Scarlet Gorge

Cheevo found in H > Zones > Rift > Scarlet Gorge

A Barrel of Laughs

Route to the Puzzle

Take the Crimson Wash portal into Scarlet Gorge, head across the river to the lift at
/setwaypoint 4008 3085
take the lift up, travel along the top of the cliff and cross the large bridge at
/setwaypoint 3849 2946
Turn right at the end of the bridge and follow the bridge path to
/setwaypoint 3620 2775

Here you need to drop down to the wooden platform below..

From here you can drop down to the puzzle location underneath the wooden platform..

The Puzzle

The Scarlet Gorge puzzle is a simple slider puzzle with 9 squares.

You need to move the items on the left so they match the items on the right.

The start positions of the items is different every time so there is no set pattern to follow

I suggest you start by arranging the 3 barrels in the top row first, and then the closed barrel and apple crate on the left and then the remaining 3 items.
Simply right click an item that is next to the empty space to move that item to the empty space.

Here is a video example of how to complete the puzzle…