Prophecy of Ahnket Puzzles

The two Puzzles released during the Prophecy of Ahnket are both
Bigger, Bolder and more Beautiful than anything we have seen in Rift before.

Toks Dungeon is a fully instanced puzzle area with 7 different puzzles inside, each different and challenging! With notoriety and currency to farm it is a true commitment to complete the entire dungeon and gain all the rewards. The Toks dungeon guide is 16 pages of guides with many many pictures and plenty of videos to help you along!

The VP jumping puzzle is again very different! For this puzzle you are high up in the sky above Vostigar Peaks, jumping from platform to platform using special jumping mounts! This puzzle can be incredibly frustrating when you fall, its best to bring a friend or two with summons!

Toks Dungeon
645 Cheevo points

VP Puzzle
Dopey Opie

Tenebrean Trouble

Maybe one day!