Recommended Addons

A list of the brightest and the best

Where to download Addons

You will find hundreds of different Rift Addons at each of them have different jobs to make your life easier! Many of them do the same job in slightly different ways and it is up to you to choose which way you prefer. The curseforge page (or forum post) should have a list of basic commands and instructions for how to use the addon.
You can download these Addons manually or use the Curseforge App to download and install them automagically. You can find information about how to download and install Addons on the Adding Addons Page.

Outdated Addons

You will find that a lot of the Addons haven’t been updated for a very long time (some more than a few years!) generally, as long as an Addon has been updated at some point during this expansion then it will still work fine. Some Addons that were updated before this expansion will still work ok, some of them will be broken. Sometimes the original creator of the Addon stops playing but someone else updates the Addon when changes need making, these updated Addons may not be put on curseforge and instead you may find them in other locations. I have tried to provide the most recent update link below.
All of the Addons listed below work well. If you want to try other Addons not listed below then go for it! If they don’t work then you can just delete them with no harm done.

Installing Addons

Always close Rift when adding new Addons. Load up Rift again to set up your Addon and then restart Rift to ‘save’ the Addon settings.

Quick and Easy Set Up Guides for Caduto's Top 5 Recommended Addons

My top 5 must have Addons!

Everyone enjoys Rift in different ways so everyone’s top 5 Addons will be slightly different. My top 5 Addons are more to help with general gameplay and to start group content (dungeons and raiding). They are the perfect Addons to start you off!
I have included a small ‘Quick and Easy Beginners’ guide for each of my top 5 Addons.

General Gameplay

Addons to help make your life easier!

  • Rat Hunter
    For help with hunting Rats in Toks Puzzle Dungeon.
    You can find the Rat Hunter add on here. This is a download from Curseforge.
  • Resource Tracker
    Shows you the location of nearby material nodes and tells you which materials it may produce.
    Cadrift has uploaded the new copy of this Addon for you to download here. (Thank you Specs!)
    To add the Prophecy of Ahnket zones to the tracker, add these files here (Ghar Station forums post)
    Here is the original archived forum post about resource tracker for more info about the Addon.
  • TomTom
    Sets a route for you based on waypoints. (good to use with RareDar)
    You can download Tomtom here


Helping you create your dream space

  • Tinker Tools
    Makes dimension building so much easier! Allows you to copy/paste items with ease and save item combos to use later.
    You can download Tinker Tools here.
  • Dimension Lookup
    Lets you search for specific Dimension Items across all your characters bags, banks, and dimensions!
    This Addon will only work if you are also using Dimventory and/or Imhothar’s Bags.
    You can download Dimension Lookup here.

Cheevo Hunting

Addons to help you with completing all the things for all the points!

  • Completionist
    Shows you all the quests and carnages you are missing in a particular zone. Includes co-ordinates! This is fully updates for all current zones.
    You can download a version from Cadrift here.
  • Quest Finder
    An alternative for listing all the quests you need in a zone, more simplified than Completionist. Its not updated for the newer content, but is great for Mathosian zones.
    You can download Quest Finder here.


Addons to enhance your UI

  • Gadgets
    Completely change your UI as much or as little as you like.
    I never really got on with gadgets, I only use it for the range finder (shows you how far away your target is), but some players completely replace all their Rift UI with all the different gadget versions. You can download other peoples add ons for gadgets from curseforge, just search for ‘gadgets’ in the rift section.
    The actual Gadgets add on was removed from curseforge in late 2023.
    You can download a version from Cadrift here.
  • Imhothar’s Bags
    Allows you to see all your currency and items on all your alts from one character. Can also display your bags as one large bag.
    Cadrift has uploaded a copy of this Addon for you to download here.
  • Easy Mail
    Replaces the in game mail UI. Gives a much more modern and streamlined look. Allows you to send multiple mails with one click, and has an archive feature for mails you want to keep.
    You can download Easy Mail here.
  • BananAH
    Replaces the Auction House UI. Allows for much easier selling of many items, and setting prices for those items!
    This addon was broken for a while, it has recently been fixed and reuploaded, with a goal to add more improvements (March 2024).
    You can download BananAH here.
  • Teleporter
    Gives you an easy to access list of all your teleport and summon abilities.
    Cadrift has uploaded a copy of the newer version for you to download here. This includes the Call of Callweddi, Opie Whistle and Tok Box, these are not included on the curseforge version.
    Here is the original archived forum post about Teleporter for more info about the Addon.
  • Heartometer
    Displays a simple Notoriety tracker, keeps track of how much you have earned since logging in.
    You can download Heartometer here.


Addons to help you in your raiding adventures

  • Fire Storm Countdown
    Shows a timer to let you know when to cast firestorm again (useful for mages using Pyromancer)
    You can download Fire Storm Countdown here.
  • Watch For Damage
    Type in the name of a bosses damaging ability and instantly be alerted if anyone in the raid gets hit by it, this is especially useful during raid cheevo runs when you may need to quickly wipe if the wrong type of damage is taken.
    You can download Watch For Damage here.
  • Removebuff
    This Addon is helpful if you have a cancelbuff line in your macro. Normally, if you don’t have the buff active to cancel then your chat will be spammed to inform you of this! With this Addon, you can edit your macro and change the ‘cancelbuff’ command into a ‘removebuff’ command and then there will be no more spam in the chat.
    Cadrift has uploaded a copy of this Addon for you to download here.


Addons to help you figure out which gear to keep

  • Stat Weights
    Shows you the stat weight (like an ilvl) of each item for easier comparison of stats – Also has a fragment recycler that will recycle fragments for you based on criteria you enter (recycle all tank frags or all tier 6 frags for example)
    You can download Stat Weights here.

Creating Addons

  • Addon Information Station
    This post from the old official forums is a good place to start for players that would like to try creating their own addons.
  • Rift UI Wiki
    You may also find this page helpful!
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