The Introduction

Before you dive in!

Before you dive into the grind, there are a couple of things to do first that will make life much easier for you.

1. Create THE Macro

Your rat hunting macro.. to hunt rats.. and kill them.. and LOOT them! For the rats in Toks, drop shiny shiny artifacts. And you will need them… lots and lots of them!

This macro, should be placed in a spammable location on your bar (I like to key bind mine to my mouse4 button)

Rats start appearing in Toks after around 5 mins of being in the dungeon.

You should also have picked up the weekly to kill 50 rats (after your first convo with Dead Simon), make sure to complete it every week!

HINT: If you are in Toks with a friend, change your loot setting to ‘free for all’ so you can split up to kill rats and still be able to loot them!

2. Download THE add on

You will notice that once inside Toks, pressing M gives you very little assistance at all.. There is no map!. But thanks to the wonderful Alleja from Zaviel.. we have an add on for that 🙂
The forum thread about this creation is HERE at the bottom of the first post is the download link. See the page how to install an add on for assistance.
Your shiny new map should look like this >>>

The map has an awesome added bonus.. it will show you EXACTLY where the rats are hiding!

On the map, your character is shown by a small blue dot. When you click your rat macro, the nearest rat will be targeted and that will show on the map as a yellow dot.

This makes rat hunting your new favourite pass time… enjoy!

3. Clear a bag out!

You will be killing rats.. a lot of rats.. at least 50 a week.. preferably more! All of those rats will give you shiny artifacts to pick up, as well as notoriety with Dead Simon and some Tok tokens. Once you have completed the rat parts artifact set, you will need to store your duplicates.. all of them!
If you have space in your main characters bags, clear out some room and start stacking them up.. If your main char is limited on space, delegate an alt to post these artifacts to for long term storage.
You can see more info about Rat Parts in the ‘How To Farm It’ section below.

4. Sort out a Running Spec

When you first start in Toks dungeon you wont ‘need’ a running spec, most of the content can be done at normal speed. However, it will certainly make your life easier when you reach the more difficult timed puzzles.

Every class has souls that can increase your running speed a lot. Character running speed isnt usually something that is needed in rift, its usually much more about how well you heal or how high your DPS is!

So i have created a page dedicated to Running Specs

How to get Inside Toks for the First Time

There are two ways to get inside Toks dungeon for the first time.

The first way is to find a ‘portal’ in Alittu.
The portals look like a small 20 sided dice which you can click to activate the teleport.

There is an album of entrance locations here credit to Boase.

These portals are hidden all around Alittu, under tables, high up on beams, on top of the buildings etc. There can be up to 5 active at any time per shard. Once someone has clicked the portal to enter Toks, that portal will disappear and reappear at a different location. (Use Opie or your Jetpack mount to help!)

This is the only way to get inside Toks as a solo player for the very first time.

Alittu Tok Portal

The second way to get inside Toks for the first time is to enter as 2 players with a player that already has a Tok-Box.

You simply group up with the player, have them use their Tok-Box and you will both be ported into Toks.

This is especially handy if your friend is also willing to escort you around to do a few of the puzzles in 2 player mode.

If your friend leaves Toks but stays in the group, you will be able to do the puzzles in solo mode. Use the solo door to go towards the puzzles, it will then start a 60 second countdown saying wrong number of players, let it countdown and you will ported back to reception and you will now be in a solo instance, you can now do all the puzzles in solo mode. If your friend leaves Toks and leaves the group, you will have 60 secs before the map will automatically kick you out.

Buying Your Own Tok Box

Once inside the dungeon.. the farm begins. Your first goal should be to buy your very own Tok-Box.

A Tok-Box is a device that sits in your bags and allows you to portal into Toks dungeon whenever you want.

The Tok-Box will only work if you are stood in Alittu, or you can use it when you are already in Toks Dungeon to port back to the reception room.

On entering Toks for the first time, you will be in the reception room. This is a large rectangular room with a large door directly behind you that will port you back to Alittu, a door to your left with a single dot above it for the single player entrance to the puzzles and a door to your right with two dots above it for the duo-player entrance to the puzzles. In front of you, on a platform sits the master of puzzles.. Dead Simon.

You will need to speak to Dead Simon first. He will welcome you to Toks dungeon and give you your first weekly quest.. to kill 50 rats. You will need to be sure your quest log is not full during this conversation, if you already have a full quest log it may bug out the conversation.

If you have done the Planetouched Wilds puzzle ‘Callweddi’ and have the Callweddi Citizen cheevo then Dead Simon will recognise you as a trusted friend and you will be given some ‘free’ notoriety to get you to friendly straight away.

To be able to buy your own Tok-Box, you will need friendly notoriety with Dead Simon and 100 Tok tokens (the currency used inside Toks).

You can gain the notoriety and the tokens needed by doing at least 4 puzzles. The first puzzle in the dungeon is the rat maze, doing this 4 times will net you the required rep and tokens, after completing the puzzle the first time, simply go back up to Dead Simons desk and hit the reset lever that is next to it, then travel back down and complete the rat maze again!

Alternatively, you could try your luck at the second puzzle, the sudoku. Please see the guides for all the different puzzles.

Once you have acquired enough notoriety and tokens, go to Ripseo Neilmi, the NPC sat at the desk to the left of Dead Simon. He will sell you your very own Tok-Box.

From now on, whenever you want to enter Toks, you don’t need to hunt around in Alittu anymore, simply go to Alittu and click your Tok-Box.

General Information

Travelling through Toks you will encounter lots of doors, to open these, you need to click the handle on the door frame on the right hand side.

The door will then open and stay open for a short amount of time. If you are not able to click the handle, it means you havn’t done the previous puzzle to allow you to open up that section of Toks. Try to run through the doors as quickly as you can to avoid getting trapped inside them! If you are two players then your partner can pull the handle again to let you out, but in one player mode, the only fix for being trapped in a door is to re-use your Tok-Box to teleport back to reception.

When you do a puzzle for the first time and open the reward cache, it will ‘unlock’ the doors to the next puzzle. Doing each puzzle in turn will eventually open up the whole of Toks dungeon to you.

You can repeat any puzzle at any time by pressing the reset lever, or by simply exiting Toks for longer than 15mins, or exiting Toks then resetting your instances by right clicking your char portrait and selecting ‘reset instances’.
If you are in reception, clicking the large door opposite Dead Simons desk will port you outside to Allittu. If you are in another area of the dungeon and wish to exit, a soul recall or any of the PA portals will work to exit out. Remember you wont be able to re-enter easily until you have your Tok Box!

What is Your Goal?

There are 645 cheevo points to be earned inside Toks.

To do all the content inside Toks, it will take an average player 2-3months of farming.

Some players will want to just see Toks, complete the puzzles, have some fun then leave it be.

Others will want to grind the notoriety to glorified in order to buy the mount and cape..

Some players however.. will want to do the whole dungeon and get all those beautiful cheevo points. The whole dungeon means.. every puzzle completed in both solo and duo mode, all the artifact sets completed, the notoriety up at venerated.. and then the big grind, the crafting of 6 unique costume sets, each consisting of 6 items.

It is this final craft of the costume sets that is the big grind.. the uber grind, the OMG HOW MANY FISH?? grind!!!!

If you are just after the mount, or gonna go the whole hog, it doesnt matter, just have fun 🙂

How To Farm It!

Toks is a very big puzzle.. there are many ways of earning Tok tokens and notoriety!

Doing the dailies/weeklies: The dailies are a very easy way to earn notoriety and Tok tokens without being too repetitive or taking too much time each day. The Tok chest weekly should be done on as many chars as possible to gain loads of pretty artifacts for your main. The rat hunting weekly should be done just on your main. – please refer to the guide for the quests.

Hunting rats: While doing your dailies, rats would have been spawning all over the dungeon, just keep spamming your rat target macro and kill any you encounter along the way, then once you have finished your dailies, clear out the dungeon of rats til there are no more. Doing this every day will easily grant you your 50 kills for the week.. However, stockpiling rat part artifacts in your bags and then handing them in to skeleton dude is a very nice boost to your Tok tokens and notoriety. If you are in game and need to go afk for a while (at least 30mins), park yourself in toks! When you come back, you will have a sea of rats to kill to boost your artifacts. You can hand in these artifacts straight away if you want, or you can save them up til you have loads and hand them in with a notoriety and token vial (a good way to judge if you are ready for hand in is when you have a couple of white artifacts going over a full stack of 99, once you reach that point, you probably have a good stash of the other colours too, going by average drop ratios) – see the artifacts page for more info

Repeating puzzles: Will give you a notoriety award on completion of the puzzle and a cache of Tok tokens from the chest at the end of each puzzle, these caches can be opened straight away, or saved up to open all at once with a token vial on.

If you are only here for the Cape/Mount

For starters: Complete all the puzzles! Decide if you want to use vials at all to get there quicker, if you are going to use vials, save up your duplicate rat parts, dont hand them in straight away. After first completion of each puzzle you will need to open the chest you receive in order to progress to the next puzzle. On subsequent completions of each puzzle you will be awarded a chest with just Tok tokens, keep those chests to open with your vial. Then when you are ready to use your vial, pop the vial, open up all your saved chests and hand in all your rat parts. Then spend the rest of the time of the vial killing rats and completing puzzles — If you are not going to use vials at all, just hand everything in or open chests as you earn them.

Daily: Complete any dailies that you feel like doing (or all of them if you are in a rush). Try to spend a bit of time rat hunting and repeating any puzzles you find easy and/or quick, remember you will need to pull the reset lever at Simons Desk each time you want to reset and repeat a puzzle. Use your Tok-Box to get back up there quickly!

Weekly: Complete Tok chest weekly and rat weekly on your main for extra notoriety and Tok tokens.

If You Want The Artifact Sets Too

all of the above plus..

For starters: Complete rat maze, sudoku, mirror maze and pyramid puzzle on as many alts as you can.

Weekly: Complete Tok chest weekly on those alts and send the chests to your main for opening.

If You Want To Go The Whole Hog And Craft All The Costume Sets

For starters: Do all the puzzles on your main char. Then complete rat maze, sudoku, mirror maze and pyramid puzzle on as many alts as you can. Delegate an alt for material storage, clear out their bags or bank!

Daily: Go into Toks, do the snowball daily, complete the mirror maze, do the laser shapes daily, complete the math maze. Go back to the start line for dungeon run daily, complete the dungeon run challenge. Kill any rats you encounter along the way.

Then.. get out of toks! Go fishing for a bit, using a lure bought by your alts. Go for a walk around some of the zones, gathering bolidium ore, kill a couple of the rare mobs for purple mats, farm the other rare mats, get your perplexing puzzle pieces done, etc etc.

The time consuming bit here is the materials, if you are doing the Toks daily and weekly quests you will likely hit max rep before you have even half the fish you will need!

Make yourself a nice list of all the mats you need to farm (see the materials page) and then work on it a little each day, but DEFINITELY fish! – Also, check the auction house!

Weekly: Complete the Tok chest weekly on all your alts and send the chest to your main to open up. Also complete the weeklies on your main

I would like to thank the whole community for sharing so much information about Toks, it has been a lot of fun figuring out how to get everything done. I would especially like to thank the creators and contributors to this thread. Their discussions and hints and tips really helped this whole guide come together.