Scavenger Hunts

The scavenger hunts will net you 6 friendship bracelets total.

The Scavenger Hunts are the main ‘weekly’ quests for the Summerfest event.
Pick up the quests in Meridian/Sanctum, Tempest Bay and Margle Palace (Info here)
There are 6 Scavenger Hunts in total, giving one friendship bracelet each.
Each Scavenger Hunt is a Meta Quest, you will need to complete a number of small quests in the zones to work towards completing the Scavenger Hunt.
I have split the Scavenger Hunts into the 2 stages, HUNT 1 and HUNT 2 you can check your quest to see which hunt stage you are on. Only hunt 1 is available during the first phase of summerfest, hunt 2 opens up during the second phase, however, if you are unable to log in to pick up the quests during phase 1 you will still be able to pick up the hunt 1 quests throughout the event and pick up the hunt 2 quests as well during phase 2.

Capture Them All

A single quest giving 1 friendship bracelet.

This quest can be completed once per summerfest event on each of your characters.
Pick up this quest in..
Sanctum /setwaypoint 7414 3142
Meridian /setwaypoint 6211 5202
It is available from the first day of summerfest and can only be completed once during the whole event.

Once you pick up the main quest you will then need to pick up all the smaller quests from the same NPC, one for each creature.. Make sure you have plenty of space in your quest log!

All the creatures you need to capture are in storm legion zones, they are clearly marked with yellow circles on the map..

The small quests give you a special item called a specimen diminisher, this is used to capture each of the creatures.

The Macro

target Parasite
target Carrion Beast
target Cliffside Rhino
target Scavenging Thunderbird
target Dreg Beast
target Aurobon Stalker
target Shadewing Bat
target Sand Demon


Tk’ztk Parasite – Steppes of Infinity
Carrion Beast – Morban
Cliffside Rhino – Cape Jule
Scavenging Thunderbird – Pelladane
Dreg Beast – Seratos
Aurobon Stalker – Eastern Holdings
Shadewing Bat – Ardent Domain
Sand Demon – Ashora

If you go to each location and spam the macro, it will target the mob for you. Dont forget to switch shard if you cant find the mob.

Once you have the mob targeted, use the ‘specimen diminisher’ of the correct type on the mob. (just click the picture of the item that is on your quest sticky to use it)

The mob will shrink down and turn friendly. You need to pick up this small creature (right click it). Once you have picked it up you can go back to the questgiver in Meridian/Sanctum and place the mob inside the correct cage next to the questgiver.

NOTE: The parasites in Steppes are inside a cave not up the side of the mountain. Cave entrance is near the portal at /setwaypoint 16010 6382

NOTE: The Sand Demons in Ashora are underground worms.. Run around in circles near the quest markers to see if you can make one pop from underground. You may need to mentor down to make them agro you.


Various quests rewarding merit badges.

Summer Sunfishin'

Pick up in Meridian/Sanctum or Tempest Bay.

For this quest you need to fish up summer sunfish, you can also just have them in your bags and hand them in, so buying them off the auction house is fine.

When you port into any of the Mathosian or Storm Legion zones and open up the map, you will see blue fish symbols on water sources. These symbols mark the location of summer sunfish plants.

Fishing around these summer sunfish plants will give you summer sunfish and sunplant leaves..

You need to fish where the fishing circle goes green (as apposed to blue/yellow circles).

You can fish at the plants in ANY ZONE with just level 1 fishing skill.

The plants are up for a short amount of time and then disappear so you will have to move around/switch shard to find more.


Pick up in Meridian/Sanctum or Tempest Bay.

For this quest you will need to craft 2 summer sunfish lures, it wont count lures that you already have in your bags so buying them off the auction house wont work. You can however buy the leaves needed to craft them from the auction house and then craft them yourself.

When you pick up the quest you will be allocated a ‘borrowed recipe’ to allow you to craft the lures.
You will find this recipe in your recipe book [ , ] under Fishing > Lures.

The lures require 5 sunplant leaves to craft, these can be fished up at the summer sunplant locations or bought from the auction house.

Once you complete the quest, you will be given 2 more summer sunfish lures. Which you can then use to catch more summer sunfish.

Sandwiches for Everyone!

Pick up in Meridian/Sanctum or Tempest Bay.
When you pick up the quest you will be allocated a ‘borrowed recipe – Sunfish Po’ boy‘ to allow you to craft the sandwiches.
This will be in the ‘basic food’ section of survival.

For this quest you need to craft 10 sandwiches, you can also just have them in your bags and hand them in, so buying them off the auction house is fine.

Bug Squishing

Pick up in Meridian/Sanctum.

For this quest, you need to go just outside of
Meridian /setwaypoint 6275 5184
Sanctum /setwaypoint 7164 3049
where the yellow quest circle is.
In this circle there are lots of quite large bugs crawling around.

Simply jump on top of 6 bugs to ‘squish’ them.

Bonus: Telara Dog and Pony Show - Part 1

You will only be able to see and pick up this quest if you have one of the corgi pets required to complete it.

Once you accept the quest, go to the catwalk near the questgiver and stand in the white circle. Summon your corgi pet by opening your character sheet, selecting ‘companions’ from the left hand menu, then scrolling down to find your corgi pet.

Pets that work include..

From the Fae Yule event.
Free at the end of the Dendrome questline.
  • BeeBee – From Autumn Harvest event.
  • Courage – Available in the rift store from referral rewards.
  • Dorna – From Summerfest event
  • Glinda – From Autumn Harvest event.
  • Holly  – From Fae Yule event.
  • Kirby – Bought with credits from the Rift store
  • Radar – This pet has been handed out in competitions.
  • Spirit of Tasuil – Dendrome story questline
  • Taffy – Bought with credits from the Rift store

Its a good idea to put the pet summon on your skill bar so you have quick access to it for the rest of summerfest to do the daily really quickly.

The quest says to summon your corgi pet.. if you already have a corgi pet out then you will need to resummon it to credit the quest.

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