Sudoku - Solo

Entrance to Sudoku

The door to the Sudoku puzzle is opened up after you finish the Rat Maze puzzle and loot and open the chest at the end.

The Sudoku puzzle has a difficulty level of easy if you have a Sudoku solver, and beyond expert level if you choose not to use a solver.

I enjoy playing Sudoku.. so much so that i have an app for that on my phone! My app has 5 difficulty levels, the highest being expert, yet even those expert puzzles are FAR easier than what you start with in Toks.
Thus, pretty much everyone who does this puzzle uses a Sudoku solver.
You can download the in game soduko solver addon here, or you can use an online one here.. or you can download an app for that on your mobile phone/tablet.

When you first enter the room, you will notice the large table in the middle with the gameboard on top.

To enter numbers into the gameboard, you simply right click each square the number of times you want the number to be, so for a number 3, you need to right click 3 times, for a number 9 you need to right click 9 times. You may find that if you click too quickly some of your clicks wont be registered, so make sure to double check that you have put the right number in before moving to the next one. If you go over your required number, just keep clicking and it will go up to 9 then cycle back around to 1 and so on.

Around the edge of the room you will notice 8 little huts. Each of these huts is the home of a Pesky Bogling!
After a few minutes of being inside the room, the Boglings will start exiting the huts..

They will slowly walk to the middle of the room and enter the little doors at the bottom of the gameboard table.. Once inside, they will fiddle with the whirlydigs and CHANGE the puzzle! It is likely they will change just 1 or 2 numbers, into the wrong numbers.. which will mess up your solution and be super annoying.

Thankfully, help is at hand.. On the floor around the room, strange containers have started to appear..
Picking up these containers will grant you special temporary abilities!

A Handful of Loaded Dice

This ability will send all the Boglings who are currently walking around back into their huts – Use only in an emergency!

Loaded Dice

This ability will send the Bogling that you have selected back into his hut.

Mathematically Pleasing Dance Music

This ability will make all the Boglings on the floor, and any inside the huts, dance around for a short time. It should be used if you have run out of dice and are nearing the end of your puzzle.

A Snowball

This ability freezes the selected Bogling for a decent amount of time. This is good if you have run out of loaded die. You will need to use 20 of these for the daily that becomes available after you have completed the puzzle for the first time

Be aware, your abilities may appear in a different order than the ones screen-shotted above, it depends which order you happen to pick them up in, so will be different each time.

If you wish to drag the ability to your bars to keybind them, make sure you drag the ‘ability’ from your temp ability bar, not the ‘item’ from your bags.

You will need to use each ability at least once to pop the cheevo ‘Bemused Boglings’

To get the ‘Booglie Boogie Bogling’ cheevo, use the Mathematically Pleasing Dance Music ability and /dance while the boglings are dancing.

Completing Sudoku

The best way to do this puzzle is to go into the Sudoku room and pick up as many ‘loaded die’ as you think you will need – In your first few runs you will want to make sure you have at least 5-8 of the loaded die, in later runs you may be able to get away with just 3, although I always stock 5 just to be safe.

Then you will need to go back to reception (just click your Tok-Box for a portal back to reception) and reset the puzzle by pulling the lever next to Simons desk.

Once the dungeon has reset, make your way back down to the Sudoku room, don’t walk too close to the door before you are super ready to start as even being just outside the door can trigger things inside to start happening.
You will want your Sudoku solver at the ready so you can start plugging in numbers as soon as you enter!

When you are ready to proceed, enter the room, grab your tablet/phone/second screen and start plugging in the numbers.. use the loaded die to keep the Boglings at bay.

It is easier to see the whole gameboard + the incoming boglings if you ctrl+u to remove your UI. You will need to keybind the loaded die ability to still be able to use it while your UI is hidden, make sure you grab the ability from the temp ability bar, not drag the die item from your bags to your bar.

Here is the video of the puzzle.. I have already been down to the room once and loaded up my bags with abilities then reset the puzzle, most of the first half of the video is me putting the numbers into my tablet, but you get the idea 🙂

Sudoku - Duo

The Sudoku puzzle in duo mode is exactly the same as in solo mode, except that your partner in crime can take care of the Boglings for you and allow you to fully concentrate on the gameboard.

Just assign one person to pick up the ability containers so they get a good stock of abilities, then reset the puzzle and go back down to complete.

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