Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Silverwood

Puzzled at the Top of the World

Route to the Puzzle

The teleport plaque for the Silverwood puzzle is tucked away in a corner at the base of a large tower at Overwatch Keep
/setwaypoint 6416 3155

The Puzzle

The puzzle is a series of teleport plaques that teleport you all around the towers of Overwatch Keep, each tower will have more than one plaque available to click, the trick is knowing which order to click them in to get to the final tower with the treasure chest.

When you press the first teleport plaque you will end up on the first tower. Move your character to the right around the tower, so you are travelling in an anti-clockwise direction..

As you go around the tower you need to be watching for the first plaque you encounter
Click the first plaque and teleport to the next tower
For every tower, the plaque you need will always be the first on the right
There are 5 different towers to teleport to and then the final tower with the chest

If you lose track, these waypoints will help, you need to zoom right in on your mini-map to use them effectively
Tower 1 : Entrance – /setwaypoint 6405 3111 : Exit – /setwaypoint 6401 3108
Tower 2 : Entrance – /setwaypoint 6527 3132 : Exit – /setwaypoint 6524 3132
Tower 3 : Entrance – /setwaypoint 6498 2969 : Exit – /setwaypoint 6495 2973
Tower 4 : Entrance – /setwaypoint 6448 3150 : Exit – /setwaypoint 6447 3157
Tower 5 : Entrance – /setwaypoint 6577 3041 : Exit – /setwaypoint 6573 3041
Tower with chest : Entrance – /setwaypoint 6415 3029