermaster (Guardian)
Ember Isle at /setwaypoint 13034 3448 – Helera Ruesen, Keeper Quartermaster
Crafted at a special crafting station using materials dropped in Infernal Dawn – /setwaypoint 13077 3466

Planetouched Wilds at /setwaypoint 10291 5910 – Terbish, Arcane Trickets

Cape Jule at /setwaypoint 8190 11934 – Gantoj Tallarines, Adventure Dealer
Eastern Holdings at /setwaypoint 8095 8798 – Ajik Tuveris, Eternal City Survivors Quartermaster
Eastern Holdings at /setwaypoint 7858 7757 – Sevark Hiltron, Eternal City Survivors Quartermaster
Ashora at /setwaypoint 3592 8203 – Tavoh, Qaijiri Quartermaster
Note about The Dendrome: There are Quartermasters in Hailol, Solstice Tower and Achyati Village. The only gear they sell is trinkets so no wardrobes on them.
Kingdom of Pelladane at /setwaypoint 7236 5590 – Cefrolulo Ricajo, Adventure Dealer
Seratos at /setwaypoint 10869 4958 – Tarla Sevilla, Caretaker Quartermaster

Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12683 11609 – Serrik Tavalon, Eternal City Survivors Quartermaster
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12661 11574 – Eelo, Qaijiri Quartermaster
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12674 11667 – Purla Ilira, Caretaker Quartermaster
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12788 11499 – Ponn Zee, Swindler
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12794 11511 – Huckster Ratioskr, Battle Pass Merchant
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12975 11525 – Felissa Scivolo, Artifact Collector
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13100 11518 – Dame Uragano, Adventure Dealer
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13106 11514 – Bela Hidrargo, World Gear Merchant
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13113 11507 – Urbo Sezono, Expert Gear Merchant
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13116 11504 – Halzo Drast, Raid Gear Merchant
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13119 11503 – Nox Alar, Raid Gear Merchant
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13115 11522 – Piotyr Golyadkin, Torvan Planar Goods
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 13030 11645 – Mercenary Mortimer, Conquest 2.0 Quartermaster
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12996 11705 – Mercenary Petrikov, Freelancer Quartermaster
Tempest Bay at /setwaypoint 12977 11695 – Mercenary Hudson, General Goods

Goboro Reef at /setwaypoint 2869 7021 – Cora, Atragarian Goods
Goboro Reef at /setwaypoint 3916 6494 – Deyazhad, The Ghar Planar Goods
Goboro Reef at /setwaypoint 3918 6474 – Palash, Manugo League Goods

Draumheim at /setwaypoint 5548 6399 – Yazad, Manugo League Goods
Draumheim at /setwaypoint 5570 6398 – Mah, The Ghar Planar Goods

Tarken Glacier at /setwaypoint 3711 4000 – Equipment Fabrication Dispenser, The Ghar Planar Goods
Tarken Glacier at /setwaypoint 6588 4296 – Gulpine, Cerulean Rhenke Goods

Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5604 5536 – Woolly, Clothier
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5541 5604 – Bridezilla, Marriage Coordinator (duplicate skins)
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5473 5598 – Thiazi, Adventure Dealer
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5506 5569 – The Ghar Store, The Ghar Planar Goods
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5506 5566 – Manugo League Store, Manugo League Goods
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5622 5448 – Mercenary Richard, General Goods (Tempest Bay Duplicate)
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5624 5449 – Mercenary Mortimer, Conquest 2.0 Quartermaster (Tempest Bay Duplicate)
Margle Palace at /setwaypoint 5625 5449 – Mercenary Summer, Mercenary Quartermaster (Tempest Bay Duplicate)

Alittu at /setwaypoint 4177 6476 – Cleidomanologist Manjax, Adventure Gear
Alittu at /setwaypoint 4074 6507 – Dungeonologist Cox, Dungeon Gear (duplicate skins)

Xarth Mire at /setwaypoint 4789 4531 – Evora, Mages of Alittu Special Quartermaster
Vostigar Peaks at /setwaypoint 3966 3418 – Nothim, Uttila Resistance Quartermaster (Vostigean skins, also available in the store for datagrams and looted in BoS)

https://telaradb.com/#/ – Here you can view 3D models of Appearances. The skins that are on this site are linked to from each individual skin in the Cadrift database. If the link is not there, then the skin is newer that 2018 and thus wont be on this site.

https://rift.events/appearances/ – A large searchable database of wardrobe appearances, simply type in the skin you want and it will give you a list of all the items that give that skin! This can give you a many more sources for each of the skins than what I have listed above.

Back in Chocolate Rift the wardrobe UI had much less functionality.
You needed to keep each item that you wanted to use for your wardrobe and slot the items directly into the wardrobe slots. If you had nothing in the slots then your actual gear would show through instead.
Wardrobe pieces could be dyed, but only in a very limited way using consumable dyes made by Apothecaries or bought in the store.
You were only able to hide your helm or shoulders, all other pieces would show as long as you had a gear item equipped there.
You could only save 5 costume sets, and if you wanted the same item in multiple sets then you would need more copies of that item or to switch them over manually each time you changed sets.

Weapons did not have a proper wardrobe slot, instead we used Transfiguration Baubles, these were a premium item that would copy the appearance of a weapon onto another weapon without changing the weapons stats, you would then equip this weapon on your main gear screen and it would have the look you wanted. Transfiguration Baubles were premium items, these were removed once the new wardrobe system was released, though some peeps may still have some, usually on old alts, and can use them to transfigure weapons from old raids so the skins become tradeable. You cannot use Transfiguration Baubles on items that are over Level 65.

The new and current wardrobe system released in 2015 was  a huge improvement to this old system!