Glass Maze

Glass Maze - Solo

Entrance to Glass Maze

The door to the Glass Maze puzzle is opened up after you have finished the Rat Maze and Sudoku Puzzles. You need to loot and open the chests at the end of both puzzles.

The difficulty level for this puzzle is easy.

The glass maze has three floors. Each floor has 2 levers. In solo mode, you simply have to pull one lever, then go to the other lever and pull that. This will open the trap door that is blocking the exit and allow you to drop down to the next level.

This is a very easy puzzle once you have your route figured out. Its easy and quick enough to keep repeating to farm the chests that grant Tok tokens.


The top level is easy enough, pull the lever in the bottom left corner first, then go around the maze to reach the top left corner, pull that lever and drop down the exit.

The second level is slightly more tricky.. Go up to the top left first to pull that lever, then meander over to the other half of the maze, pull the lever at the bottom, then head for the exit.

In the third level it looks as if the levers are right next to each other, but of course they are not! Upon entering you are very near the left side lever, pull that one first, then its a lot of maze work to get all the way over to the other lever and pull that!

Once you are done, the door will slide away and you will be free! Remember to loot the chest before you leave the room!

On this bottom floor you can walk all the way around the maze, which is handy if you clocked a few artifacts on the way or if there is a nice shiny rat trying to hide in there.

And of course, here is a video of a run through the maze… Its a glass maze, so the video is never going to be very clear.. but you get the idea 🙂

There are many different routes to each lever, use the route that works best for you and is easiest to remember!

Glass Maze - Duo

Glass maze in duo mode is exactly the same layout.

The two players will need to position themselves at one lever each and then pull them at the same time to open up the exit.

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