Math Maze

Math Maze - Solo

Entrance to Math Maze

The difficulty of the Math Maze puzzle is easy.
You will need a fast running spec for it though, or at least some passive speed buffs and some insoles!
This maze includes some very simple addition (numbers up to nine) but you do need to be quick with it!

You start at the start position and click the white orb to open the door at the far end of the room.

The door will remain open as long as you stay on route and are quick!
In solo mode you have 50 seconds to get the exit. If you make a wrong turn the door will close.

So.. the route..
The route will change after each puzzle reset, you need to do some simple maths to figure out which way to go.
You will notice in front of you, and in every ‘square’ of the rooms ‘grid’, are 5 numbers.
To figure out whether to go left, right or straight ahead, you need to add up the OUTER dice and find a corresponding INNER dice that matches that number.

You will see in the image above, on the first square of the grid, the outer dice add up to 5, on the square ahead, the middle dice is 5, so you need to go to that middle dice.

Once on the second square, the outer dice add up to 1, and the square straight ahead again has a middle dice with a number 1.

Keep following this pattern, adding up the outer dice and finding a middle dice that matches, eventually the path will take you all the way to the exit door, that will hopefully still be open!
Most of the routes will go through the whole room, using most of the squares to make the route, you may miss out 2 or 4 squares, you will never use the same square twice (as this would just create a loop).

If the door closes on you, it is best to finish your route til you get to the door anyway to learn it before starting again. The route will be the same until you reset the puzzle with the lever by Simons desk or exit the dungeon. So you can keep trying with the same route until you are fast enough to make it to the door at the end and loot the chest!

Here is a video of a math puzzle run..

Math Maze - Duo

The Math Maze in duo mode is pretty much the same thing, but you will need to work together to figure out the route.

You will need to take different doors from the dining room, one each to get you to the separate floors of the Math Maze.

There is no time limit in due mode. So its better to go slower and get it right than try to rush through and end up on the wrong squares. The door will close if you go the wrong way.

In duo mode, the player that has taken the red path/doorway will be greeted with just the middle dice/numbers.. like this..

The player that took the yellow path/doorway will be greeted with the outer dice.

Both players need to run the maze together..
Yellow player needs to add up their dice and then say the number to red player..
Red player then finds that dice in their room and says which direction to move in.
So.. in the following pictures..

The first addition is 2+1+1=0=4
Both players need to move to the square to the left from the entrance where the number 4 is.
The next addition is 7+1 +0+0=8 you can see in the corner a square with 0, both players then move to that square.
The next addition 3+1+2+0=6
So the square on the right will be a 6, both players move to it and continue on

Playing Math Maze in duo mode will take a good amount of communication from both players, it is super handy to have voice comms for this. There is no time limit so you can take it slow and get it right!

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