Laser Shapes

Laser Shapes - Solo

Entrance to Laser Shapes

The difficulty of this puzzle is easy once you get the spacial awareness right.
It can be difficult to learn and is quite time consuming with all the running up and down the levels. However, once you have the patterns learned, you can do it quicker and quicker and it becomes very farmable.

You start off in a room with many static floating orbs. The goal of the puzzle is to create 5 platonic solid shapes. There is a nice page describing what these shapes are here

By clicking the orbs, you are selecting the corners of the shapes. The orbs will turn green when you click them so you can see the ones you have done, once you have clicked all the corners of one shape they will link up with coloured lines and you can move onto the next shape.

Here, i will try to explain which orbs to click! This is a truly 3D puzzle, so hard to explain with 2D still pictures, especially as the room doesnt allow for practical viewing angles a lot of the time. Some peeps may find these pictures confusing and prefer to stick to the video guide at the bottom of the page, others may find the video guide confusing and prefer the pictures.

I have watched many video guides for this puzzle and the Tetrahedron stage always confused the hell out of me, and then i watched one particular video with a slightly different angle and suddenly it all clicked and now i can do it with no guide at all.

I pretty much always do the shapes in this order as i find it much easier to pick out the orbs..

With 8 triangular faces

Starting at the bottom, click the middle orb in the bottom arch..

then move up to the top track and click the middle 4 orbs.. these are the inner orbs in an east/west direction… the pics explain it better

then finally, click the middle orb on the top arch..

and your first shape is done!

With 6 square faces
The cube is one of the easier shapes as its completely symmetrical, so once you have found the first 2 orbs, you have basically found them all

Having already done the tetrahedron, look at the four horizontal lines.
The corners for your cube are half way along these lines…
In the two vertical groups of 3, you need the very top and very bottom orb.

These are the vertical groups of 3 from another angle..

Travel 90 degrees around the room, and find the next two orbs..

These follow the line of BOTH the top and bottom arch.. in each arch there are 5 orbs, the orbs you need are slightly outside of the arch but in the same line. You need to click the orb that is along the line of the bottom arch in the bottom half of the room, then click the orb that is slightly away from the top arch in the top half of the room.

This is another screenshot to explain the top arch and the orbs that are in the same line. The 5 main orbs of the arch are circled, the orbs you need to click (in the small circles) are further down (or up on the bottom half) and follow the same line as the arch.
This is mirrored with the bottom arch.

Travelling another 90 degrees gets you to the opposite groups of 3 vertical orbs..

And finally, another 90 degrees around the room, get you opposite the second set of two orbs and its the same again, the orbs further out from the top and bottom arches..

And thus you have your cube..

With 4 triangular faces.
This is the shape that gave me so much trouble!
With all the different viewing angles on videos and no one really explaining it, it took a lot of digging to finally find that viewing angle that made it click for me.. i will try to explain it here..

On the square that you have just made, looking both down from the top and/or up from the bottom..
There is a circle of orbs in line horizontally with the 4 corners of the square, 2 of those corners have a line of 3 orbs following the circle, the other two corners only have 1 extra orb. It is the middle orb of this line of 3 that you need to click.

These are the two green orbs on the top.

A picture with all the orbs highlighted.

These are the two green orbs at the bottom (connected with the purple line) , exactly the same as the top, just rotated 90 degrees.

Your Tetrahedron is now complete!

With 20 triangular faces
The Icosahedron is also the shape for the daily quest that will open up once you have completed the puzzle. It is more fully explained on the ‘Tok quests’ page, but i will put a small explanation here too..

In this first picture we see the bottom arch with the two last orbs clicked, then to the right and the left, the groups of 3 vertical orbs with the middle orb clicked.

In the next two pictures we have the middle orbs of all 4 sets of 3 that run horizontally around the middle

Finally, the end orbs of the top arch, and the middle orbs of the top sets of 3 vertical orbs..

And there you have your Icosahedron

With 12 pentagonal faces

This is of course the easiest shape to do, because once you have the first 4 shapes, you simply click any remaining orbs and voila!

Here is a video of the whole process..

Laser Shapes - Duo

In duo mode, the puzzle is exactly the same.

Only one player needs to interact with the orbs, both players will get credit as long as they are in Toks.

Some players will farm rep in duo mode by sending one player to do Sudoku and the other player to do Laser Shapes.. This means you get rep from 2 puzzles at once!

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