Nightmare Tide Puzzles

There are 3 Puzzles in the Plane of Water.

The Draumheim and Tarken Glacier puzzles are based on the old games of Mastermind and Squares.
And then we have the Goboro Reef puzzle.. Which is just an epic massive maze floating high up in the sky!
The Goboro puzzle is a joy to run through, I hope you have as much fun as I did when you run it yourself!

Goboro Reef
Amazing Race

Code Breaker
Super Sleuth

Tarken Glacier
Boxed In
Thinking out of the Box

Although the Planetouched Wilds puzzle ‘Callweddi‘  was part of the Nightmare Tide expansion, The zone is part of Mathosia, so the puzzles and other cheevos you can get there are all found listed under Mathosian zones.